Whom to trust?


The day could not any worse. Could it? First she missed her bus, got late for her exam, paper was too tough and while returning her sandal tore. She threw her sandal away and started walking bare foot. As she was about to cross the road, a car hit her. She fainted.
She opened her eyes and started looking around. She did not recognize the place. Suddenly the room door opened and someone entered and said
Person : (in a rough voice) Swara
Swara was shocked. She couldn’t recognize the person as he was standing in the dark. He slowly started moving towards her. As he came close to her, she gasped. It was
It was ……………
Sanskar maheshwari.
The guy who ran away on their marriage day. It took her a whole 3 months to get out of it. She cried a lot these 3 months. Finally she decided to continue her studies. That day was her D day. She wanted to be an Airforce officer and she had given her test for that. But the paper was not that good.
Now she realised her day was worst. She didn’t feel bad that he ran away. But what hurt her was the way he was standing in front of her as if nothing happened. Swara slowly regained her senses and asked
Swara : How did I reach here?
Sanskar : (matter-of-fact)You were hit by my car.
Swara : But where am I?
Sanskar : At my place. Drink this and then you may go.
Swara was hell shocked and furious. This man, this horrible human being, had hit her with his car and now he was asking her to leave the place as if there was no fault of his.
Swara : excuse me Mr. It was you who had hit me. So it is your duty to drop me back. That too safely.
Sanskar : I am doing no such thing.
Swara : Then even I am not leaving.
Sanskar furiously left the room.
Swara : ( herself) Is he tthe same person whom I fell in love with? No he is not. He might not care but I can’t stand his sight for a min. I must leave.
Thinking so, Swara got up and opened her room door. She saw a maid outside and asked her about Sanskar. The maid directed her to his room. Swara thanked her and stood outside his room. She was about to knock on the door when she heard him talking to himself. She stood still and heard him.
Sanskar : Why always me? I always loved her. Just because of a small misunderstanding between our parents we were forced to part. I really love Swara even now. But our parents won’t agree to it. I know Swara will come along with me wherever I take her. But I know how hard it is to stay without ones parents. I don’t want her to suffer. I am sorry Swara but I have to hurt you more.
Swara : (from behind) you have already hurt me enough Sanskar.
Sanskar turns around shocked.
Sanskar : Swara ???
He was shocked. Swara came to him and gave him a tight slap.
Swara : Where were you on the day of our marriage? And Don’t you dare lie this time.
Sanskar :(finding no other option) I was kidnapped by my parents. They lied that I ran away. Trust me Swara I still love you.
Swara started crying. Finally she hugged him and said
Swara was so happy. But Sanskar.
He was giving a victorious smirk.
Sanskar : (thinks) Poor Swara she trusted me so easily. Time for pay back Mr Gadodia.

Credit to: Geet

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