who should be the 2nd THANU….

HI guyz……… I hope u know thatin the serial KASAM…TERI PYAAR KI…
thanu will die after getting married with rishi…….. N even about rebirth of the thanu as another grl who similar to thanu in all habits N doings but she s different by face. She will b so younger to rishi.
I read in some websites dat actress yuvika choudry wil b da 2nd thanu………
My opinion(I hope u also feels da same) s dat she doesn’t suits fr dat role…… n also she won’t look younger to rishi.

Here s link of one of hr pic

so guyz …. How it would b if monica shegal(radhika in manmarziyan) do da role of 2nd thanu….. or u can also tell who suits…..
here r some of:
1)monica shegal

2)digangana suryavanshi – veera

3)aneri vajani – nisha(nisha aur uske cousins)

4)sanaya irani – khusi( iss pyaar ko kya naam doon)

5)surbi jyoti – zoya(qubool hai)

I can’ think more dan dis…. So guys if u think there r any other actess who suits well. Plz tel……

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  1. My vote is for monica ?????

  2. Guyz let it b the first tanu itself

    1. I agree

  3. I think k.sengar ko hi rhna chahie cox max tms face chnge hone par logo ka intrst utna nhi rhta h.. so tanu ko hi thora wrk out krake slim n hair curly little more make up n wstrn drss me hona chahie…… thts all i thnk…

  4. I think k.sengar ko hi rhna chahie cox max tms face chnge hone par logo ka intrst utna nhi rhta h.. so tanu ko hi thora wrk out krake slim n hair curly little more make up n wstrn drss me hona chahie…… thts all i thnk…

  5. Yuvika is best option…

  6. You can also cast “jodha” of jodha Akbar serial. I don’t know her name……she is also a gud candidate fr this show

  7. I think sanaya or monica me se ek honi chahie

  8. according to my opinion kratika sengar only suits for this character.according to the serial reincarnation of kratika segar(tanu) will only happen. she might be the humshakal of tanu,the team will nt cast some other in tanu’s character.in case if they cast someone the monica seghal will be best pair with sharad malhotra.

  9. I think kratika herself should be the 2nd tanu as I like tanu-rishi pair and kratika is doing a good job so is ssharad. Coincidentally, out of these 5 two names did strike my mind once hahaha and they are surbhi and digangana I think with ssharad both will look good I think ssharadw-digangana will be best among these 5 as 2nd tannu should be young , followed by ssharad-surbhi.But according to source it will be yuvika.

  10. Angili Singania

    I feel Kritika is only the best tida makeover kar ka she should only be the 2 tanu

  11. Daniyal Rathore

    No tanu will not change bcz in one promo they show the scene where rishi was in mandir n someone said that she will come but he say she is dead n tanu pass by her side . Thats why karitika will be same after rebirth

  12. Kratika. They already have such a good chemistry. Why spoil it? It’llbe fun in a way if the second Tanu is more assertive and brash compared to the first who’s docile. Will provide Kratika an opportunity to showcase her acting calibre.

    And yeh logical baatein na kiya karo yaar. Sharad and Kratika do not look in their early 20s now. Sharad won’t look like a man in his 40s in the leap. What matters is that they have a good chemistry and I’d hate for it to be spoilt. I hope Kratika is retained.

    And yeh logical batein don’t work here

  13. Please let it be present tanu itself.plzzzzzzzzz

  14. i think kratika hi 2 tannu hai or aghar nahin toh phir surbhi jyoti theek hai

  15. waise kratika hi 2nd tannu honi chahiay warna rishi 2nd tannu ko kaise pehchane ga

  16. Of course kritika must be the Tanu always …
    This character only suits for her…
    Tanu and rishi ki chemistry is super

  17. Kartika sengar is d bst one……yuvika is not at all fit 4 dis role.After a long duration watching another girl will be not so good.I think kartika is d best???

  18. I hope Kartika will play the role of 2nd Tanu. She is perfect for the role in every sense. Hope Ekta Kapoor will grant my wish.

  19. No one among these ly kratika sengar is the best

  20. Don’t change Tanu.. It suits the character.. If Tanu will change then the serial will not look interest.. Please don’t change Kratika.. She’s Best for this serial.. Both Sharad and Kratika looks cool.. Please Don’t replace Kratika, it’s a humble request..

  21. Don’t replace kratika sengar. For the role of tanu she is the best. Kratika and Sshrad looks lovely together.

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