Why Did You Came In My Life (sdch) Teaser


Sanchi looks at the mirror.

Sanchi -why did you came in my life. I dnt wanna see ur face.

Otherside veer at Malhotra mantion breaks mirror.

Veer -why did you came in my life. Go away. From Me my house and from my life. I hate u.

Otherside Kabir looks at some pics. He throws on the ground .He throws all the stuffs and shouts in pain.

Kabir -Nthing can be changed u ruined everything. U ruined me. I hate u. Why did you came in my life.

Ria drowing in bathtub.

Ria – u spoiled eveyone. I won’t forgive u easily. I hate u. Y did u came in my life.

Scene 2

A boy stands infront of sanchi. Sanchi saw him and throws vase on him and sits crying

Scene 3

Kabir was sleeping when he opens his eyes and looks at clock.

Kabir – wat have u done. Why did u

Scene 4

Veer was going back to sdch when he saw someone and gets shocked.

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  1. Update soon

  2. Nice……. Its full of suspence

  3. Interesting… Post soon…

  4. Lahari99

    Nice…. seems very interesting.

  5. Anu88

    Superb promo yaar………. please yaar make it kanchi ff and continue story yarrr…….love u dear………

  6. Riyarocks

    haha……Ashuuuuuuuu……….Ashu ka suspense, yet continues……..haha…….luv u a lot meri suspense queen……..haha…….

  7. Priyanshipp

    Oh my suspense queen. …. u made me fall in love with this ff in 1st episode only. Luv u loads nd post soon. Sorry for not commenting on ur previous article. I will try to comment on all. ☺☺

  8. Interesting update soon

  9. Anee

    Wow Ashu Dear Mind Blowing

  10. Niyaaa

    Loved it ashi.. one more new ff from u.. wow.. starts it soon.. bye lovv u

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