Who Are you?? Ch-1

Hey guys I’m Sayani and I’m new in TU. This is my first writing. This is an ff and here I mainly conserned adout Sanchi’s character. In the show I felt like she is too weak to complete some mission. So here I made her character a complicated one. First in the epi you will find it normal but later you will get to assume something. Although here is no Mishra- jaya enimity or priya- vikrant. I will suggest you to read the ff forgetting the plot of the show. If you like this please comment below. So here starts the first epi…………………
So, first day of internship in SDCH. All interns came and found their names in the list.
Isha – See Sanchi’s name is also here.
Pragya (patted on Ishas head)¬- abeo she stood first in india and you think that anyone would dare to cut off her name.
Isha – Ya, you are right. But… do you think she will come today.
Pragya – of course.
Just then a girl with long curly hair wearing salwar,looking simple but yet beautiful entered. It is our Sanchi. She came near prasha.
Sanchi – whats going on dear.
Prasha got exited seeing her and immediately hugged her. She too hugged them back.
Pragya – See Isha I told you.
Isha – sahi main yaar. Where have you gone after exams got over?
Sanchi – Just went for a short trip to Mumbai. I have a friend there.
Pragya – please stop your chitchat now. I am really very tired. First let us take a hostel room. Then we can continue this. Please come.
Sanchi – ok baba. Let’s go.

They were going towards the hostel reception when suddenly a boy threw a toy lizard on Sanchi. It landed to her sholder.
(Guys what do you expect from Sanchi that she would shout or scream So guys lets see what happens)
A shout was heard but it was not of Sanchi but of Isha. Sanchi hold the lizard by its tail and started playing with it. Isha made a strange face seeing Sanchi playing with it but Sanpra smiled. The guy was totally amazed by her reaction. He came near them and it revealed to be veer.
Veer – omg. I never expected this reaction from you. I thought…
Pragya interrupted – That she would scream. Listen she is my Pragya Yadavs friend. My father is mla of this area. Do you think my friends would be like other girls.
Veer – (looking at Isha) Oh so sad. Your friend doesn’t even consider you as friend. I am feeling pity at you.
Pragya – oh hello. She is exceptional.
Sanchi – I think we guys are getting late. We should go inside and take our room keys.
Veer – yes, lets go.
Pragya – Abeo nalayak.who asked you.
Veer – common. I am also an intern in SDCH. So I also have to take keys. Don’t be silly.
Sanchi – If your bakbak is over can we proceed.
So they four went. The caretaker told that Prasha will stay in one room, while Sanchi has to share with someone else. Sanchi got panicked. She requested her but she didn’t listen. At last veer told her to let Sanchi stay with Prasha and to every ones shock she agreed in one chance. So they finally went inside.
Pragya – Abeo nalayak, we were trying for so long but she refused. What’s so special in you that she agreed in one chance?
Veer – Actually I am a dons son, that’s why?
Isha – (flirtingly) really. But see you are so cute and handsome
Veer-(in same way) Thank you soooo much for your compliment. I became more special hearing such a sweet compliment from such a sweet and beautiful girl.
Sanchi- vese, what’s your name?
Veer- veer but whats your name? we are talking for so long but still we don’t know each other’s name.
So they said their name and interchanger their no, email id, etc. After hearing Sanchis name veer was overjoyed.
Veer – Sanchi means Sanchi Mishra right I am so happy that on the very first day I made friendship with the topper of India, wow.
Pragya- hello,from when did we became friends?
Sanchi – from now on.
Everyone shook their hands with veer.
Veer- you know guys she even broke the record which was made by our hitler 5 years ago.
Isha- what? Was hitler alive 5 years ago.
Pragya- bebakoof kahiki . this is a name given by this veer to someone.
Veer- you got it correct dear. Actually he is so strict that that I gave him this name. and you know guys he is also going to be our mentor.
Isha- but what is his real name.
Veer- dr. kabir kapoor.
Isha- accha veer how does he look. Is he handsome.
Veer – handsome?? Super handsome. This hospital used get profit for this quality of his.
Pragya- how??
Veer- go to gym tomorrow at sharp 8.30. You will get to know.
Isha- oh so he is so handsome that girls used to go to gym to see him.
Veer- exactly.
Pragya- hmm. To iss khadoss se to milna hi padega.
Veer- off. Kab se tum dono hi puch rehe ho sanchi tumhe kuch janna nehi hain kya.
Veer looked back and found her missing.
Veer- where did she went.
Isha- ohno our hostel keys was also with her.
Pragya- I think she went to our hostel room. Lrts check their first.
Trio went there and found sanchi. She had already organized the room and was taking out bedsheets to cover the bed. Veer sighed.
Veer- oh god sanchi tum yaha ho. Hum to dar gaye the. When did you left from there.and wow how could organize the room so perfectly.
Sanchi- actually you all were busy in your talks so I thought of coming here and organize everything. So that when prasha comes here they could take rest. Everything is almost done just I have to cover the beds.

Pragya- that we can do. You better take some rest.
Sanchi- no no. how can I take rest now. Now I will visit the hospital.and veer if you want my help in organizing your room then I can help you.
Veer- no yaar. You really worked hard. And you know I have a friend. Who will come soon. He will organize my room.actually he like doing this things.
Sanchi- ok then let me go to the hospital.
Veer- ok bye. After they cover the bed we will also come and join you.
Sanchi- ok. Lets meet you in hospital.
Saying this she left the room. She was going through the corridor when she bumped to a guy. The guy was talking on phone and that phone fell from his hand and broke. Sanchi saw his phone on ground and hesitantly gathering all its pieces. It was I phone8. The guy was super angry.

Man- are you blind or what can’t you see. Oh my phone. You have to compensate.
Sanchi- sorry sorry actually I didn’t notice you but I will not compensate because you too are at fault.
Man-what listen Garv Arora can’t do mistake.
Sanchi-what Garv Arora.
Then Sanchi looked to his face. She got shocked and more than that Mr.Garv who was showing his ego a second ago fear could be seen in his eyes clearly.
Garv- yoouuu. I am sorry. I talked to you so rudely. III promise I will never do so such a mistake again and the phone broke because of me only. You don’t have to compensate maam. But what are you doing here. Do you need something. Please inform me. I will do that.
While Garv was saying all this Sanchi was looking to her surrounding assuring no one hears him. Then she dragged Garv to one corner and pinned him to the wall.
Sanchi-(angrily) listen. Just stop this nonsense of yours. I am an intern here. And don’t you dare to utter a word about me. Or else you know very well who am I and what can I do to you.
Garv nodded his head. Sanchi released him and he was just living from there when
Sanchi- Garv wait.

Garv stopped and look back.
Sanchi- I think you too are an intern here. Tell me your room no. I will show you the direction.
Garv said his room no.
Sanchi- that means you are going to stay with Veer.
Garv- yes maam. Actually he is my bff since college.
Sanchi- oh. I see. Just remember what I said and no need to behave so formal. We are of same age.
Garv- no maam how could I. kahan mein aur kahan aap.
Sanchi-(shouted)Shut up and do what I say.
Garv gulped his saliva and said ok. Then Sanchi showed him the direction and went to visit the hospital.

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  1. Dhruti

    superb ff dear………..interesting too…………………post next one soon………………..

    1. Shining

      Surely dear and thank you for reading. i was very nervous.

  2. Hi Sayani. Welcome. Kasam se yaar now tell who r sanchi. I m scared. Ff is Mind blowing, Fab, fantastic. Keep on writing dear

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      thanks dear

  3. heyy awesome dear
    no precap
    actually you increase the curiosity why garv calling sanchi ma’am
    eagerly waiting for next one
    hope in this sanchi is independent unlike in sdch.i loved it dear
    kabir ki entry kab hogi dear
    want to see kanchi

  4. Shining

    thank you dear. but slowly you will come to know

  5. Superb and outstanding yaar….. please yaar continue this ff……..I like it so so much yaar……….or ak baat yaar please make it kanchi ff………… update soon dost……love u dear

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  6. Riyarocks

    Sayani dear, first of all a warm welcome to the TU family & dear…….what an amazing start!!!!!!…….eagerly waiting for ur plot to be unfold……..keep rocking……….

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  7. Hi Sayani….First of all a very warm welcome to TU & of course in our SDCH family…..It’s awesome dear….I also feel that she forget her mission in SDCH …..Do update soon….lots of love to u?

    1. Shining

      thank you and i will surely update next epi. soon

  8. Wow dear its amazing, mind blowing, fantastic, fabulous, awesome

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  9. Hyy shining!! Wlcm to TU……dont b nervous n ur ff completely killed it…..thanku 4 writing n update soon

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  10. Hey sayani
    dear it is amazing interesting plot nd I’m very curious to know why Garvey called ma’am post nxt part soon dear

    1. Garv **

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      You have to keep patience dear.

  11. Aafiya

    Awesome and super… Interesting.. Welcome to TU…
    Post soon…

    1. Shining

      Thanks dear

  12. Wow,,dear u jst rock it.. Also,,the suspnsn was great nd is it kanchi or sanveer??.. Cntinue soon…

    1. Shining

      In this ff there will be many cases which will try to mislead you but you have to keep patience to know entire truth.

  13. Ashnita456

    Wowwww dear it’s so amazing outstanding superb mindblowing. Waiting for next part.

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  14. Di its an interesting plot. It was really beautiful Amazing fab…… Waiting for the nxt part.plz post it asap.

  15. Aamzing

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      i will try dear

  16. RuCh23

    Hey Sayani, welcome to TU ??? nice concept dear, we really need a change in Sanchi’s character. She needs to be more strong. Do continue this dear ???

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      thank you

  17. Premamohan

    Awesome Dr…pls update it soon…

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  18. Niyaaa

    First of all welcome on TU nd also in sdch family??amaz mindblowing intro.. sanchi’s charcter is superb… maam.. so mysterious… post nxt asap.. bye tc

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