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hey guyzz…just read this short story and enjoy it..

Pragya was left alone while her parents went out. it was raining really hard out. she was watching the news and they said there was a physco killer on the loose so everyone should lock their doors and windows. she went around making sure all the windows were locked and doors too. her dog scooby a slept with her every night under her bed and licked her hand to put her to sleep. she went upstairs in her bed and hung her hand down or scooby to lick it. he licked it was always. but she heard drip drip drip. she went around the house looking to see what was dripping in the kitchen the sink wasn’t. she went back upstairs and laid down and scooby started licking. drip drip drip. she got up and went to the bathroom to check the sink it was fine but she found out the dripping was coming from the shower she pulled the shower curtain back and her dead dog scooby was dripping blood. on the wall in the dog’s blood it said, “humans can lick too.”

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  1. VarshaVenkat

    itsss really freaking…..i meant abt d madness………how mad could a person b…..to kill a dog n lick a girls hand…….but short n sweet story……scooby….i remember scooby dooby do story……haha….njoyed with ur OS…..

  2. Seriously ……………. I am gonna turn Crazy towards U !! This was A very short and nice one ………..”humans can lick too”….I guess she would hav fainted on spot seeing that !!

  3. you know wht my doggy too sleeps under my bed…and i cant sleep with out it.my best buddy… and i felt like this happens to me… isweae.. i looked under my bed now…superb shocking epi

    1. if this happens to me… i am damn sure i’ll die on ths spot..

  4. Nice os

  5. Wat to say yar second I freezed by reading the word dubby hanged & the humans can lick too.. wow in this short part u nailed it..

  6. RiyaDcruz

    Wowww osssmm yaar

  7. Wow awesome! os. how can a person kill innocent dogs?I think he must be stone hearted.u r impossible di,u r writting such a sweet stories.

  8. Omg….. Tat human can lick too I just hell shocked really sema OS…

  9. Superb…

  10. Loli

    Arshi …very scary ff ….??but i love it ya …bcoz i love scrry horror story

  11. nice …………

  12. Sharaya

    Awesome os

  13. Honey

    Ohhh so nic but feel pity for dog

  14. Sandy

    Very scarryyy ?????

  15. Arshifan

    Heyyyy my sweet frndsss..thnqq so much all and guyzzz if u are interested then i will write one os of this kind anywyzz keep supporting me..

  16. Nice one!!!

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