Who Are you?? Ch-4

Hey guys in last epi. Some of the guys commented that the name Siddhant and Siddharth sounds same so I am changing Siddhants name to Sanket. Hope you like this. Please comment below.
Next day hostel.
Sanchi is sleeping still sleeping because of last night incident. While prasha woke up and wore their sports costume, packed the dresses that they would wear in hospital. In straight they were getting ready to meet their hot mentor and senior Kabir.
Isha- don’t you think by this time Sanchi should woke up.
Pragya- I think last night she again went to her night trip.
I- but when? We never notice her going. Even early morning we find her sleeping.
P- duffer. Its because she goes after we sleep and comes back before we woke up.
I-But where does she goes.
P- do one thing then. One night no need to sleep. Then you can follow her and find out.
I- no way I need my beauty sleep and then I would have dark circles. If that happens then how would I show my face to our mentor.
P- uff.. now stop your melodrama. We need to go to hospital gym.
Then they kept a note on sanchis desk and left.
At Kapoors mantion….
Kusum is hurrying and is very irritaded due to her son. He needs to go to hospital earlier because he used to do exercise in gym, but still he is sleeping. Kusum made his brakefast, arranged his bag, his clothes which he will wear in hospital and now she is trying to wake him up.
Ku- Kabir wake up. You are running late.
Ka- (still sleepy) why are you shouting, yesterday I came home late and now you are not letting me sleep, atleast one day let me sleep for more time.
Ku- one day, you used to do this everyday. You used to give lectures to everyone about punchuality and what you yourself used to do huh… it is 7 now. Wake up. You also have to go to gym.
Hearing the time Kabir woke up with a jerk. He looked at his watch and rushed to washroom. After sometime he came out get ready, had his breakfast and rushed to hospital. While his mother at home thought “ghar se toofan nikla. Pata nehin kaun si ladki likhi hein uski kismat mein jo iss toofan ko jhele gi.”
Scene shifted to Classroom at SDCH.
Ishpraveer was already present there while Sangarv entered. Garv asked her how is she and whether she slept or not. Sanchi said yes. Both of them sat at their chairs. Veer noticed the bandage on Sanchi’s hand asked what happened. She answered that she fell form stairs and got hurt. Just then Ria entered the class room and poked her nose. “this is the punishment god gave her for insulting Ria Malhotra”
V- don’t you have any other work except interfering other talks.
R- oh you shut up veer. And you know what she is going to get more punishments because I informed Dr. Kabir that she was not their in hostel whole night. So prepare yourself Sanchi Mishra.
Saying this she went to attend others .
V- What Ria was saying.
P- I told you na veer she is different from others. Sanchi used to go for night walk every night very late.
V- this is not different even Garv used to do that. But how come Ria know this.
I- maybe she was awake that time.
G- actually she came hostel very late. She went to a club party.
V- oh I see but I have a question are you guys vampire that you go to gym or a walk at night.
G- nights are peaceful and silent none to disturb that’s why.
Veer turned toward Sanchi to see her reaction but saw her reading a book with full attention. He was really very much surprised seeing Sanchis behavior when Garv put his hand on his shoulder and said “ that’s why she stood First in medical. Isha your friend is really different” Garvs comment cleared all those things which was coming on veers mind, or you can say Garv said this so that veer doesn’t feel anything strange.
N.Fernandez entered along with a young handsome guy. All eyes were on him specially of girls.
I &P- yaar veer does every doctor in this hospital, so handsome. First dr. Kabir then this guy. ( so this man is not Kabir). Veer fumed,
V- even we interns are handsome too. Isn’t it Garv.
He looked towards Garv and found him sitting like a statue with his mouth O shaped. He came back to senses when veer shooked him.
I- is Garv a gay??
G- what?? Stop your rubbish talks. How could you think me a gay, from where this thought arises to your mind.
I- then why are you looking at him like that, even we girls didn’t saw him the way you were doing.
G- you will never understand this.
Then N.F shouted- guys may I have all of yours attention here please.
Sanchi’s concentration broke. Then she looked up from the pages of the book and was shocked to see the guy. She became dumbstuck. Then she looked at Garv and glared him, while Garv nodded no in fear.
N.F- look guys this is Dr.Dev. I hope yesterday you heard about Dr.Kabir. Along with him, Dr.Dev will also be your mentor. I want to say that that he is a very efficient doctor who came to India today only. Dr. Kabir got an emergency operation tats why he didn’t came to class. He will come tomorrow or you guys if needed can go and meet him in his cabin after the surgery is done and bla bla bla…..
During all this talk Sanchi’s eyes were fixed on Dev while Dev noticed it and smirked at her. Ria noticed all this.
Soon the duties were distributed and the class adjourned. Soon after this Sanchi went to Devs Cabin, knocked the door and came in. As soon as he replied yes Sanchi quickly closed the door and locked it. Then she went towards dev in anger and hold his coller.
S- what are you doing here.
D-(sweetly)I am a dr.and what should a dr. do in hospital. And for your information I came india for my personal reason.
S-(getting more angry)And may I know the reason.
D- sorry my ethics don’t allow me.
Sanchi leaved devs coller with a jerk and sat in the sofa holding his face. Then she removed her hands and took a deep breath.
S- in this whole india you got this hospital only.
D- this is indias best hospital.
S- are you following me
D- are you queen victoria that I will follow you
S- huh…you know very well who I am and if you think that by all this things you will make me return, then you are wrong. Because I will never.
D- I didn’t say such.but I think this is your inner wish. If so then I can be your Santa.
S- ugh…..
Saying this she jerked up from the sofa.then she stamped her foot hard on floor and left the cabin saying “I HATE YOU”.
While dev smiled looking at her and said “ But I’ll never fail to care for you.”
Sanchi was thinking something when she bumped on Ria. Ria was irritated, but she smiled and said
R- oh, Sanchi you are here. I was finding you from a long time. Dr. Kabir had invited you to his cabin. Go and take your gift from him.
Sanchi understood that something big is gonna happen. But she straight went to Kabir’s cabin.
S- may I come in.
K- yes.
Sanchi entered while kabir was facing the wall behind him.
Kabir-(politely) so Dr. Sanchi Mishra, I heard that you ranked first in medical for that congrats. I thought that you would be very discipline, sincere and responsible. (he started shouting) How could you leave the hostel when the door gates were closed? You don’t even have punctuality (khud bhi nehi hain lekin dusroon ko sikhata hein). I think you are irresponsible too. This time I am not deducting your marks but from next time I will. But you will get your punishment. You have to be my assistant for two weeks so that you be some punctual and responsible. Now just leave I don’t even want to see your face.
Through all this scolding Sanchi was silent but when she was said to go she said ‘hmm’ and was leaving the cabin when she collided with a vase and it falls.
Hearing the sound Kabir asked her whether she can’t even walk properly and turned to her, while he shocked to see her. He immediately ran to her. She was gathering the pieces while she looked up and saw kabir. She immidiatly lowered her gaze and thought the man she met yesterday was her senior dr. and mentor.(ek din mein do do jhatke)
K- you here.
S- Sir, what are you saying you only called me here.
K- I. no I called Sanchi Mishra.
S- yes sir, I am only Sanchi Mishra.
K- what you are Sanchi Mishra. So you fled from hostel and went to that cliff.
S- cliff?? What are you saying sir, sir I am very afraid of hights.
K- what?? Common we met yesterday.
S- but sir I am seeing you for the first time.
K- so why you have bandage here (pointing towards her hand)?? And where you went last night?
S- sir, yesterday I was feeling to go to temple so I went. There only I fall from stairs and got injured.
k- who goes to temple late night and if you was feeling to go there then you could have waited for daylight.
S- no sir, actually I was feeling too much. Sorry sir but now I have duty at general ward.
K- ok. From tomorrow you will serve as my assistant.
S- ok sir.
Saying this she left while Kabir was engrossed with thoughts.
Kabir’s POV- no. I cant be so mistaken. The girl I met yesterday was she only. She also got injured at that same place where that girl got. No this cant happen miss. Mistry was wearing modern clothes but she is totally traditional. But whats there in clothes. It can be changed. Ok now it is my mission to find out whether the girl I met yesterday was Sanchi or not.

Screen freezes to kabir’s face.
Precap- Dr. Dev in Kabirs home.

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