Whose mistake?? (Part 6)

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Hello frnz, this part will be the revelation of past through the third person’s POV.. because I want to share both swara n sanskar’s situations at the sametime..
So Let’s start the story..
Hearing the truth Sanskar was lost in his thoughts abt his n Swara’s relationship.. which took him to his past where he got admission in a reputated college for his MBA.

Sanskar was a bright student from a rich but little orthodocs family. He got this college through his hard work far 4m his own place n here he lived in a hostel. The very 1st day of college he got a friend Lakshya who belongs to a middle class family. Sanskar always sat back seat of the class bcz he never wanted to reveal himself a known face.. so he always escaped 4m teachers n avoid their questons.. Bt he was very friendly with his classmates who were boys, Bt he tried to avoid girls bcz in his opinion the glz who lived in hostels were spoiled. Even he was against their frnship with boys due to assumption of his upbringing.. Like this days passed. After one week when he was talking with his frnz on random things his one frn asked him
F: Sanky, in our class which grl should b ur crush???
S: (Uninterested) No one..

F: (frowned) Why?? There are many hot glz in our class.. they r modern also.. Still u r nt caring.. ok, say me which type of grl u like…..?
S: She should b atleast traditional..N as 4 as I know in our class no one is teaditional…
At the same time, a grl entered in the class with Kavya, a classmate of Sanskar… She wore a traditional dress. Anyone could understand that she was fearing while entering the class..

L: hey.. See.. who is this new face in our class? She is looking very innocent…
Sanskar saw her n got mesmerised to see his innocence… At the same time, the teacher entered n took attendence.. After that, the grl stood up n said
G: Sir, I joined today so my name plz…
T: Ok, Tell me ur name…
G: Swara..
So, she is our new classmate… said Sanskar’s frn
looking towards Sanky teasingly… N ya she is little bit traditional also, Said another frn sanskar..
Sanskar gave them n irritated look n engrossed in the lecture..
Days were passing like this.. Sanky never showed any interest toward any girl. But he observed that Swara was different 4m others. She had many frnz bt she never talked to anyone unnecessarily.. But who talked with her she gave a +ve response to everyone. She smiled at jokes n also participated in talks bt he never heard her voice except classes, when teachers asked questions. Her answers reflected that she had a very sharp brain n as well as humour also.. He appriciated her in his mind as she was still the same after three months had passed.

One day in the class the teacher announced that there would be a college day in their college n being freshers its their duty to organise it an excellent way. The preparations has been started n every student took their responsibilities so as swara n sanskar also. Like this during preparations all students talked with eachother in many things. Laksh n Swara also developed a good bonding between them. Sanskar also opened his shell towards girl n got that noone can judge a book by its cover. So as girls can also good inmany works n its good as well as fun to be with them. Kavya was the 1st girl who talked with Sanskar. Then he noticed that Swara was very punctual in works n Kavya also. But the thing which was very impressive in Swara that was the punctulity of time n her caring nature towards her frns.

Kavya was a free bird bcz she knew that Swara cared a lot abt her. Like this they all began to know many things abt each other n developed good bonding among them. Still Swara n Sanskar talked less about eachother. Sanskar frn Sahil always teased Sanskar with the name of Swara as she was the only girl with whom Sanky hesitated now. On the other hand Sahil wanted to be with Swara but Swara always ignored him as she felt uncomfortable with his presence. She shared her opinion with Kavya bt Kavya being Kavya didn’t heed any attention on that n said that its her misconception. Swara also thought so bt she always tried to makea distance from Sahil, that made Sahil irritated.
B4 the evening On college day, Laksh n Sanky were discussing some random stuffs when they saw Swara coming 4m venue with a box which was seeming heavy as she was facing difficulty. They moved towards her to help her. Approching her they saw her stumbbled, the box fell down bt b4 that Laksh caught that.
S: Sambhal k Swara..
Sw: Umm… Ha.. woo…
S: (Smiled at her cute confussion)Its ok.. No need to explain..
Suddenly Laksh realised something n asked
L: What happened Swara..? You r looking very dull today..?
Sanky also saw her pale n weak face n asked the same.
Sw: Ha Lucky.. Wo actually na.. wo….
S: What Yarr ??? Say it clearly…
Sw: (Quickly replied) Ha, wo.. I m feeling sick today.
L & S (union): Sick?????/

At the same time Kavya came with Sahil n said
K: yes frnz.. She is suffering from Breathing problem since last night bt she is so adamant to come here that no one could stop her.
Listening it 4m Kavya trio became shock, n eccusing Swara 4 this. Anyhow Swara made them agree with to promise them if she would feel any difficulty, she takes rest as well as inform them also. With it everyone engrossed in their work.
On college day, every arrangement had taken place, n party was full swing. Among all this Swara very well managed every thing. On the mean time Sanskar saw Swara, going out hastily, he went after her, she went into the class which used as a store room during this function (So we mention it a store room). When Sanskar reached there he find it close although it was not locked still there was a girl into it so he stopped at the door n call 4 Swara

S: Swara…?
S: Swara… What r u doing inside..?
Sw:…..(At the same time he heard a falling sound inside)
S: Swara… What happened? (Worriedly) Why r u not answering me..?
This is it 4 him n he opened the door n the scenario was so terrible that his heart skipped its beat 4 that moment.
S: Swaraaa….

Precap: Same as..

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