Why Being A Sanskarholic?


Sanskar Maheshwari. He is not only the best fictional character (for me) but he defines love, belief, he shows what passion is all about. To be honest, maybe I had fallen for the Sanskar who was a new guy, the one who had good looks to die for, the one who had attitude which created magnetic field, the who planned and plotted, but today I feel I love a man who is an inspiration for millions, especially me. Now I can’t just call him my love but my role model.

He teaches a lot of precious lessons to me of my life. He motivates me to have self-belief, to have trust on love, on your destiny, that everything will be fixed, to never let down myself when your fate is against you, booing at you. Like he is still so determined to be with Swara, he still believes she’s alive even after so many negative vibes are around him.

I feel proud everyday, I feel out of words when I see him in Swaragini. This man doesn’t stop himself when I think that Yes! This is possibly the extent of loving a person. He brought back all the charm and beauty to my life, he taught me to pen down your thoughts, write fanfics 😛

I will be obliged to him my entire life. Yeah! That may sound crazy because he’s just a fictional character, but yeah I’m immersed in this craziness totally and completely! There’s much more I want to say but it’s inexplicable!

At last, I just have one desire that Sanskar Maheshwari gets his Swara soon! ♥

Only he deserves her and not anyone (Laksh, Sahil or whoever!)

I love you Sanskar and yeah I love being a Sanskarholic! ♥

Sorry I felt really bad after watching Swaragini. The pain he’s going through is just too much. Please writers! Dont make him cry! Can’t ase him in any kind of pain. . .

P.S. – Many if you might think I’m crazy and I do agree I’m crazy in his love! ❤

Credit to: Anu

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  1. Same hear and l agree with you only sanskar deserves swara

  2. Tum toh meri man ki baat keh diya.. I’m madly missing swasan..and my mom is angry coz she heard me using d
    f word abt d CVees of sr and i was watching tv even after my mom told me not to (coz i’m suffering frm headache due to eye strain) but wat to do.. I’m also going through a heartache due to swasan seprtn and seeing d new teaser..

  3. I agree… It’s the best description that anyone has given… He is persistent and is the best… It always makes a girl feel even her would be should be as living , caring and understanding like Sanskar

  4. True dear

  5. i m completely agree with ur each nd evey word sanskar ne pyar ka alag hi level set kr dia h kash mujhe bhi 50% bhi sanskar jesa mill jaye to m apne aap ko bhut lucky samjhungi becozz sanky jesa koi ho hini skta to 50% bhi calega
    agar srk bollywood k king of romance h to sanskar tellywood ka romance king h nd i lv both of them very much infact agar srk k baad m kisi k liye itni pagal hu to vo sanskar/VARUN hai

  6. nd all the best for ur 12th nd new ff

  7. SANSKAAR ????????

    Anjali ? Sanskaar….

    He’s the best there is… ??

  8. yup sanskar all the way…!

  9. You are perfectly right anu.i am also delighted to say myself as a sanskaarholic and varunholic.The most painful thing in this is to see him in pain.It’s unbearable.Usually i never got sentimental for tv dramas.but he made me cry.
    He taught me that true love never fades….and our destiny will make us to unite with it…..He gave me strength to rise up when i fall off
    ……….i wish to get such a life partner who cares for everyone,respects everyone,loves everyone
    Love you sanskaar

  10. i agree with you and iam proud that i am sanskaar urf varuns die hard fan

  11. same here..:)

  12. He is best ever character I hv seen in India tv… He is so mature n selfless

    My sansku ???????

    1. Our Sanskar Meher!! ??

      1. Ha ha wahi.. Our sanskar ????

  13. Anu!!! I agree with u

    I really love the character of Varun as Sanskaar…..(of course I’m crazy abt vk as well)???
    His acting in the last few episodes is seriously awesome♥♥…it was like he is living the scene in real life and not just acting in
    reel life!!!???

    And I totally totally agree with u sissy?

  14. Sach kaha tumne behna
    (U r telling truth sis)
    10000percent true

  15. sanskar sanskar sankar sankar……….. he is the bst……. proud to being sanskar holic…….

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