Whose mistake?? (Part 5)

Hi Guys!!!!
Sorry 4 delay.. I want to share something with all of you.. I want to clear something that in every relation we want love n trust.. bt its not necessary that it will be a husband wife or lovers.. there are many relations which are more pure n valuable than these.. so I also try to concentrate this type of relations.. this story is little bit based on a true story.. so have patience n give ur valuable comments which motivate me to do my best. …
I also sorry as this episode will be short n little bit boring.. so plz give ur this stupid frn…
Seeing his condition everyone got teary eyed. N became more confused Kavita went towards him amd asked
K: What happened Sanskar???? Who is she????
Ignoring hr he went towards Lakshya n said
S: Lucky!!! Say na it’s a lie.. (fumbled)You r joking na….
L: How can I Sanskar… Aur wo b… In this matter…. Its a truth… N the truth is that thegirl saved your happiness is none other than OUR Swara…. Oooopss.. Sorry 4 the mistake.. Its MY swara… (Cringly)
S: (shocked) A scene 4m past echoed in his mind, where a girl was saying in a crying tone
(G: look.. I promised you, I will b the reason behind ur life’s biggest happiness.. )
Then another scene came where a boy said
(B: When you’ll get ur biggest happiness of ur life the valuable happinesss of ur life will be not with you..)
S: (scared n broken) Swaraaaa…… Cringly shouted

K: Swara… Who is Swara… ??? (Looking towards L & S with ???? expression) Lakshya..? Sanskar????
L: So, you even didn’t tell abt her sanskar… This much hatred… Shittt Mann…. How can U???? (Angrily), then, why u r caring… go n sleep peacefully… I’ll inform u abt her death…
B4 he could complete, he felt a burning sensession on his cheek..
S: Lakshya…. (Angrily) Don’t u dare to say it..
L: then wat can I say yaar… (cringly) even it was not easy 4 me also to say so… Bt, when u even didn’t bother to tell her name to ur wife… Then, kya fark pdta h tujhe uske mrne ya jine se…..
S: (Cringly knelt down) don’t say Lakshya… Plz.. Don’t say like this.. It pirces my heart too much….
K: Who is She Lakshya?
L: (Seeing Sanskar, n he nodded in Yes) She is our friend, even one of our best friends..
K: (Shokingly) Sanskaaarrrr…..
At that moment sits on nearby benches emotionless face..
S: (In his mind) No Lakshya.. She is not my best friend… Even you don’t know, she is more than a friend 4 me.. I loved her once.. I loved her… But……

Precap: past revealation….

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    Yeiiii !!! Yeiiiii !!!; yeiiiiiiii !! !it’s Swara..!! It’s Swara..!! i loved this painful episode..!! omgg !! Vishi,take ur time n update long parts..!! I’m loving it..!! Continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

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    awesome epi , i was knowing it would be swara only, take ur time but update longer one plz

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