Why me? Chapter 4


Chapter 4

A special annoncement SaK doesn’t exist in the story anymore, instead of him IK exists. IK akka Imran Khurana is played Imran Khan and the CS is same as before except for the hero.

Dimension 1

Continuation of Ashnoor’s flashback
“Why isn’t your cousin AK and brother VK going to highschool here.” Malika di asked TK jeeju. “Cause they didn’t get admission at this school.” TK jeeju replied. “That’s sad!” Malika di said. “You don’t have to be upset Malika, cause you have me?.” TK jeeju wispered in her ear.” Malika di blushed lightly and said: “Yeah, I’m happy that this our last year of high school, then we will be in collage, where it will be official to people, that we are married, no girl will flirt with you.” She said, cause some girls were staring at her with jealousy and hatred, TK jeeju saw it and kissed her right cheek, infront of everyone.

At the other side
“Nidhi, you are very intelligent.” IK was complimenting, while she was blushing tomatoe red and she looked very cute. “You know, what you are very handsome.” She flirted back. “Oho, Nidhi ko pyaar ho gaya(oho Nidhi has fallen in love).” I thought to myself.

Fizoo, Sinzo, J and Crazy were singing one of crazy’s fav song: Main hoon hero tera
(Crazy’s part)
aankhon ke panno pe
maine likha tha sau dafaa
lafzon mein jo ishq tha
hua naa hoThon se bayaan

on the pages of eyes,
I had written a hundred times,
the love that was there in words,
could not be said with words..

(J’s part)
khud se naraaz hoon
kyun be-aawaaz hoon
meri khamoshiyan hain sazaa
dil hai yeh sochta
phir bhi nahi pataa
kis haq se kahoon bataa
ke main hoon hero tera…

I am angry with myself,
because I am voiceless,
my silences are a punishment,
that’s what my heart thinks.
still, I don’t know,
with what right should I say,
that I am your hero..

(Sinzo and Fizoo’s part)
teri wajah se hain mili
jeene ki sab khwahishein
paa loon tere dil mein jagah
hain ye meri koshishein
main bas tera banoon
bin tere naa rahoon
maine to maangi hai ye duaa
dil hai yeh sochta
phir bhi nahi pataa
kis haq se kahoon bata..
ki main hoon hero tera..

because of you I have found
all the wishes to live,
that I find place to live in your heart,
that is what I am trying..
I should be just yours,
I should not live without you,
this is what I have wished for,
that’s what my heart thinks.
still, I don’t know,
with what right should I say,
that I am your hero..

RK, SK and TiK were clapping very loudly and they said: “You guys can sing very well.” While ShK was standing next to me, he asked me: “Why aren’t you singing with your sisters and cousin.” “I will be singing with them next time, when my mood is better.” “Oh, ok, I bet your singing is the best of all.” He told me, while I blushed even more.

Soon the whole school year finished and holidays started we all met eachother went shopping sometimes, to the cinema, but AK and VK never came with them, slowly Nidhi, Sinzo, Malik di, Fizoo, J and me were falling for our heroes, but Crazy, Astha weren’t in love with anyone till our collage started. There our lives changed forever.
End of Ashnoor’s flashback.

Crazy’s pov at the first day of the collage
“I’m so excited, I’m very happy that we all sisters and cousins could go to the same collage.” I was talking to myself, while I walked in to someone, cause of my clumsiness we fell on the ground which was full of mud, he fell on top of me, we were lost in to eachothers eyes and till someone’s fake “cough” interrupted us and it was TK jeeju akka kabab mein haddi(means if someone interrupts a couples romance)?. “What happend bhai!” He asked jeeju, while he was red. “Why the hell are you romancing my sister-in-law, AK?” “I swear I wasn’t romancing her, she fell and I tried to help her, am I right Crazy?” “Yes Jeeju AK is right!” “Why are Crazy and AK’s clothes full of mud?” Malika di asked. “Cause they both fell on the ground, while romancing.” Jeeju replied back. “No di/ Bhabhi we weren’t romancing.” AK and I replied back. “Oho, Crazy allready has romanced a guy, look at his neck, it is full of red lipstick.” J said. “Oh, twin, what about you and RK.” I taunted her back. Now she was quiet and was blushing a shade of beetroot. “Stop it guys!” Astha and VK(jeeju) shouted.

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