Who’s Aryan khanna !! OS by Sandy

Aryan ?
Every day I see her outside my makeup room before the show god only know what she wants from me …..

Thapki outside ?
Every day I come here to prove that you are my Bihaan…

Aryan ?
Why am feeling sorry for her I will go to speak to here ..it is time to know the reason ..

Thapki ?

Aryan ?
Am not Bihaan,am sick of it why you calling me Bihaan!!!!! And why you come every day here !!!

Thapki ?
You are my Bihaan am sure but …but ..you got memory lost am sure ..Bihaan please come home your mother waiting for you and Tina and bani ..please Bihaan am pleases you ..

Aryan ?
Look this joke should end now !!!
Security take this woman out , I don’t want to see here face again here .

Thapki ?

Aryan ?
Am sorry I don’t know who is Bihaan..

After two months…Thapki tried here best to convince Aryan he is Bihaan, but Aryan tell here he is not BIHAAN.

Thapki ?
Is that it …you will be on your decision that you not Bihaan.

Aryan ?
I told you million time am not Bihaan and today I will perform my last song and will go away from here forever, thanks god I will not see you anymore after this show .

Thapki ?
Fine but can you sing this song for me ..

Aryan take a look to the lyrics ..

Aryan ?
If I did sing this song will you stop following me ..

Thapki ?
Yes ..

Aryan ?
I will sing it ..

Aryan sing the song Thapki ask him too ..suddenly he stops..

Thapki ?

Aryan ?
Am sorry but I can’t continue singing this song …

Thapki ?
Aryan why do you stop!!!

Aryan get off the stage ..

Aryan ?
What is this !!!

Thapki ?
What !

Aryan ?
This song written by me in fact this was my first song how you got the lyrics..??

Thapki ?
It is mean you are Bihaan, this lyrics I found it in Bihaan closet..

Aryan ?
What !! No ..no this is a joke right…how come ..no I don’t believe you ..

Thapki ?
You are my Bihaan..

Aryan ?
I said to you am not Bihaan am aryan ..aryan khanna ..

Thapki take aryan hand and take him home ..

Aryan ?
What is this place ..

Thapki ?
This is our home ..

Aryan enter the house and start looking in the house he sees Bihaan picture ..

Aryan ?
Omg he really looks like me !!!

Thapki ?
It is you Bihaan..

Aryan ?
But I don’t understand how I be Bihaan if my name is aryan and how I don’t remember you !!!???

Thapki ?
You fall from the cliff..

Aryan ?
What !!! that mean Bihaan die ..and how come I be Bihaan…don’t tell me the memory lost ..that’s happen in movies not in real life …anyway I wast my time a lot with you I will go …

Aryan in the way out he get a flashback …
Of him and thapki entering the house…he continued walking out …he again got a flashback oh him and thapki living out side ..

Thapki ?
Bihaan don’t go please god let him return..

Aryan ?
Why am getting this flash back is that mean am Bihaan but how come !!!!!! ..I will search about the truth .

Aryan ask about how he became a singer he doesn’t remember…they tell him the full story but still Aryan feel something fishy…he decided to search about him self when he wrote his name in web page he read an article about Aryan khanna die in car accident….Aryan get shocked…he ask the worker what is the truth !!!!!!!

A worker ?
Sir well actually the truth is aryan is dead but when we saw you in the hospital you was having Amnesia we lied to you that your name is aryan and you are a business man ..you help us a lot even your voice was similar to him .

Aryan ?
A big truth you hide it from me for 15 years !!!! So Thapki was right am Bihaan not aryan …

Thapki ?
God please make Bihaan return…

Aryan ?

Thapki ?

Aryan open his arm ..

Thapki ?

Thapki runs and hug him …

Aryan ?
Am sorry I didn’t believe you ..but Thapki I don’t remember anything…how you will live with someone who doesn’t remember you ..

Thapki ?
Bihaan…you are with me and alive I don’t want anything else…

Bihaan ?
Thapki…can you make me remember my past …I want to remember everything…you said that we got married and we have two daughters I want to remember…

Thapki ?
Bihaan you will remember everything we still have along day to tell you our love story .

Bihaan ?
Am ready to listen..

In the end Thapki take all her upcoming days trying to let Bihaan remember…Bihaan get his memory back and thapki never left Bihaan , and her wish come truth she became old with bihaan and their love story become rememberable to all …”Thapki never thought that she will love Bihaan nether him but god chose them to be together after along of problems finally they stay together “.

Plzzzzzz do Share your comment AND Thank you for reading my imagination story that I really hope to happen in the show ?


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  1. Vinolin.d

    WOw….wow…wow…..so superb sandy darling. Every lines are amazing and hats off to your imagination. What a great OS!!! I loved it sooooooooooooooooooooo much. I am become speechless about it. I think It’s only the flash back behind of Aryan. You are an amazing writer. I lOve you sooooooooo much my dear friend. Thank you so much for this wonderful OS dear. Take care.

    1. H…e
      vino di where were u di..
      I really miss u..
      now tell me how r u nd ur studies…
      di if u have time plz post 91 part..
      actually I’m very eager for upcoming epi…
      love u di plzplzplease “TAKE CARE”

    2. Thanks vinolin soooo much for your words you really made me smile thanks thanks thanks ❤️❤️And I love u too ? Keep smiling my dear ??

  2. Wow..you are a fantastic writer..i liked this verymuch..hope aryan will be our bihaan.

    1. Thanks jis123 ?and i also hope aryan be Bihaan ?

  3. Alm.Abi

    hi sandy darl.. finally an amazing writer z back with marvellous OS … phhhhh aryan Kahnna my love.. u have portrayed the story in a very gud way.. hope so cv can get some common sense from this forum… lub u for this. now mani z back nd i hope tht u ll write more stories… stay blessed dear…

    1. Thanks alm.abi soooooo much❤️ and I also hope he make aryan = Bihaan ?

  4. Alm.Abi

    ohh .. i just totally forgot to write “what a cover photo”… perfectly matches wd the story

    1. Hello Alm,
      how r u my cuti baby mera matlab ab teri tabiyet kesi h or studies..??
      tere gher m sadi thi na, ho gae kya…
      take card Alm bbbyeee…
      miss u yaar

      1. Alm.Abi

        hello kudrat sweety.. me bilkul tikh hon.. tm bato tm kese ho? han shadi nah shadia the i mean 5 marriages the… bht maza aya… kudrat u r such a darling buddy… itna piyaar kahan se lati ho tm… God bless u.. hmsha bht bht kush raho.. nd i wish ke tm insta ya kisi or social networking site pe ao phir me tm se roz baaty kia karo… love u yaara…

  5. Anubhuti

    Gajabbb but fact is that..

    I want aryan & bani…
    But really i loved it… its superb

    1. Hello Anu,
      how r u..??
      sadi s aa ga..e
      ab 1 month hi baki h result ko..
      any exitment madam…
      chal..!! Ab apna dhyan rekeoo..

    2. Thanks anubhuti ❤️

  6. Didi firstly I want to say-thank you thanku thanku thanku…….
    THANK YOU Soooooo….O much di..
    thanku so much for being a BIGbigbig… SMILE on my face..
    di u know what when…
    When I saw wall pic than somwhere I feel Happy but when I saw ur name di blve me that time I’m 9cloud…
    di I really miss u nd ur ffs…
    so, di thanx for ur coming nd this WONDERFUL or AMAZING “Os”
    love you di love you soooo much…

    1. Awww thanks sweetheart soooooo much ❤️? You make feel special ? Thanks also for that ❤️?

  7. But di now u ready for bani nd aryan ff,ts nd OS..
    bcoz In yesterday interview thapki ,aryan nd kosi said that thapki nd aryan have age gape…

    Well didi
    now tell me how r u..??
    di srsly THANK YOU..
    di plz whenever u have time please write this type of article…
    we really feel Glad..
    love u di..
    keep missing me..

    1. Am not disagree you or something but Bani and Aryan just the thought make me feel ? Sorry sweetheart but am not making aryan and bani ….?
      Am very good you should check you messages I text you but you reply after 2 days …??
      I will try …am smiling reading your comments thanks sweetheart and please don’t feel bad about me saying that I don’t like Aryan and bani it just my personal opinion ???

  8. Stay blessed or healthy always..
    be happy di
    keep smiling my sweeti, cuti Smily SANDY di..
    miss u..

    1. Thanks sweetheart you really make feel special again thankssss ???❤️❤️

  9. pooja prabha

    Sandy my dear friend…what an amazing os yaar…I really enjoyed a lot.very realistic way of expressions…I wish your is will come true in TPK.thank you dear for making such a wonderful is for all Thahaanians.take care keep writing….

    1. My dearest friend I miss u ? And thank you sooo much ❤️ ❤️ Keep smiling ? My dear ?

  10. Actually I have a really different opinion ..am sorry,but um really not hurting u but just giving u my thoughts ..n my opinion is that aryan khanna title is sort of completely awkward case b cause he has just made his entry in the show recently n that too not in the bihaan’s character …he’s a completely different role..so u can continue if you wish to do so..I’m just givingy share..tc all..????

    1. Thanks and am accepted your opinion and am not feeling bad but this OS so just one time not like ff ?

  11. N the shocker is that seeing this tpk ..I’ve got the influence of saying GHAJJAB !! ALL the time .
    Seems to b really GHAJJAB!!


    1. Thanks soooo much jenelia ❤️?

  12. gd .. bt i dnt wnt jigs wd any one else…except mani….i want a nw luv story…bcz thahaan are old now..

    1. Thanks Sadia so much ?❤️I miss reading your comments but this is just OS not FF ?

  13. B.V.Mallika Devi

    Wow!nice written update..it’s true??

    1. Right man

    2. Thank you sooo much for your comment ?❤️

  14. Simrank

    Sandy as usual amazing glad that u wrote just loved it nd m in love with aryan khanna just loved it do write more stories love u darl ❤❤❤

    1. Thanks simi sooo much ❤️?

  15. Gaaaaaaajaaaaaab yar

    1. Thanks you Palvi so much ?

  16. Amazing dear.

    1. Thanks rife ❤️

  17. Yesyes….. YES
    they r right..
    OS was srsly Amazing sandy di…

    1. Thanks sweetheart millions time ❤️?

  18. amazing story
    i wish this would come in serial too
    thank u

    1. Thanks mini sooo much and that’s my hope too ❤️?

  19. It is funny the girl that I uploaded the ff for didn’t comment where are you my lovely sis I was joking with you it was a prank do read it and comment am sorry for joking with you like this but that was a part of the surprise ?❤️ …

    1. I mean OS ? Am very sorry my lovely sis I hope you read this …take care bye ?

  20. A big thanks to alll of you who’s comment❤️?? it is the first time I got this much comment ? Thankssssss maybe I will be back again who knows ?? , but till today bye everyone wish you a very happy positive days in your life’s ?

  21. Aleya.marzan

    sooo gooood . n ur tattoos r awsome. yeh to tumhari khasiyat hai.

    1. Thanks aleya sooooo much ❤❤

  22. Kanfi

    It was ammazing,,,i ‘m frst time reading any ff other than shivika,,,
    It was very good,.
    Keep it up…

    1. Thanks kanfi sooo sooo much ❤️?❤️

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