whose mistake?? Part 2

Sanskar went to people to ask abt the girl bt nobody could give him satisfactory answer.. After a lot of struggle he could get only one information that was the hospital name where she would be shifted after being shot.. He rushed to the hospital with kavita.. He was worried abt kavita’s health as its her last month n continuously sobbing n being restless n worried abt hr saviour she seemed weak n pale.. He was looking strong in front of kavita bt his heart was filled with an unknown fear for loosing someone very precious of his life.. He was feeling very restless n suffucated.. Bt could not understand the reason.. He didn’t want to break down in front of his wife so he want to erase these type of unnecessary thoughts from his mind bt unable to do it.. He worried for the girl who saved her family without thinking abt hr own life. He owed to hr for her selflessness n want to thank her.

Although he knew that thnkyou is a vry short word to convey his feeling to that angle who saved his family selflessly.. His chains of thoughts broke when he reached at the gate of hospital.. Without wasting hr time kavita rushed to the hospital.. He saw hr running without caring herself n run after hr.. On the way he stumbled with someone.. B4 he could say that person rushed from there saying sorry to him. Recognize the voice he want to call the owner of the voice bt that person went far from him hurridly.. Sanskar want to go after him bt at the same time he saw his wife who inquired abt the girl at the reception huffing badly.. She was hr 1st priority so he went to her.
K: ( huffing badly) plz.. Plz.. Tell me abt the gir who was brought here after being shot in the encounter with the goons..

Receptionist: Maam! Do you inquire abt the police case in which a girl was shot by the goons vry badly..
S: Yes..(angrily) Can you give us the information abt her whareabouts n her condition..
R: Yes sir.. (Fumbled) Wo…. Ya.. Sir! you may go to 3rd floor ICU where she is being treated by doctors team n her condition is vry critical..
Kavita saw sanskar n said: sanskar.. She will b fine na…??
S:(with unknown fear) don’t worry kavi.. Nothing will happen to that angle.. You dont take stress its harmful 4 u n baby..

He didn’t know that these things which he told were 4 consoling kavita or himself.. They reached near the ICU where some police men with a man near abt sanskar age were standing. Seeing the gloomy face of that man anybody can say that he was from the family of the patient.. As soon as they reached near them unkownly sanskar’s heart beats became fast his heart felt like sinking.. Tears brimmed in his eyes.. He could not understand what was happening.. His face showed no emotions except pain in his eyes.. Kavita saw towards him bt he was lost somewhere. Being confused she came towards the man n asked
K: how is she????
M:(confused bt replied her) can’t say anything ( teary voice).. Bt soon he composed himself n asked
M: sorry maam.. I don’t know you..
K: I m the only one 4 whom she risked hr life..(cringly) n he is my husband(indicating towords sanskar).
Man saw towards sanskar n seeing his expression he became confused..
He forword towards him in the mean time dr. Came frm ICU hurridly approching the man n said
Dr.: Mr. Abhi have you brought the medicine??
B4 abhi replied a voice came 4m behind
Voice: yes dr.. Here is the medicines..
Identify the voice sanskar turned his face n seeing the owner of the voice he became shocked.. On the other hand the person also saw sanskar n murmured
P: Sanskar…..!!!!!!

Precap: guesss…;-) who is the person?? Who is the girl??? Reason of sanskar behavior???

Everything depends on your guessing n comments..

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    Interesting … Next part soon

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