Where there is LOVE there is LIFE (Epi 14)

Hi guysss it Nisa

Again late and i am really sorry i was busy bacause of Eid

Belated Eid mubarak ??

lets start this epi

i am sorry for Sia’s death ?


Epi start with kunj coming downstair all dress up in his denims and gray sweater with messy hairs falling on his forehead ? (He look hot)

He stop Midway when he saw twinkle sitting on couch hugging her legs. in same dress which was she wearing the day when Sia die hair tied in messy bun,Eyes Red and puffy from crying and pale face. But she still manage to look breath taking.

KUNJ THINK: why?? Why twinkle you made yourself like this it hurts so much whenever i see you like this i can’t see my love ruining her health in front of my eyes please don’t do this. i will die if something happened to you.

his chain of thought were broken by Usha voice

usha: Kunj can you help me here i can’t pick that container its very high

Kunj: Yeah mom coming

kunj come in kitchen and help usha. he sit there only and start drinking water.

kunj: Mom

usha: What happened kunj??

kunj: Did twinkle eat anything?

Usha: No she just drink a glass of milk just because i made her drink force fully

kunj hug usha like his head on her stomach and hand around her waist usha run her fingers in his hair

kunj: Mom i can’t see her like this *in low voice*

usha: i can understand but what can we do when she herself don’t want to come out of this situation

kunj: but mom

usha: There is one thing that we can do??

kunj: whats that??

usha: Take her to india back

kunj: mee??

usha: Yes! you

Kunj: but mom you know that i never want to go india i hate that place *bitterness in his voice*

usha: kunj just for once keep your hate at side and please go for twinkle she need you

Kunj: okk i will think about it

usha: Now go and sit with twinkle Try to talk with her

kunj: okk

Kunj come out of kitchen and sit beside twinkle

kunj: Twinkle

But she did not reply sitting quietly and staring at wall

Kunj: Twinkle

This time kunj put his hand on her shoulder twinkle look at his face blankly she did not utter any word

Kunj: Please twinkle talk to me

But she did not talk just hug kunj and start crying

Twi: Why this happened with me kunj why?? you know all moment spend with her are running infront of my eyes like a film. I miss hee smile, i miss her rubbish talk, i miss her ?

Kunj: Twinkle please calm yourself. Everything that happened, Happen for Good

Twi: But kunj *Still tear running down her cheeks*

kunj: just stop and pack your clothes

Twi: Why??

kunj: We are going india

Twi: We??

Kunj: You and me

Twi: Ok Can you help me packing?

kunj: ofcourse i can but first let eats something

Twi:but i don’t want to eat anything

kunj: no if and but

he held her hand and drag her to dining table make her sit and sit beside her

Kunj: MOM can you give something to eat?

Usha: tell me what you want to eat?

Twi: ummm.. Pizza

kunj: No eat some healthy food

twi: But i want pizza nothing else

kunj: i said no means noo

twi: Buaa *pout cutely*

kunj: Mom i am saying you she will eat fruits

Twi: yuck i hate fruits

usha: Just stop you two i will make pizza with fruit juice

Kunj: yeah thats a good idea

twi: Whatever

usha left for kitchen kunj bring his chair near to twinkle and sut face to face

Kunj: By the way Siyyapa Queen

Twi: Hmmm.. wait what did you call me?

Kunj: Siyyapa Queen

twi: How dare you?? Sadu Sarna

Kunj: Siyyapa Queen who call her husband Sadu Sarna

twi: Kunjjjjjjjjj i will not leave you

kunj: first catch me and start running

Twi kle behind kunj an dhe was running here and there

twi: Sadu Sarna i will kill you

Kunj: Hawwww.. ? twinkle you will kill your husband shame on you

twi: whatever

kunj: whatever *In same tone*

but twinkle did not reply

kunj: What happened to you siyyapa queen why you become so silent

he turn and got shock *Twinklllllleeeee*

she was lying in floor unconcious

Kunj: Mommmm bring some water

usha brought water kunj take it and sprinkle on twinkle face she gain counsious

kunj:here Drink some water. Are you okay?

twi: Hmmm

kunj: get up lets go to room

twinkle stand up and start walking but can’t walk properly.

by seeing her struggling kunj carry her in bridal style twinkle wrapped her around his neck. soon they reach in twinkle room. kunj make her lay on bed. and turn to go but twinkle held his wrist

twi: Kunjj

Kunj: Yes

twi: Can you stay with me??

Kunj: But twinkle you need to rest

twi: please

kunj: Okay and sit beside twinkle running his hand through her hairs

kunj: You know what twinkle

twi: What?

kunj: You are such stubborn

twi: ohh i know that tell me something new

both start laughing soon twinkle drift into sleep

kunj Pov

I had never seen a girl like you. when ever i am around you i feel complete like i got my lost part. I can’t see you in pain it feel like someone taking my heart away.

I just want you to be happy and i want to start our new life on basis of trust and love because of that i will tell you all bitter truth of my life. i hope you will understand and will be on my side always.

Pov end

kunj get up to leave but not before kissing her forehead. he tell usha to pack twinkle bag and went to room for packing his on bag


here i end this epi it was quiet boring but it has sooooo muchhh of twinj scene. next will be fs

which truth kunj talking about?

will twinkle understand him or leave him after knowing bitter truth of his life?

stay tuned

Love you all

Nisa ?

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  1. Episode was nice
    Waiting for the truth to get revealed
    Excited for the next
    Plzzzz?? post soon

  2. Episode was nice
    Waiting for the truth to get revealed!!!!
    Excited for the next
    Plzzzz?? post soon

  3. Awesome epi

  4. Di I love the episode twinkle and kunj secnes were mind blowing and feeling really sad for Sia y she died i think twinkle too has some problem health wise plsss post soon and Aapke jo Dusri story hai Woh bhi post kardo na Di love u take care and Di ek aur request I know I am doing too much and it’s really irritating but plsss can u ask sodhant world to make a VM on yeh jawani hai dewani trailer twinj plsss love u take care

  5. Anaya_Ali

    It was emotional epi…
    I am very curious to know his past…
    Be on time nxt time
    Post nxt soon

  6. SSK

    Awesome episode as well as emotional too. 🙂

  7. superb
    luved it

  8. Aamna_2690

    Fantastic episode ??
    Loved it Nisa ❤❤
    Waiting for truth revelation ??
    Post soon ??

  9. Superb & emotional episode dear
    Plzzzz post soon
    Luvvv u

  10. Ananya_DSK

    Hello! You’ve been doing a great job so far, and this episode was full of cuteness!!! Kunj handles Twinkle so perfectly!! The story is proceeding towards the interesting part I guess… Lots of love ??? well done!

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