Who Are you?? Ch-5

Hey guys I am back with a new epi. One request to silent readers too please comment below. Actually I am quite busy so I couldn’t reply. But I read all your ff and os. Hope you didn’t mind. So here starts the next epi.
Sanchi left Kabirs cabin in a hurry. She was murmuring and thinking.
S- responsibility, he himself doesn’t have that and wants me to learn. Yesterday his talks were different and now different. I can clearly understand that he is one of those kinds to show power, how could he talk to someone like that and when he saw me he again became the one who he was last night. But I think he recognized me and also doing doubts. I have to keep myself away from him but how. I became his PA. oh so many problems in one day first Garv, then this kk. Were they less that God has sent this DR.DEV too.

She was thinking all this but gave an expression of sadness.wah kya ladki hai feelings bhi chupa sakti hain that too very easily without any difficulty, she is practiced in doing this since childhood. She was always learnt not to show weakness infront of the world.
Suddenly Dr. Dev came in her way and bring her back to senses. He went close to her ears and advised that hiding feelings is very bad. She should express herself completely.
S- how do…
D- no one knows you better than me dear, not even your mom. I know what you think, I know how you react, and why not I am your….
S- (angrily) no one, you are none to me. And after you did all those things I am pretty sure that you are…. I even hate to take her name from my mouth. She had snatched every special things from me.(cooling down anger) Get away from my way sir, I have to go.
She left the place while Dev stayed back Thinking “I know what happened to you was wrong, but you should learn to forget dear. It’s been 5 years how long will you take but I promise when you will return this pain will no more be there with you.”
Sanchi reached canteen. She was sad but not for Kabir, but for Dev. The gang was already present there. They were thinking about Sanchi just then Sanchi came with a sad face and sat in the chair between Garv and veer.
G- what happened Sanchi?? Did that hitler scolded you.
V- what to do yaar, he is like that only?
p- but what did he do? Did he deduct your marks?
I- he looks handsome na?

G- is your friend Isha out of her mind or what?
P- exactly yaar here we are trying to consol Sanchi and you are talking about all this??
V- sorry yaar I couldn’t do anything.
S-(faintly smile)its ok guys nothing to worry and as punishments he just made me his PA for 2 weeks.
I- what??? This is so nice punishment yaar. You will get to stay close to him for more time.
Sanprarav looked at her in shock but veer who was taking a sip of his coffee said
V- in this I will agree with her after 2 weeks there will be a test so Sanchi you can learn more from him.

S- then it is obiously fine and then I can make you all learn that.
V- Sanchi I have a doubt. How will you escape Hitler’s torture and then how will you study. If you even go through these two criteria then how will you teach us.
Dev came between them and interrupted.
D- I know you guys might not like my interference but I have a solution to this problem.
All in the canteen stood up, Sanchi too for formality.

D- common guys sit down. Its break now so now I am not your senior. Please be comfortable.
All sat down. Then veer told him to go with his plan. So dev took a chair and sat between Sanchi and veer.
D- I came India today only. And I don’t have any place to go so obviously I have to stay in hostel.(looking towards veer)So if you can I will stay in your room and would help you regarding your studies.
V- ya sure. Why not? we all will be glad, sir.
D- but I have a condition.
All looked at him seriously.

D- common don’t be so serious guys. My condition is that you all have to include me in your gang and during break and in hostel you are not allowed to behave with me formally. You all have to call me with my sweet name and please be my friends(joining his both hands)
Listening to all they all laughed and accepted the condition. Sanchi too was happy “chalo thoda to alag hein unse” Now waiter came to their table.
V- what will you take?( to Sanchi)

D- black coffee with honey
Prashaveer looked towards dev in suspicious and Garv choked his coffee.
D- I mean I will take that. I thought the question was for me.
P-its ok dev. Anyways Sanchi will also take the same.
Waiter went taking the order.
V- how could sweet peoples like you two drink this bitter black coffee.
S- because black coffee reduce body weight.

D- and toxin too.
All had a great time. After the break was over Sanchi went to Devs cabin.
S- listen tillu I really can’t be angry on you. You know that I have no problem with you but…
D- I can understand. I shouldn’t have done like that, but you can’t deny our relation. You have problem with her but still you are not only punishing us but yourself too. I know it is not easy to forget things but…
S- I think I had really over reacted(trying to change the topic)
D- really(happy)

S- I referred this for what you had done a month ago. But still how could you do that.
D- ab yahan bhi chalu ho jayegi kya. Chal na hum normally baat kartein hain.
S- but one condition. You will not include her in between or you will not force me to return.
D- Ok baba done.
S- you know what I don’t like your name.
D- what to do I love this name very much. Moreover if you have problem with my name you can go to my mom and say this.
S- tu(She was going to say something when she noticed the time)- oh god I have a patient to check now. I totally forgot that, sirf tere vajahse.
D- ab maine kya kiya?
S- kuch nehin.

Saying this she went out and dev smiled “chalo. Atleast for her (reffering to another woman) our relation didn’t break. Now I don’t want any more tension. Now I will just enjoy india. Abhi to naraz nehin hain but how will I take her back”
Kapoor mantion.
Door bell rang and kusum opened the door. It was Kabir.
Ka- see, today I came home early.

Ku- good boy,golu. But Sanket already came. He is sitting inside. Go, and meet him.
Ka- what?how did he came so fast???
Ku- learn something from him.

Ka- ok meri maa ab baqs do.
Kabir went inside and found a man sitting in chair.his back was facing Kabir,
Ka- oh, so you came Sanket.

From the chair a man stood up and faced Kabir. The man reveals to be Dr.Dev.
(in this epi actually Dev and Sanchi were continuously talking about two different matters. One I will hopefully say you in next epi. But the other one you will get to know little by little )

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