Why me? Chapter 15

Author’s note
Heya guys, I need to tell you guys something important and it’s about my story: Is enemity the first step of love? I’m going to discontinue it, cause I don’t have any inspiration or motivation in writing it and I’m starting a new story: My evil heart(coming soon) for my masked mental sisters, cause it’s an surprise for them?

Chapter 15: GG we are coming?

AstIdhi convo + the rest of the masked angels convo
“Nidz how was you exam yesterday?” “It was ok and how was your exam Asthu?” “It was a disaster.” Out of the blue Nidhi said: “I miss IK!” “I miss VK!” “I mean to say, I’m not missing IK.” Nidz said. “I know you miss him, so don’t lie to me!” Astha said knowingly. “Ok, yeah I’m missing him happy!” “Yes very!” Beep beep Astha’s phone made a sound, cause she got a mesage and it said: “hi my dear baby, I miss you so much, I hope you will forgive me my earth, my sweetheart, I want to hug you tightly, I want to say I love you to you and ask your parents your hand for marriage.” “With love only yours VK.” “Wow, VK jeeju is romantic!” An adorable crazy said. “AastIdhi, we are going to America for our new mission, so please pack your bags, cause we are leaving tonight and DiKiFaiHalCut are coming too!” Malika said. “It will be fun with them!” Fizz said. “We aren’t going there for fun!” An angry Sinzo said. “Sorry Sinzo, I just wanted to make the mood better!” Fizz said and Sinzo replied back: “it’s ok Fizz!”
End of their convo

Nidhi’s pov
We started to pack after 30 mins of packing Ragini bhabhi came and said: “I have some dresses for the engagement and I selected two options for you guys!” “Thank you Rags bhabhi.” We all said.

Option 1 for Astha

Option 2 for Astha

Option A for Sinzo

Option B for Sinzo

Dress 1 for Malika

Dress 2 for Malika

Dress A for Ashnoor

Dress B for Ashnoor

Option 1 for Fizz

Option 2 for Fizz

Option A for Jazz

Option B for Jazz

Dress 1 for Crazy

Dress 2 for Crazy

Dress A for me

Dress for Ruch

DiKiFaiHalCut came and bhabhi said: “I have dresses for you too!” “Thanks Bhabhi!” The said and tried their dresses too.

Diya’s dress

Kia’s dress

Fairy’s dress

Halima’s dress

Cutie’s dress

“Thank you bhabhi these dresses are very beautiful.” DiKiFaiHalCut said.” “Are you girls ready to go?” Astha asked them and we all said: “we are ready to go!” We went down and said goodbye to everyone on our way to the airport we ate sandwiches, drank a coke and then we reached the airport. Waited there for an hour and then our flight started. Our flight finally landed after 7 hours.
End of Nidhi’s pov

Astha’s pov
“New York is one of the most amazing places in america and our enemy lives here!” I thought to myself. “I hope we will reach on time to stop my TiK’s engagement!” Sinzo said, while she broke my chain of thoughts. “Yes, we will!” Nidhi said to them. “Astha, why are you so silent?” Crazy asked me. “Nothing sis!” I answeres back.
End of her pov

Ruch’s pov
We all were walking down the street to our hotel, when we reached we all were exhausted, went to sleep and I dreamt about an very hot guy and he said: “Ruch, we will meet soon my love!” Then I woke up and I was sweating like hell, cause of that my sister Diya woke up and asked me: “Ruch are you allright?” “Yes, I am fine di!”
End of her pov

Goldie’s pov
“Soon, I will make your life hell Masked angels, who are mentally disturbed chudhails!” “Hahhahhahahahajajahahajahahahaha!” #evillaugh. “Bro, I will save you from these beasts, then we will kill these sisters, the K bros, their family, friends, your love Swara, her Laksh, Ragsan, not to forget the Maheswaris and the Gadodias.” “Whahhahahahhahahahah.” Pure evillaugh. “At first let me get martied to TiK and then the countdown of everyone will begin, everyday I will make your life hell one after the other, by torturing you by using your loved ones.”
End of her evil or should I say wicked pov

Crazy’s dream
“No don’t hurt my AK, you can kill me, but spare him, what did he do, thatyou are torturing him?” “Cause of him and your sisters, I couldn’t get married to TiK!” GG said. The few other people two of them I recognized and the other two weren’t familiar at all, until one of them said: “hello I’m Marc Tomson, you guys put me to a special Jail, like my son Alec, like her brother Rahul and like PG.” “Who are you?” “You stupid girl, you don’t even realize, that I’m one of your enemy!” All of them were torturing my AK and I couldn’t do anything!” I screamed and woke up from this horrible dream, the rest woke up, cause of the scream and they asked me: “what happend Crazy?” Then I told them about my dream, they found it weird as well and I told them, that we have to be very cautious about GG.
End of her pov

The pictures of the dresses can be seen in Wattpad.

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