Why Did You Came In My Life (sdch) Episode 1

Helo my lovely sweeties. Thank you for ur lovely in intro. Love you loads.


This is fully suspense. It will not reveal so easily.

Let’s start

In Sdch

A ambulance cums rushly.Someone is taken in a stretcher to O.T. Some people cries. Doctors started the treatment. They try hard to save that person. Doctors get shocked to see machine beeps. They look at the eachother and nodded. They puts blanket on that person.

Some people prays for that person. Doctors cums out with sad face.

People -how’s that person doctor

Doctor -I’m sorry we couldn’t save

They all cry badly. They do that person last rites.

After a week

Sanchi assist Kabir in surgery. Aftersome they cum out.

Kabir -well done sanchi. U did great job

Sanchi -thank you Kabir .I mean Dr Kabir.

Kabir smiles at her

Kabir -sanchi u can call me anything. As u r confortable.

Sanchi -thank you I have to leave

Kabir -ok

She left and Kabir continually smiles. (Wow it feels good to see him smiling whole heartly and cvs they destroyed his character. Dnt knw when I’ll see him smiling like this )

Sanchi was going when ria stopped her.

Ria -sanchi sanchi r u happy now. Wat have u done I’ll never forgive u. Why did you came in my life.

Kabir cums

Kabir -ria mind ur language

Sanchi – yes Ria I’m happy wat i have done. U will forgive me or not .I dnt give a damn. I dnt knw why did u came in my life.

Ria fumes and went

Kabir – sanchi well done. Keep it up. Go girl

Sanchi -thank you Kabir did u like my answer to ria

Kabir – i dnt like it how u gave reply to ria.

Sanchi makes faces

Kabir -i loved it

Sanchi -really

Kabir -hmm

After sometime in Kabir cabin

Veer searches something. He messed up all his cabin. Kabir came and saw veer. He gets angrily

Kabir -veer wat r u doing here. Wat r u searching. Veer I’m talking with u.

Veer looks at him. He holds file and went without replying. Kabir feels sad.

Kabir -am I too bad. Veer didn’t replied to me. He ignored me. He hates me this much.

He gets tapped on his shoulder. He turns back and saw sanchi.

Kabir – sanchi u haven’t went yet.

Sanchi -no I came to check if u want something or not. R u ok

Kabir -hmm

Sanchi – kabir u r not bad infact u r best in the world. Regarding about veer give him sometime to understand u. He loves u Kabir.

Kabir -really he loves me. Than y is ignored me.

Sanchi – i told u give him sometime .U look ugly when u gets sad or tensed.

Kabir -really

Sanchi -yes

Kabir – than how I look when I smile

Sanchi -u look handsome

Kabir -ok

Sanchi -oh I’m late prasha is waiting for me.I gotta go

Kabir -ok

Sanchi sets Kabir cabin and went.

Kabir -only u knw how to lighten my mood. Thank you Sanchi. Sometimes I feel why did you came in my life.

To be continued. …….

I hope u guys like this.
Bye take care.
Keep smiling

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  1. Dhruti

    nice ff and suspense hmm superb………..i’m waiting for next one…………post soon………..tc……………….love you………….

  2. Nice… Waiting for the next part

  3. Aafiya

    Super bff and suspense too… Really interesting…. Post soon as possible… Eagerly waiting.. Take care…

  4. Riyarocks

    haha………suspense queen ka suspense, yet continues……..really dear, I alwz have one ques in my mind, every time how do u manage to give us such amazing, khidkitod plots?…….luv u a lot sweetieeeeeee & eagerly waiting for the nxt episode…….bye….tc

  5. Anee

    wow ashu dear amazing as always…keep it up….swtteiiii..luv u loads….tc.

  6. Anu88

    So so beautiful episode yaar………

  7. Niyaaa

    Ashi dear its amaz as usual no more to praise u.. u alwaus creates a blunder i my minds?? obviously of many question..heje.. post nxt asap.. nd eremember u forvot ur one of ff to post.. think think.. if not remind then i will tell u.. ab tum hamesha suspense m chodti ho to kabhi kabhi hamara haq bhi banta h .. ok bye Lovvv u tc gud ni8???

    1. Niyaaa

      Sorry sorry lots of misspelling actially i wrote hurrily.. hope u can understand what i wrote

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