whose mistake?? Part 4

Sanskar was lost in his own thoughts when he realized that kavita’s grip over him had loosened. At the same time Kavita being weak and continuously crying fainted in sanskar’s arms. Seeing her condition Sanskar became panic n shouted Kavitaaaaa…. n patted hr cheeks. Hearing her shout everyone who were there come to their sence n rushed to Kavita n Sanskar. Then they saw the condition of Kavita n became worried 4 her. Sanskar took her nearby chair. In the mean time Abhi came with water n sprinkled it kavita’s face.Kavita gained her consciousness n seeing the persons around her said
K: I m fine now.
S: Bt Kavi…..(inturpted by kavita) K: I m fine Sanskar.. Don’t worry. Her eyes went to the other side where Abhi n the next one saw her worriedly. Then they saw each other seemed that they want to say something. Finally the other person said
P: Sanskar…( Sanskar saw him with a questionable look) Actually Sanskar… I think you took Kavita 4m here as staying here is not good 4 her health. B4 Sanskar could reply Kavita said with a stern look
K: No Lakshya.. I don’t want to go 4m here I am comfortable here.. (Yes.. The person was Lakshya, Sanskar’s best frn come brother 4m college days) N tell me who is she? Look like you know her very well..

Now it’s a shock for Lakshya bcz he was totally unknown the reason of Sanskar n Kavita’s arrival. Being confused he saw towards Abhi n then Sanskar. Then Abhi told him the reason. Now he avoided kavita’s question as he didn’t want to give the answer. So ignoring them he said to Abhi
L:Abhi I am going out for some work.. Abhi knew the reason of Lakshya ignorance nodded his head in yes. This was it 4 Sanskar. He wanted to know abt the savior desperately. So he litteraly shouted on Lakshya
S: Enough Lakshya… Wats wrong with you damitt…. (composed himself n try to b calm) Plzzz… Lakshya.. For God sake, plz tell me who is in the ot.. I m scared yaar.. try to understand.
L: Noone 4you.. plz go 4m here.
K: No Lakshya..Like you She is very important 4 us..
L: No Kavita, You don’t know her n not related with ur family also, so don’t take stress, its not good 4 u. I’ll inform you abt her condition afterwards.
K: Although I don’t know her bt she saved me n my family so how can she not related with us n if this would not the reason then also she would be important for us bcz I can see how much important she is 4 u.

Hearing this Lakshya kept quite bt then also he didn’t reply the question. Bt Sanskar knew that Lakshya was hinding something or someone so he went to Lakshya n hugged him. N said
S: Plz Lakshya.. Tell.. You even didn’t inform me that you came here. For whom Lakshya.. ?? I know you are hiding something.. plz tell me yaar.. Breaking the hug Lakshya said
L: Yes Sanskar.. I didn’t inform you bt I would surely come to your place to visit you.. You r my frn yaar.. how can it possible I came here n didn’t meet u..
Saying this he kept quite..
S: Bt this is not my answer Lakshya..
L: Ya.. I know.. Bt I don’t want to explain things.
S: Bt I want..(little bit angry)
L: Ohh.. Now you want to know abt whom u never bothered.. Then listen Mr. Sanskar.. The girl who saved ur family n your happiness without thinking abt her life is none other than the girl whose happiness never matter 4 you. You always spoiled her happiness either it was her b’day or any big day of her life, you never cared 4 her. Bt being hurt every time she never forgot to fulfill her duty towards you or any other friend. You never bothered abt her whereabouts na then why today…?

After a pause
L: ohh, sorry.. today also u r nt caring abt her, you r caring abt that girl who saved ur family.. so don’t worry.. I will inform you.. go 4m here.
Hearing the out burst of Lakshya, Sanskar had taken a back shockingly n murmured under his breath..
S: No this can’t happenen.. No… No… lastly falling on his knees and shouted
S: Nooooooooo………

Precp: Revelation of Truth…

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  5. Awesome dear… and really can’t wait for the next part…pls post soon

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