Who am I & why here ? little story of mine .


Who I am , From where , Why at TU My little story ???

Hi I’m Kira , Your friend . If you’re thinking that why I’m writing this , Then Just I want to make new friends .
Well I want to share my little story with you all . It’s about why I’m here . All sort of those things . I’m not a very important person , You may not even now me or should I say that I’m not a famous author here . Then why I’m writing it ? Just want to share my thoughts .

So it all started when I started loving writing . I wrote stories and never told anyone that I like to write . Then as i grew up , I looked on internet , Is there any place where I can share my story ? I didn’t got any site like that. I thought I can Share it on Facebook , But I don’t know why I don’t hate  it .
Then I landed up on Google+ , There I shared my story, On which I’m writing a fan fiction now .

I used to open my phone each hour , To see if I’ve got any likes or comments , But the result was Zero . I was totally broken . After trying for few days , I deleted my ID from there . Then I joined Wattpad , But honesty there also No one gave me a positive reply .

I was exhausted , Thinking , No I can’t became an author.
Then I heard my friend talking about Fan fictions . She used to read them here .

I thought let’s give another trial . I signed in here just a month ago . Now I’ve submitted 30 articles and have made many new friends .

After joining here , I use to look into my phone evey hour , If I’ve got any comments . At night I used to just think , what would I write in my next episodes .

Honestly I never knew that I will get such good friends here , Despite I just got little people who liked my story , I’m happy .

Just few days ago , I thought of quitting . I saw people gaining hearts of readers and getting over 100 likes . I thought my story is a shit .

But then I just blew away all the negative thoughts . I said to myself , Don’t worry keep on trying , Even if there are few . My friends told me to write more . I thought that is not a piece of cake for everyone to get even 20 likes from over 9,000 fan fictions submitted by users . I made my mind and now I will never quit .

And now I’m still checking my phone after every single hour , In the morning, Moment I woke up , First thing , I do is checking Telly updates .
So TU motivated me to write more . Thanks to all my readers .

And sorry if I bored you with this article . Now you’re free to share your views .


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  1. Fenil

    Nice to hear you.
    Good luck write more.

  2. Kamalanayani

    Keep going Kira…
    And you deserve it… A like for this article from my side…Just to encourage you…
    Even I had the same situation for my story series KAMALANAYANI and TU – especially TU admin motivated me… Check it out and tell your comments

    I’ve written totally 32 articles for this story series…. and yet to go…

    1. Kira

      You wrote really well don’t stop keep on going . ..
      My wishes are with you

      1. Kamalanayani

        Thank you Kira…

  3. Hi Kira , Never stop writing dear …..20 like is not bad …..To be honest I also get 20 likes on my article but it motivate me….All the best for ur future & lots of love …..

    1. Kira

      Thanks bestie … Love you . Hope ur articles becm best soon .
      Sending u love ????

  4. Don’t worry , you will always have readers when you try your best ? good luck . And don’t feel bad about few readers. Many read our articles but hesitate to comment or like. So nothing to worry ? and ha TU admin is a very good one Kira. He/she always encourages everyone. When the members here got a few comments on their ffs , he/she added that like or dislike feature ? I think you might have got the instant approval permission right ??
    And I always see you as a hard working girl dear. You try hard to write your FF in a great way. You add a lot of things in your FF and make it more realistic. Don’t give up. Even I don’t get a lot of comments ?? but I don’t care because at least a few read my FF na so I continue it for them ? for story writing TU and Wattpad are the best according to my view. Good luck dear. Never give up.

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot Dear .

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