Why me? Chapter 5

Chapter 5
Dimension 1

Continuation of Crazy’s pov
“Stop it guys!” Astha and VK(jeeju) shouted. Both started to laugh while they were staring at eachother very intensely, like their whole world stopped for a few seconds, while I was remembering the whole incidence between AK and me, I was blushing like a red rose. “Where are you lost crazy?” Nidhi di asked me, before I could answer IK called her as: “Sweetu, what are you doing and why is Crazy full of mud?” “Oho, Sweetu!” A naughty me said? “shut up, Crazy.” Nidhi di said, while her cheeks were turning a very deep red color. “Yeah why are you full of mud?” Fizoo asked. “And why are holding SK’s hand?” I asked her back. “You!” Before she could say anything, she had a pinkish shade colored cheeks, cause SK took her in his arms infront of everyone, some girls were very jealous, so Fizoo stretched out her tongue like a little child to the other ladies and said: “Better luck next time!” Soon TK jeeju came with Malika di and said: “I have a special announcement for you guys, I’m allready taken girls, no one of you can separate her from me, so never try to seduce me again.” “What?” A girl shouted, her name is Anamika Mishra. “Yeah, he is already taken, so don’t touch him with you filthy hands.” Malika di shouted at her.
End of Crazy’s pov

TK’ s pov
“Malika, you were very brave since the beginning, even then, when this stupid cow Anamika was annoying you, you always told her to stay away from me, my brothers, your sisters and you, or else she will see the real you, a member of the masked angels.” “Yeah we have a similar team as you guys, the name of our team is: K bros beating up the bad Pappu’s.” “I miss you my Jaan.”
End of TK’s pov.

Few days later

AK’s pov
“I can’t sleep, without thinking about you day and night, something is special about you and you are making me go crazy, Crazy.” “My life is magical, since the day we met, your smile, your beautiful yet expressive eyes, make me feel like, you are only made for me and no one else.” I heard someone laughing very loudly, when I turned I saw how Crazy was laughing like a cute child and I asked her: “Why are laughing?” Then she replied: “You were talking to your self very loudly, that your brothers and my sisters heard everything you said.” “Oh!” I was blushing very much, that Malika bhabhi said: “My deverji is blushing like a newly wedded bride.” Which shocked me even more. All my brothers were laughing like mad people, some people were staring at like I’m a mentel patient and crazy’s sisters were teasing Crazy and me.
End of AK’s pov.

Fizoo’s pov
“Crazy and AK were blushing very hard, but it was fun teasing them.” SK was talking to me when, suddenly ArSam came and AK said: “Wow, FizHarth romance won’t stop, am I right Crazy.” “Yep, you are absolutly right.” “Oh, stop it you both!” SK said. “Oho, Jeeju why are you getting angry?” Crazy asked him. “He is not your jeeju, Crazy.” I replied back to her. “Crazy, woh tumhara Jeeju ho jayga(Crazy, he will be your brother-in-law soon).” AK replied back. “I won’t leave you guys.” SK and I shouted at them, while they ran away.
End of Fizoo’s pov.

Malika’s pov
“Malika, I’m happy that I married you.” TK told me. “Oho, Dekha AK Jeeju khule aam di se romance khar raha hai(Oho, AK can you see it, my brother-in-law is romancing my sis infront of us).” My naughty sis said. “Shut my naughtiness ki dhukan!” I said to her. “But Bhabhi, she is right.” AK said. “And what about your romance with crazy?” TK jeeju asked AK, while we ran away.
End of Malika’s pov.

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