whose mistake?? Part 3

Sanskar was shocked as well as surprised to see the person in front of him. He never ever supposed to get a shock like this in his dream also.. Same condition was the person also.. Although it was known that he or she could meet sanskar in this city as its his place bt never thought to meet him in this situation. For surprise sanskar was totally unknown abt this matter. Kavita who saw all this was also shocked to see the person in the hospital with that selfless angle who was her saviour. Abhi who saw the scene in front of him n heard sanskar name 4m the person was also shocked the stranger revealed as sanskar bt now he could understand the behaviour of sanskar. Bt the thing which surprised him the most was how sanskar knew abt all this, although he knew that he was the husband of kavita as she said bt how could he knew abt the patient because untill n unless without knowing none can’t show this behaviour which he showed. Every one had their own assumptions bt nobody had the courage to confront the other. They wanted bt their chain of thoughts were stopping them. Or we can say they had less words to convey their feelings to each other. Their thought were disturbed by the doctor’s voice.

Dr.: so we go for the operation bt b4 that i want to clear you all that its a risky operation n after the success of the operation we cant say anything abt the patient’s survival bcz its chaces are vry less as the bullets hurt her heart n stomach.. So plz fill the risk form.. Bt I assure you that we’ll try our best.

Saying this the doctor went to ot n hearing this abhi taken a back n slide on the wall n sat on the ground. Tears were flowing 4m his eyes. He hide his face in his palm not wanting to show his tears. The other person stumbled a little n went to abhi whose sobbings were clearly visible n hugged him to give support or take support.. Both wanted a support b failed the crying loudly which reflected their pain n love towards the patient.

On the other hand kavita who heard doctor’s saying n seeing the person’s in front of him totally broken began to cry hugging sanskar n hide her face in his chest. Bt for surprise sanskar didn’t hug hr back. He could not understand what was going on. Till now he was totally unknown abt the saviour bt his heart pained a lot. He wanted to know abt the angle he wanted to console the persons in front of him. He wanted to confront the person. Bt he was unable. At that moment his every emotion was bounded. His care abt his wife n baby lost somewhere.. He only wanted to know why his heart pained a lot for an unknown person like she was his close one. He only wanted to know abt the person who was lying in ot totally lifeless n what connection shares with him. Bt how?? The person who was crying badly for her was one of his close ones bt sanskar don’t know the reason of the person’s arrival. He had a great urge to hug that person tightly n sooth the pain.. Here kavita can’t understand anything bt didn’t want also as her 1st priority was to see the saviour angle safe and sound. Bt she little bit confused n hurt also with sanskar’s reaction. Bcz till now hr marriage life sanskar never forgot to care for her or neglect her. And in these months 4m when he knew abt her pregnancy he cared her each n every small things or cravings.

Precap: depends on your own comments…

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  2. nice story vishi

  3. Awsm…read all 3 in one go…but u didnt disclose d name here also! No problem….we r waiting…post soon.

    1. Vishi

      Soon you get the name dear..???

  4. Kakali

    Vishi, I’m reading ur story.. I’m liking it..!! But don’t keep it in deep of secrets that i loose my interest from the further parts..!! One more thing hope it’s SwaSan story..!! Otherwise………………hope u understand dear, what i mean..!! Continue soon..!!
    Thnk u. 🙂

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    awesome part…

  7. awesome epi dr

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    Awesome dear

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    Vishi plz yaar disclose the names before we get a heart attack

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    nice…give swasan story fast

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