whose mistake?? Part 1

Hello frnz.. Its my 1st ff so plz 4give me 4 mistakes.. Its based on swara n sanskar

.. It’ll take few shots.. So let’s start the story..

Location: A big mall is shown.. Some goons are attacking a pregnant lady 4 their escape bt a girl comes in between n they shoot hr continuously 3 bullets.. That lady screams and the grl fell down with the pool of blood.. Security caught the goons n took the girl to the hospital..
Here the lady was sweating badly in the mean time his husband rushed to her n gave her sm water.. After seeing him she felt little relaxed bt then that girl’s face came to hr mind n she said to hr husband

Lady: Sanskar!!!! That girl…. Who saved me… Plz sanskar plz let us go to the hospital ( in a fumble voice and crying tone)
Sanskar: relax kavi.. Its not good 4 ur health.. I’ll go n check hr..
K: no sanskar.. Plz.. She is totally unknown 4 me bt she saved me n even I can’t go for hr well being..(cryingly)
S: OK… Let’s go..

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  1. Awesome ………please continue

  2. awesome

  3. Kakali

    Vishi, welcome to SwaSan family dear..!! ur ss seems interesting..!! Continue soon..!!Do write the chapters lil bit lengthy..!! Thnk u.. 🙂

  4. Mica

    waaa.. it’s lookalike my skirt, so tempting but too short 😀

  5. Vishi

    Thanks kakali.. Sure I’ll update soon…..

  6. Independent

    good concept vishi

  7. SRSL

    Nice…welcome to swaragini family…be comfortable here..

  8. AnuAnn

    Nice dear… But short….

  9. Shreeyu

    Nice dear… Continue soon?

  10. A.xx

    nice xx

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