Who is He? OS By SivaRenjini

Dr. Sanchi we are going to miss you. More than you we miss him.
Sanchi: i know you all treat me like your family. When i was lost myself only Dr. Veer and you people give me a shelter. I don’t know what i am going to say. But i need to go. Veer needs me. He never ask me a favour. Now my turn. I have to go for him. Back to SDCH. This time they have to welcome me. No identity change. Dr. Sanchi Misra. You made me sir. I don’t know how to thank you.
Sanchi remember one thing you are not an intern. Your name comes in the top 5 Neurologist list. Dr. Malhotra and Dr. Kabir have to welcome you. The whole SDCH have to welcome you.
I don’t know how i am going to convince him.
All going to be fine Dr. Sanchi. don’t worry.

Sanchi’s POV
6 years has changed many things. Ishan is 5 now. Still he don’t know anything about my past. Coming days he is going to know my truth. If he knows Veer met with an accident and he is in critical condition.
Dr. Sanchi your taxi came. Ishan is waiting for you. Have a nice journey Dr. These words calls her to her present.
Thank you sister. You may go now.
Ishan 5 year old boy was waiting for her. Dr. Sanchi you are late. Please be on time.
Sanchi: Sorry Ishu. (making a puppy face)
Ishan: It’s ok. Don’t repeat. Mom where are we going?
Sanchi: SDCH. Delhi. Our country.
Ishan: Are we going to meet Pappa?
Sanchi: Yes. We are.
Ishan: I miss him a lot. He takes my princes with him. But no problem i am going to snatch her.
Sanchi and Ishan enters car.
Dr. Malhotra: Kabir i need my son. For that i can give you whatever you want.
Kabir: Sir. It’s up to her. I can’t do nothing in that.
Dr. Malhotra: I am sorry kabir. What do you think Sanchi will come na?
Kabir: (without any emotion) I don’t know.
Dr. Malhotra: why did you obey me Kabir. When you know i was wrong why did you stand with me?
Dr. Riya: Excuse me dad. Dr. Sanchi is coming.
Dr. Malhotra: thank god. Kabir please be ready. You have to be in surgery.
Kabir: Yes. I know that. But i don’t have the courage to look into her eyes.
Riya: Dont worry Dr. Kabir. I will assist you in the surgery.
Sanchi & Ishan came to SDCH.
Fernadus; Dr Sanchi. All are waiting for you.
Sanchi; hmmm. First of all i want to meet Isha & Pragya.
Pragya; I am here dr. Sanchi. She hugs her.
Sanchi: Take Ishan with you. I don’t want any scene here.
Pragya: Ishu come. Wait in my room baby.
Ishan: i am here to see my princes. Pappa take her with him.
Pragya; You only miss Isha. Not me.
Ishan: You oftenly visit me. Nam ki Mausy.
Fernadus: Dr. Sanchi.

Sanchi: Yes. I am coming.
Dr. Kabir , Riya, Isha are in Dr. Malhotra’s room.
Dr. Malhotra: Welcome to SDCH Dr. Sanchi.
Sanchi; i thought i will never come here. But Veer needs me. This time our priority is same. What his condition.
Riya: Sanchi. He is better now.
Sanchi: Dr. Riya shut up. I know what had happen to him. You gave him wrong medicine, which was allergic to him. Due to that surgery has delayed.
Riya: Sanchi i was unaware about the fact.
Sanchi : (Shouts) Riya i said stop. What are you doing here? This time i am not going to spare you if anything happens to Veer. I need an answer from seniors.
Kabir: Sanchi. Calm down. He is fine. Surgery is the only solution.
Sanchi; Dr. Kabir. I don’t want Riya in OT. Pragya will assist me. You can choose your assistant. I hope you will not choose Riya.
Riya; Dr. Kabir its fine. Its about my brother life.Gaurv will assist you.
Kabir; go through the file Sanchi.
Looking at the file Sanchi says. I prefer Dr. Sanchi. Am i clear.
Malhotra: Dr. Sanchi why
Kabir; No problem Dr. Sanchi.
Dr. Malhotra and entire family was waiting in OT.
Kabir & Sanchi comes out. No need to worry.
Ishan walks to Sanchi.
Ishan: Mom can we go and meet grand maa?
All looks at Sanchi.
Sanchi; Yes. Give me 5 min.
Kabir; Sanchi who is he? Why did he call you Mom.
Ishan: Hello Dr. I am Ishan. Dr. Sanchi’s son.
Kabir;Sanchi wait. I need an answer. Who is he?
Sanchi: Dr. Kabir. Meet my son Ishan.
Kabir; No. You can’t do this to me.
Sanchi: excuse me.
Ishan: Mom how was your surgery? I know you will never fail.
Sanchi: Ishu i want to talk to you. Come lets go.
Ishan: Bye Dr. KAbir.

Dr. Malhotra: Dr. Sanchi you can use Dr. Pragya’s or Veer’s cabin.
Ishan: Dr. Veer. Where is he?
Kabir: How do you know him?
Sanchi: Ishan come with me.
Kabir: Holding sanchi’s hand. Wait Sanchi. Ishan do you know him?
Ishan: Looks at Sanchi. He is my friend.
Kabir: oh. What’s your full name?
Ishan: become sad.
Sanchi; Dr. Kabir enough. No more questions.
Kabir: I need the answer sanchi.Ishan how old are you.
Sanchi: I said stop it Kabir. Dr. Malhotra ask your puppet be in his limit.
Dr. Malhotra : Dr. Kabir please
Ishan: Mom where is Veer?I want to see him. I will tell him about Dr. Kabir.
Sanchi: Come lets go.
Kabir: Ishan Veer is here. Do you want to see him.
Ishan: I don’t like you. My Papa will come and beat you.
Sanchi cries and takes Ishan with her.
Riya: weird. Is in it?
Kabir; Dr. Pragya meet me at my cabin. Now
Pragya: May i come in sir.
Kabir: i want to know about the past 6 years.
Pragya: i don’t know anything about it.
Kabir: Who is Ishan.
Pragya: Sanchi’s son.
Kabir; his father.
Pragya; i don’t know. She never tell his name.
Kabir: dam it say the truth.
Pragya: Her love, her husband

Kabir; i want to hear the name dam it.
Isha enters the cabin and says Dr. Veer Malhotra.
Pragya: Isha
Isha; Yes Ishan father is Dr. Veer malhotra. Sanchi’s love her husband ditch her for some reason. Dr. Veer made her Dr. Sanchi. He give his name to her baby. You don’t have any right in our son Dr. Kabir. Veer and i gave our life for sanchi and her son. He is mine. Not yours.
Kabir: Why did you do this to me Isha?
Isha: You don’t have the courage to stand with sanchi that day.
Riya hears all this. She enters the cabin. Shut up guys. Do you know what all acquisition you are making.
Kabir: No need Riya.
Riya: Do you think without anyone’s help Sanchi become this much successful. Sanchi’s mentor was none other than Kabir’s father. He never asks a favour for him. But he did that for Sanchi.
Pragya: what?
Kabir: Dad never informs me about my son. He told me he will take care her bahu as her daughter. I will never come in between their lives. That was the agreement. i have to accept that. Not even Veer. He always told me he will give me a surprise gift.
Isha: Do Veer know the truth?
Riya: Yes.
Pragya: Dr. Kabir. We have to stop sanchi.
All runs.
Kabir: Sanchi.

Ishan: Mom Dr. Kabir
Sanchi: What you want Dr. Kabir.
Kabir; I want my love, my soulmate, my wife my sanchi back.
Sanchi: that Sanchi died 6 years back.
Kabir; Forgive me Sanchi. For me. For our son.
Sanchi: What nonsense. His dad is in Australia. He is waiting for us.
Kabir: Dont do this to me Sanchi.
Pragya isha comes and tells the entire story to Sanchi.
She collapses. This time Ishan and kabir was there for her.
Ishan; Mom mom….
Sanchi opens her eyes and sees the entire SDCH was there. Ishan was standing holding Kabir.
Veer: Sanchi i told you i will give you a surprise. You never told me your husband’s name. But i was aware that it was Kabir. Khadoos ke Beta Khadoos per gaya.
All smiles….

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  1. Superb OS

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    Really unique……… I really like it…… But te ending seemed to be incomplete……. Like sanchis reaction and their happy family hug……. But still its so good and amazing!!!!

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  3. Nice story yaar why u finished it too short…..

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  5. osm yaar……… sivarenjini, u nailed it dear, amazing storyline………it had got everything, suspense,drama,sacrifice,transformation in riya & anand’s character,which was the best part for me & in the end of course our kanchi get back together…….. kabir’s cute family & all bffs getting back together……..too good……….. eagerly waiting for ur next update dear….

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    This story is really nice but the ending looks a bit hurried.

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