Who Are you?? Ch-2

Thank you so nuch guys I was on cloud9 after reading you comments. It gained my confidence. As in this ff I am concentrating more on Sanchi’s character so you all have to wait for Kabir. But after his entry I think you will like the plot more. Many were asking whether it is Kanchi or Sanveer but they have to wait. May be in few epi.it will be clear but in my ff there will be many confusions so you have to keep patience to know the entire truth. So here goes the next epi
Todays episode………………..
Sanchi went inside and looking each corner carefully. Then she saw a lord Ganeshas idol. So she stand in front of it folded her hands and prayed.
Sanchi’s POV- oh God you gave many things to me even when I didn’t asked for it.For the first time I am asking something from you. Please give me the strength so that I don’t have to look back.
Just as she completed her praying she felt someone is pulling her dupatta from back. Sanchi turned back and saw a little girl with blood stains in her clothes. She was injured. Sanchi hurridly sat on her knees and carely asked her that what happened to her. The girl was sobbing.
Girl- Didi just look there my papa had an accident and he is very very injured. Noone is treating her. Plese do something.
Sanchi went there and checked him. She immediately told ward boys to shift him and the little girl to emergency ward. They were doing as she said but in their way they were stopped by someone.
Girl-(to ward boys) who told you to take them.
Sanchi came there and told that she did.
Girl- who are you to order them what to do and what not .Stay in your limit.
Sanchi- hello. I am in my limit only. I am a doctor and an intern here. Moreover this is an emergency case. Basically who the hell are you.
Girl- Me. I am Ria Malhotra, daughter of the owner of this hospital. So I have the right to stop you. These guys don’t have fees to pay and more over they can’t afford this hospital.
Sanchi- a hospital is just a hospital and don’t you know the meaning of emergency.
Ria- shut up this is my father’s hosp. and can do anything I want.
Sanchi was going to reply when veer came in between.(prasha and garv too came there)
Veer- this hospital not only belongs to you but me too. If you are Dr. Malhotras daughter then I am too his son (everyone was shocked except garv as he is his bff) I am ordering to take them to emergency ward.
The ward boys took them.
Ria- Veer do you know how much loss you did.
Veer- Listen Ria in everyone’s life everything has different aspect. You are thinking how much loss you did in terms of money but you are not seeing that how much profit I made in terms of blessings.
Ria- nothing happens with blessings. Money is most important. But how will you understand all this. In your whole life you have stayed on dads money.
Saing this she left.
Veer- (smiling)Same to you my dear sis.
Sanchi- Sorry yaar. For me you both had a fight.
Veer- no sorry yaar. We always fight like this. Hope one day she understand that money is not everything. And just look I brought my bff here, Garv. He is also an intern here.
Sanchi sweetly smiled looking at him. Then Veer was going to introduce Garv to Sanchi when in the middle Garv said
Garv-Sanchi Aggarwal right.
Veer-Ya, but how did you know.
Sanchi glared Garv. He became afraid and said
Garv- who will not know her name she topped this year.
Veer- Ya, that’s a point.
Then they roamed the hospital and veer told them many things about the hospital. He also told that even if one breaks hostel rules then also one will not only get punishment but their marks will be deducted too.
Isha- then Sanchi you will not be able to rank first this time.
Veer- Why so.
Pragya- because our so sweet and cute Sanchi devi has a bad habit of breaking rules.
Veer- oh I will try to help you as much as I could.
Sanchi- no dear. You don’t need to do suchthing for me.
At hostel….
Night time everyone is sleeping. Sanchi in her room was still awake. She was looking towards the moon. Her eyes became teared. Then immediately opened her cupboard, took out a luggage and gave her fingerprint there. The luggage opens. She took out a sleeveless inner,a shroud and a hot pant. Then she wore them, took aut a small bag and a key, locked the bag again and kept it inside her cupboard. Then she jumped from the window and slide down the pipes. She landed on ground and gate crashed the hostel gate and ran towards her left. Then a shop is shown whose gate was closed. She looked around and when assured enough that no one is seeing her, she pushed a button and the gate opened. Then she went inside and came outside sitting in the driver seat of a lamborgini hurricane. Then she drove the car recklessly and within a minute it vanished.
Then a cliff is shown. Sanchi was sitting in the end of the cliff with her legs hanging in air. She took out a bottle of appy fizz and starts drinking it as if she is drinking beer.
Sanchi looking to moon- you know what I hate you. I hate you the most. For so many years I am trying to forget you but every time I fail. Why can’t I forget our relation. You even never try to find me. Why. Why god has to do this to me. What have I did wrong to you. Just for you I lost all my near and dear ones. I hate you. I just hate you.
Then she relaxed herself and finished her bottle. Then she threw the bottle down and kept the cap in her hand. She then woke up from the place, and kicked the cap.
Sanchi- ahh. Perfect aim.
Then she took her bag on her shoulder and turned in order to return to hostel. But as she turned she shocked to see a man just behind her and because of that she lost her balance and fall in the cliff. But fortunately she hold the edge of the cliff and saved herself. God didn’t want her to die so soon because many things were already decided in her destiny.

Precap- a new thing to know about Garv
revelation of Kabir,

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  1. Shining

    Hay guys I know this was not nice. I am ready for rotten tomatoes and sandels too. Actually I wrote this in hurry. Hope you like the next episode.

  2. Aafiya

    Wow !Awesome and interesting …post soon.. It was not at all boring.. Take care..

  3. RuCh23

    Yes it’s not nice Saya, coz it awesome ??? nice is such a simple word. Day by day you’re grabbing our attention through this story. Can’t wait for the next part ???

  4. Erika

    how can u say it is not nice ? it is awesomeeeeee and loved the epi pl. post the next one asap………………………

  5. amazing
    alot to reveal
    but yaar why garv called her sanchi agarwal
    she is sanchi mishra right and you said in pre epi no mishra-jaya
    a lil bit confusing
    plz clarify it either she hid the identity or her real name is sanchi agarwal
    apart from that mind blowing dear
    keep writing love you

    1. Shining

      Actually dear you caught it correct. i actually by mistake wrote aggarwal instead of mishra. in the show this was confusing me so much that here i actually confused. and as i told before i wrote this in hurry, so please sab mujhe maf kar do.

      1. arey isme maaf karne ki kya bat hain yaar
        just a confusion
        and now sorted out
        really loved this new plot

  6. Ashnita456

    It’s so awesome fantastic ravishing mindblowing fantastic. How can u say this is not nice. Day by day I’m getting curious .

  7. Shining

    you all just relifed me. i was too nervous. this is the first time i am doing something. in school everyone just used to ignore my stories, actually not everyone. i have a friend who used to listen all my bakbak carefully. when i told her this one she only gave me the idea to post her. but thank you all. hope you like the precap. in my story many other characters will come who are new.

  8. Dhruti

    superb ff………………..post next one soon……………..

  9. Riyarocks

    sayali dear……..u left me speechless………sweety this was just superb, osm, ravishing update……….& sanchi’s attitude……wow……..just too good……..keep updating……..luv u loads……..bye…….tc……..

  10. Mind blowing part it is very interesting Yaar post nxt part asap

  11. Its amazing….. Love the plot and the story very much

  12. I will not through tomatoes or sandals. I will only through flying kisses and born crush hugs. Hope u recived Dear. It’s mind blowing, waiting for next. C u.

  13. Premamohan

    Oh dear I love suspense..
    Pls update soon…

  14. How can u say this is not nice…….that is not fair dost………it is so much amazing and interesting ff yaar ……..I love it so so much……….

  15. Niyaaa

    Heysayali dear awome midblowing Epi yaar… kitna suspense omggg. … i don’t know ye kanchi yaa sanveer ff hone wala h but i m enjoying it… especially sanchi strong characyer… superb.. curipus to knpw more.. post nxt asap.. bye tc gud ni8

  16. Amazing epsd nd eagrly waiting 4 kabir’r entry also really hope 4 kanchi…

  17. Who told it’s not nice it’s amazing dear

  18. Who told it’s not nice it’s amazing dear I love it

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