Who Are you?? Ch-7

So guys epi 7 is here
So from today Sanchi has to work as Kabirs assistant for next 2 weeks. Altough she don’t want but she is left with no other option. But for Kabir it is a golden day as from today his mission to find Sanchis truth will start.
Rias POV- You did very wrong Kabir you should have deduct her marks but you just made her your assistant. Its very wrong. Here I want to see her tears and you are making her smile. It is just like her dream came true because everyone wants to stay close to you. And you yourself gave her that opportunity but don’t worry Sanchi this happiness will not last long. Today only kabir will scold you infront of everyone.

She smiled evilly and thought of a plan. Next day as usual Prasha went to hospital earlier to drool over Kabir.So when Sanchi woke up first she went to washroom to freshen up. Then only Ria entered are spoiled her clothes. She also went to her room and spoilt all other dresses. She saw the secret luggage and tried to open it but couldn’t do so. So she left. When Sanchi finished her bathing she took out the dress and found it damaged. She started panicking. “Abhi to hostel mein koi aur bhi nehi hoga” she thought.(all girls went to drool Kabir and all boys went to drool their crush or gf). Then suddenly hears a sound. She recognized the voice.

S-oh how can I forget him
The sound was of Sanket.
S- dev, are you here.(safety first)
Sn- is that you Sanchi.
S- ya. Listen is anyone else here.
Sn- in this whole hostel only we two are present.
S- ok. Then listen hurry up and go to my room and pick out a dress for me.
Sn- why what happened.
S- do what I say.

Sn- ok ok.
He went to her room and found all her dress damaged. So he immediately went to his room opened his secret luggage and took out a salwar and gave it to Sanchi.( he also has the same luggage as Sanchi)
Sanchi without any argument wore it and came out.
S- from where did you get it.
Sn- actually I went to your room and found all your dress damaged so I gave this. you left it in Mumbai so I carried this with me and see today it helped you. But who did all these things to you.

S- don’t know. But hurry up. I have to reach hospital early.
Sn- ok ok. But where is my thanks.
S- what you did in Mumbai after that I would say you did it to apologies.
Sn- huh. Miss egoistic.
Then they both left for hospital. Ria was Shocked to see Sanchi. But Sanchi ignored her and went to Kabir cabin.

Till break Kabir tortured her as much as he could. During break time Sanchi told him that she is hungry and want to have her lunch. But Kabir reacted very cruely and told her to first complete her work and then eat. Sanchi was very angry as well as hungry but somehow she controlled her anger and started doing her work again making irritating faces. Kabir could understand that she was angry and to raise her anger he took out his lunch box and started eating it. He also started telling how tasty the food is. Sanchis anger and hunger both rises. But she couldn’t help it. So she keep doing her work. Kabir felt bad for Sanchi so he kept his food aside and told Sanchi to have food. Sanchi was very very angry she told him that she is not hungry and will have her food later.
K- but some time before you said that you are hungry.

S-(with sweet smile)but now my hunger died sir. You can have your food.
Sanchis this word hurts Kabir very much.
“I know you want to know her truth but how can you do this with her Kabir. You cant bring food in between. You did it very wrong….But now what to do. Will I tell her sorry. No, no I cant. If I did she will understand that I did it intentionally. So,what to do” he thought. He thought for some time then called at canteen and ordered lunch. Later when the food came he told Sanchi (not request) to have that, when Sanchi again refused he left the cabin saying he has to go for a round.

K’s POV- I think I am here that’s why she is dening. Now food is infront of her and I will also be not there so she will surely eat this.

Food was placed infront of Sanchi still she didn’t had it. Sanket (Dr Dev) entered the cabin in order to find whether everything is fine or not. He didn’t saw Sanchi in canteen so he was worried too. When he entered he saw the food and Sanchi doing her work. He understood everything.
Sn- now you are angry with whom that you are not eating.
S- shut up and go from here.

“ lagta hein is golu ke bacche nein kuch zyada he kar diya, issi liye itni gusse mein hain. usko mein chodunga nehi. But now what to do. By any ways I have to make her eat the food.”Sanket was thinking while going out of the cabin. Then he got an idea so he quickly locked the door and called someone. The convo was muted.but after the call end Sanchi without saying anything started eating her food. Sanket caressed her hair and left the room. After a few minutes Kabir came. He was thinking whether Sanchi have eaten her food or not. As he pushed the door of his cabin he saw Sanchi eating her food with her hand like a small child. Automatically a smile crept to his face. He stood outside his cabin, simply admiring her. Soon his eyes went to the pearls that were coming out. He noticed Sanchi crying. He stop smiling and went to a deep thought.

Precap- some romantic moment of kanchi.

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