who’s ur favourite Pihu or Ruhi ?

Hello friends I’m poojha again this article is just to know about ur opinion ,now I,m die hard fan of star plus serial ”yeh hai mohabbatein” now this article about whom do u like the most ruhi or pihu hope u like this …plz comment guys I’m expecting more comments from u …

Introduction ;

Ruhi the daughter of shagun and raman. shagun left ruhi for ashok ..whom she loved after marriage with raman ruhi is attracted to a tamilian Iyer ishita the neighbour of ruhi home ishita cannot have a child she is also attracted to ruhi so ruhi wishes ishita to become her mother so raman and ishita marry slowly ruhi tries to keep her parents united and they develop feelings for each other.nidhi Chhabra a lawyer shows ishita as the murderer of another lawyer amar chadda to prove ishita innocence raman pretend to act as if ishita is dead and says he loves niddhi ,flash back niddhi was the girl whom raman’s mom fixed as bride for raman but raman was in love with shagun at that time so niddhi’s parents commit suicide so niddhi takes revenge on ishita at last raman proves ishita innocence ,first shagun was trying to destroy relation between raman ishita but now she is changed as she finds ashok is fake ,as ishita could not have child he asks for shagun surrogacy and they have baby girl but nidhi kidnaps and asks for ruhi return with raman ishita plans but end in failure niddhi takes ruhi and they meet with accident raman blames ishita for ruhi death she commits suicide but both ishita and ruhi are escaped…

Pihu the surrogate baby of raman and ishita becomes a 7 year old girl and both ruhi and pihu are same at face but raman does not know the truth that both ishita and ruhi is alive pihu don’t know that her mother is ishita becoz she thinks shagun as her mother also about ruhi ..ruhi is known as boy becoz she is with niddhi. niddhi made her into a boy..ishita is with her child hood friend..pihu wants her mom shagun and dad raman to get married as she dosent know the truth..but soon raman comes to know about ishita and ruhi

my favourite is ruhi because she is smart enough for her age and talented ruhi tried so hard to unite her parents she also helped her parents in time of crisis she always loved everyone .she truly loved ishita a lot and never hated her but now she is in pain due to niddhi..she also hates her paents soon want her to know about her parents love for her

hope u liked it frnds…don’t forget to comment

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  1. Ruhi my favorite

  2. RoSid forever RS


  3. Thanks a lot for ur comments frnds and everyone are saying ruhi as their fav even me …I just want to know abt opinion thank u

  4. Ruhi was very cute as she was very small in 2013 and she did many sweet things. Compared to pihu who has not done much sweet acts

  5. I love both. I loved little Ruhi since day 1, I watched YHM only for ishru Bond not Ishra (I never liked Raman but sometimes he was funny) and ruhi is so adorable. As for Pihu I feel that’s the only good thing that happened after te leap love her nautanki haha and also her smartness and the way she dress up wow I sometimes watch YHM if possible only for Pihu. So I love both. But the way they showed Pihu character same face of Ruhi that was illogical. And Ruhanika is a sweet heart all role suits her 🙂

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