Who Are you?? Ch-6

Hey guys its me, Sayani. From now on ill not be so regular. Cause I am very busy. But still read my ff and comment on it. You can also ask some questions. Ill try to give your ans. I used to read all your ffs and os but couldn’t comment on them as I told im very busy, getting ready for boards exam. Hope you enjoy this epi……………..

The epi. Starts in Kapoor mansion……
Ka- oh,so you came Sanket.
The person reveals to be Dev. Kabir went to him and hugged. After a while they broke their hug.
Ka- in this whole world you got only mc’s name to keep.(so his name is not Dev, he is staying with wrong identity)
Sanket(dev) smiled.( from here guys I’ll write Sn for Sanket aka Dr.Dev)
Sn- first you tell me why do you call Dev mc.( dev is someone else)
Ka- so what can I do. Mc for mystery creature. You, Kavu and Siddharth cannot live even for a minute without involving Dev. Every time when I talk with you all every minute you all used to say Dev is this, Dev is that, Dev like this, Dev dislikes that, Dev can do this, always Dev, Dev and Dev. I am tired of hearing this name. you all talk so much about Dev, that I became highly excited to know more about him. You all always talk about Dev’s deed but when I ask you all anything about him you all just ignore it saying that you can’t tell about him. I know you from 5 years and till now I haven’t even seen his pic.
Sn(laugh)- I can understand your excitement but really I am helpless. We are not allowed to tell anything about Dev to outsiders. Its for security purpose. You know na. but don’t worry after three monthes you are going to be a part of our family, that time no one will stop you to know about Dev.
Ka- will he come in marriage ceremony.
Sn- hope so. I’ll try my best to take Dev back.
Ka- but you didn’t answer my question, why did you keep your name Dev?
Sn- Dev ko lene aye hein to Dev ka hi naam rakh diya.
Ka- vah,vah kya baat kaha.

Sn- Veseh what why are you looking so tensed.
Ka- tensed. What are you saying. Why will I be tensed.
Sa- don’t lie. I can easily read your face. Jab Dev mujhse apni feelings nehi chupa pati to tu kaise karega.
Ka- you mean chupa pata.
Sn- whatever. Don’t ignore my question.
Just then kusum comes with tea and snacks and asked them whats the matter.
Sn- see aunty he is hiding something.
Ku- golu what are you hiding, tell me if it is related to hospital then you tell it to Sanket.
So finally Kabir said them the whole incident about last night and todays morning.
Ka-you two just see I will disclose her real face in front of everyone.
Sn- how could you be sure that the girl was Sanchi.
Ka-I’m 100% sure her. I can bet on that. Kaal raat meine uske aakhoon mein jo dekhata vo Sanchi ke aakhoon mein bhi tha.
Sn- but the description you gave for that girl and Sanchi, both are poles apart.
Ka- that’s why I want to disclose her. infront of everyone she is so well mannered but in real she is so rude.
Sn- but your case is also like that na. infront of everyone you are so responsible and punctual but only we know what you actually are.(chuckles)
Ka- for that I actually have reason.
Km- exactly golu. I don’t know whether the girl was Sanchi or not if she is hiding something there must be a reason. And still if you try to find that out then it might hurt her.
Sn- aunty is saying correct yaar.
Ka- ok both of you are insisting me so I will not tell anything but still I’ll try to find out whether the girl was Sanchi or not.
Km- have you found Dev.
Sn- oh no. talking with you I totally forget about the time. Sorry aunty it is late now, I have to return hostel otherwise gates will close and tomorrow your son will punish me and will give a lamba chaora speech on punchuality.
Ka- mera tariff karna hogaya.
Sn- abhi suru hi kahan kia hein.
Ku- beta you could have stayed here.
Sn- no aunty actually I don’t want to create any problem for you.
Km-nothing will happen, don’t worry.
Sn- safety first.

Then Sanket left the house. He was driving back to hostel when he got stuck in a traffic jam. So he started thinking.
His POV- what should I do now? Should I stop Kabir or should tell his plan to Sanchi or should I tell everything to Kabir. No, I can’t do that. Kavu is still not married to billu( Siddhart). Wait what Kabir said, he had seen something in her eyes. It has never been easy to read her eyes. They are so deep that anyone who would try to make eye contact with her will just lost in them. I think I should allow Kabir to what he is doing may be this will help me in my mission. But what if it goes to some other extent, what if it creates more problems for her as well as me. To phir mere sare plan pe pani phir jayega. Offo itna bura mat soch, accha accha soch if any problem arises then raita failne se pehle hi I will handle it. Jo hoga hone de bare busurg bhi to kahte hein “jo hota hein acche ke liya hota hain” shayad Kabir aur Sanchi ki mulakat hum sabke acche ke liye hua hein.
Then he reached hostel. He was going through corridor when Garv took him to a corner and said
G- Sanchi told me not to tell anything about her.
Sn- so what do you think I will everyone everything? with lots of effort she is not atleast angry with me now. Do you think I will do something like that and would handle her anger again.
G- if you don’t mind can I ask you what happened between you too.
Just then Sanchi comes.
S- what you both are doing here
G- Sanchi actually I was asking Sanket that why you were angry on him.
Sanchi took a deep breath.
S-common tillu tell him what you did last time.
Sn- actually you know na last time we meet one month ago in Mumbai there actually there……….one night I drank too much and………
S- and
Sn- please I cant say that.
S- you have to when you did that you didn’t feel any shame so why now.
G- Sanket what you did??
Sanket lowers his face in shy his face completely went red.
S-ok he will not be able so let me tell you. When we met in Mumbai. We actually stayed in one of our friends apartment. His neighbor was very strict and discipline. And you know how tillu is. On our second day only he did mischief with her(the neighbor was a girl) saying that her house got fired. She really became very much worried and when she came to know that it was a prank she slaped him hard and also scolded him. That very night he returned home fully drunk. In drunken state he went to her apartment and…..
G-and (he was excitingly listening)
S- in front of her door he……….
G- he
S- he did micturation(urine)
G-(shout) WHAT

Garv realized what he did so he quickly moved his eyes to all direction to see whether someone listens to him. Then lowering his voice to Sanket
G- what
S- exactly. You don’t I was so embarrassed. She even came to our apartment and complained that friend. But he, he again came there in full tally mood and said that he did it to cool the fire of her mind. That was not enough for him that he again went there and kissed her on her lips. Now tell me wont I be angry. So next day I left Mumbai and went to gangtok to cool that fire which was in my mind. Really she gave your correct description that you are a very bad and flurty guy.
Sn- common I was drunk then otherwise I am not a bad guy.
S- but you are flurty.
Sn- oh I just hate her. I got a chance to meet you after one whole year, that too she destroyed. If I meet her once again na I won’t leave her.
S- the mistake was yours.
G- and how could you leave her when you haven’t hold her.
S- point.(looking to Sn) see learn something from him he is younger than you still have some logic.
G- yes.(saw S &sn glaring at him) Sorry.
Sn- don’t forget I’m your senior dr. and mentor too.
S- you are those things at hospital not over here and even though you were at hospital then also I have the right to talk to you like that. But tillu where have you gone.
Sn- to roam the city.
G- you should have told me. I would also have come with you.
S- ok then tomorrow night we all will go.
Sn- why not tonight.
S- because I really need to work out tonight. I had not gone to gym for 4 days .
Sn- what? How could you….
G-exactly. I know that you couldn’t live a day without exercising.
S- that’s why I’m delaying it for tomorrow.
Sn- but why tomorrow?
G- ok I understood from tomorrow till next 2 weeks you have to serve as dr. kabir’s PA that’s why.
Sn- what are you saying? It is going above my head.
G- I mean to say that working as hitler’s PA is itself an exercise.
S- by which our mental strength develops.
Sn- mental strength ka garage khol na hein kya. How more do you want.
S- shut up and go now. We will meet at gym after everyone sleeps.
G&Sn- (salute) ok boss.
(so guys In epi 5 the neighbor one was one of the matters)

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