Who Are you?? Ch-3

I know last epi I actually did a mistake. It should be Sanchi Mishra not Aggarwal. Hope you forgive me for that, actually I was writing in a hurry and because of mishra Aggarwal confusion in the real show I did this mistake. Hope you guys forgive me for that and like this one. your comments always used to feel me happy so please comment below. so here starts episode no 3.
Sanchi hold a rock and somehow saved herself, but she is still hanging. She looked at the man and asked for help. The man made confused faces.
S- Hello!! Are you made or what help me.

M- How more help do you want for me??
S- do you want to say you helped me by scaring me and letting me fall from this cliff. pull me out you mad.
M-of course. My god you made me cry with your dialogs. But you should learn how to move on. But again as this is your personal decision to commit suicide then I thought of helping you to die. You know what I am a dr. and took an oath of helping people. So how could I live you alone. And anyways you don’t need my help now, just stop holding the rock and then you would be free forever.
S- (highly pissed off) urg… stop your nonsense and who told you that I came here to commit suicide. Just pull me up right now.

M- what!! You didn’t came here to suicide then what were you doing here. I think you are mad that’s why your bf left you.
S- what bf?? Listen I am a very busy person and I don’t have time for this bf or stuff.
M- then those words are for whom?
S- that’s my personal matter. And stop this nonsense and pull me out you idiot. If I died then my ghost will not leave you( she screamed)
Then the man pulled her out. As soon as she came up she pushed the man.
S- are you mad or what. First you scared me, then you let me fall, cooked some sort of story in your mind and then when I asked you to pull me you started arguing and you call yourself a dr. huh… you do you handle your patients.
M- hello. May be I became a little silly. But don’t you dare to question about how a dr. I am. Whole India knows my name. my name is..

Sanchi interrupted- I am not interested in knowing your name.
She was about to go from the place when some goons came there and started teasing her,
M’s POV- she thinks I am not responsible. Now miss mistry handles your problem on your own.
So he decided to stay apart till an emergency situation doesn’t arise. He crossed his hands and thought of enjoying the game. He thought that she would scream and would ask him for help but he surprised seeing her beating those goons blue and black. He gulped his saliva hardly and thanked god that for his stupidity she didn’t beat her. Then she noticed that one of the goons took an iron rod out and was going to bang her head from behind so he stopped him. He told whether he don’t feel ashamed of beating a girl that too from back. Then both Sanchi and that man fought and those goons finally left.

The man saw that Sanchi’s elbow was bleeding. So he insisted her to open her shrug which she was wearing, so that he could treat it. But Sanchi refused him straight way.
M- you are surely mad. Your hand is bleeding so badly and you don’t want to treat it. Don’t you feel pain??
S- (shout) no. I don’t. life gave me so much pain. This is nothing compared to that. You are none to me. Why are you taking so much tension.
M- because I am a dr.
He hold her hand dragged her toward his car.

M- come I have a first aid box in my car.
Sanchi freed her hand and went near her car. She sat in her car and started the engine. “I don’t want any ones pity” She shouted and left that place, when the man stood there thinking who is the storm he met

M- there is something in this girl.
Then the screen shifted to hostel. Sanchi was coming through the corridor hiding from everyone though everyone was sleeping but she couldn’t afford to take risk .she collided with someone and looked up scared, but then she got reliefed finding it Garv.
G- at last you came. You don’t know how much worried I was. Where did you went
S- Relax Garv. Nothing happened to me.
Then Garv noticed Sanchi’s hand.
G- nothing happened. Just look at your hand. It is bleeding so much. Come let me do your bandage.
S- Garv nothing to worry I am absolutely fine.

G- no you are not SANCHI.
Saying this he dragged Sanchi and bandaged her hand.
G- really, they used to say correct. You just don’t listen to anyone. You got so much hurt and you are saying its nothing.(shouted)
After Garv finished bandaging he realized what he said.
G- sorry maam. I talked to you like this. You can punish me right now. I did mistake by talking to you like this, I also took your name. I am sorry.

S- common Garv don’t be so silly. We are of same age and you know what I always wanted you to call me by my name but you never did that. Can’t you just forget everything. I know what happened with you and your family was wrong but atleast try. And actually I am sorry, today I really behaved rude but I hope you you can understand my situation.

G- no need to be sorry and I will surely try to forget that incident maam sorry Sanchi. But honestly say me would you be able to overcome all, that had happened to you.
Listening to this Sanchi woke up from the chair she was sitting and in a heavy voice told him better to say ordered him “ go to his room and sleep and it is late night now go and take rest tomorrow is our first day. You should look refreshing.” Saying this she went, while Garv was still standing there. “I wish that soon you came out of all your pain” while in her room sat on her bed and thought “this scar will never heal from my heart”. She couldn’t stop her tears to come out.so she covered her mouth with her hand her cried whole heartedly.

Frame showed both of their face. Then the scene shifted outside a bungalow. On the name plate it was written Kapoor’s. Then the screen showed a kitchen where a middle aged woman is putting some curry into a bowl and murmuring “this boy will never change. For him I always have to disturb my sleep. Don’t know when he will marry, then his wife will tackle her”. She came out of the kitchen and placed the bowl hard on table.

L- JI bhar ke kha le. From next day if you come home late then I will not leave you. And when are you going to get marry. Listen I am giving you three months time, then also if you didn’t find a girl then I will look for a girl for you are will set your marriage without even waiting for your concult.
The man sitting in the table revealed to be the same man who was with Sanchi.

M- please ma. Don’t even say the word girl in front of me.
L- why? What happened? Listen you have to tell me the whole truth.
The man told her everything.
It is shown that the man is resting his head on his moms lap.
L- Really. The girl was so strong. She must have gone through very bad pace in her life which made her like that,
M- really ma I had seen a pain in her eyes. Her eyes was trying to say so much but it was stopped by her words.
L- From when did my son started talking like philosophers huh… I can bet that soon you are going to fall in love.

M- ma this thing is impossible for me.
L- Kavya too used to say like this before he fell in love with Siddharth. O ya I rememberd Siddhant is going to join hospital tomorrow. So I hope you know what you have to do. ( the man nodded his head) Ok. Then sleep now. I am pretty sure that yesterday your staffs will be waiting for you specially girls. And don’t be too harsh to your interns. Otherwise you know what they will call you behind your back.
M- don’t worry in this year’s batch veer is there. So odiously everyone will tell me hitler.
L- for your khadoos nature everything went in vain.
The man laughed.

L- dr.Kabir Kapoor, go to sleep right now.
Listening this kabir switched off the light of his room. Soon he dozed off.
( so guys the man Sanchi met is none other than Kabir and the lady was his mother Kusum. Kavya is Kabir’s sister. She used to stay in London for her studies and love a guy named Siddharth.Their marriage date is fixed after three monthes. Siddhant is her bff and Sidharth’s brother)

Precap- Sanchi is shocked to see him.

A new dr. in hosp.

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