Why is Swaragini so confusing?

Swaragini….story of two sisters….Swara and Ragini…this story depicts how many times a person can fall in love….Pyar shabd ki toh dhajiya uradi Swaragini writers neh…. The spoiler says…

In the coming episodes, the focus will be on Uttara (Khyati Mangla) and Rajat’s (Mohit Abrol) love story. Apparently, Swara (Helly Shah) will try to convince Uttara that Rajat is not the ideal guy for her. However, she will be far from convinced. In fact, the family would come to know about them and wedding preparations would start in full swing. Swara with her investigations would find out that Rajat is actually a vegetable seller’s son. She will see his parents at a shop. They will try to explain things to her but she will be furious. Then, they will kidnap her. Later, we will see Rajat throwing Swara off a cliff. She will survive but lose her memory.

In all probability, this memory loss is a drama to expose Rajat before the family. We guess that Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayagankar) will also be in the loop. There is some buzz that Swara will get transported back into the time when she loved Laksh (Namish Taneja). What will happen to Sanskaar then?
Iska matlab kya hai? We have to tolerate swalak again?Many of u r thinking that there will be a new love story of swasan…..but the spoiler clearly says that Swara will reach to that time when she loved Laksh….now these three(Ragsanlak) will have to pretend in front of Swara…

I must say cvs is testing our patience….this serial took 1 whole year to set the couples…and now again we come to the same point…who r the couples? This is the first serial I guess where there is so much confusion about couples….there r so many possibilies…..Swara may turn negative in order to get her love…or Laksh may ditch Ragini again…uska Swara ke liye pyar phir se jag saktahai…Sanskar may even turn negative….god……this serial’s every character’s characteristics is fluctuating…

I’m a diehard swasan fan…i even want twists in their life but this twist may separate them…..and I don’t want that….cvs should learn something from ff writers…..
This story has no sister bonding but enmity only…we would love to see Sanlak’s bond…..but no chances for that even….Sumi will get pregnant…another mind blowing track which actually proves that the writer’s mind blew away….and he has nothing left to write…..they have made an putstanding mess of this 4 people’s lives…..
3 worst things about this serial r
-Marriage and love r jokes….(That’s what I find here)
-Serial named on two sisters but no sisterly bond
-Every noble character is turned negative for example Parineeta and also Aadarsh..

R u liking this track?
Plz do share your feedback on this track…..thats a request to swasan,swalak,Ragsan and Raglak…..

Credit to: Niti


  1. Swasan-meri dil ki dhadkan

    I’ll stop watching..MAD CVS..CRAP..jamke twt kro guys not to show this crap..

  2. mou

    100000% sure swasan main lead.same kind of thing happen in kayamath serial.milend prachi ko vhul.then dhere dhere sab yaad ahgaya.so chill guys…….enjoy the track.

  3. Vinita

    You are right!!!! cvs pagal ho gaya hai aur abhi yeh sab nonsense dikhakar hum sab ko bhi pagal bana denga

  4. Riha

    Niti no way laksh will fall for swara if he would he r wouldn’t decorate for swasan suhagraat.

    • Niti

      Riha,he is our super duper confused Laksh…he can do anything and this anything also includes falling for Swara again too….

  5. Shreya

    So true.. Niti..they are making the show hell..! I mean sharmishta will get pregnant.. Common yaar .. At her age a lady generally becomes a granny not mommy… If not swara and ragini, they are making sharmista pregnant.. N what’s that memory loss drama.. Again swalak.. No yaar.. We had enough of them.. I mean they are really beautiful as a couple but for now they are over.. Cannot tolerate them over again.. N what’s with that pari..? I mean she was OK previously .. N suddenly god knows what happened to her..! The CVs really need to stop this stupid drama right away..

  6. ani

    . i too agree with u
    in the upcoming episode of swaragini Swara will get hurt n sanskar will do the first aid.. it will be a some painful romantic scene

  7. ani

    . i too agree with u
    in the upcoming episode of swaragini Swara will get hurt n sanskar will do the first aid.. it will be a some painful romantic scene. I will be nice watching scence…………..

  8. Dhrashti

    Guys Relax.. In past , there were many speculations & most of them proved wrong so i can only say that just wait for confirm news or olv….

    I am swasan fan & i am sure something new interesting will come ..

    just wait & enjoy swaragini

  9. Be chill guyz even im a raglak and swasan fan bt i thnk this memory loss track will be amazing if the writers take in right path becoz if memory loss track happnd thn we can see raglak hidden romanse and swasans feeling romans also becoz we knw at swalak time there is no any intimacy seen in btwn swalak and only swara loses her memory not laksh and also now laksh loves only swara and i knw its tough time for ragsanlak bt i thnk it will be entertaining track if the writers take it in good way so lets hope for good drama.

  10. Anushka

    Abhi jis mor pe hai serial waha se jodi badal na impossible nahu namumkin hai aur script writing pahle hi hojata hai agar jodi change karna tha to laksh se ragini aur shekhar ko patane ke liye itna mahnat nahi karwata aur laksh ko abhi ragini se hi pyar karega aur aisa serial nahi hua hai jaha memory jane ke bad memory aya nahi so chill SWASAN RAGLAK are final aur sanskar ko swara ko pane ke liye negative shade diya to bhi thik hai

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