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Actually previous part is the end. But you guys requested me, so I’m coming with other part. But, this will be last one. Ok frnds… let’s go into story….

Intro: Intro

Part1: Part 1

Recap: swara elopes, so her groom laksh is forcedly married to Ragini. Rag is swa sis. After marriage, raglak has complications to accept each other. At last, they are together.

Final part:
Ragini and Laksh are gazing at shining stars. Laksh puts his hand on her shoulder. Ragini looks at him. He moves closer to her. Ragini moves other side. Laksh keeps moving at her.
Ragini: oh, I have to go. Maa, is calling.
She stands and about to go. Laksh holds her hand and pulls her. She falls on him.
Laksh: no one has called you…
Ragini: let me go…
Laksh: ok go…
Laksh leaves her hand. Ragini keeps looking at him innocently. He laughs. She hugs him.
Ragini: laksh, you are showing true love right! Did you forget swara?

Laksh: don’t talk about her now. I’m completely into you now.

But there is a slight doubt still in Ragini’s heart. She moves from him.
Ragini: but, you said that you love her a lot. How can you forget her?

Smile vanishes from Laksh’s face. He stands up.
Ragini: sorry laksh, I didn’t mean to hurt you.

Laksh: ragini, I know your insecurity. You are afraid that I’m showing you partial love. I still have in her heart right??
Ragini: no laksh…

Laksh: haa, I loved her once. But she went away…what can I do for that?? Then you came into my life. I have accepted you heartfully. Still you have doubt??
Ragini putting her hand on his shoulder: not like that Laksh…

Laksh: leave me alone Ragini…!
Ragini stays there looking at him.
Laksh: I said go…
Ragini goes away with slight tears.

Laksh: god…. I can’t understand these girls….

Night time, Ragini was sitting on bed and looking for him. He comes down at 12’o clock.
He looks at her. but, he goes near sofa and sleeps on it. he covers himself in blanket.
She comes near him. “Laksh, you have just proposed me. Why are you avoiding me again??” she asks.
He remains calm. Then she sits on him.
Laksh: what are you doing??
Ragini: this is my place. I will sleep here only.
She says and lays on him
Laksh shouts: have you gone mad?? Get up…!!
Ragini gets hurt with his words. She runs into washroom.

Laksh: haa…what did I do?? Laksh,..control your anger…
He says and goes into washroom.

Ragini is crying standing in front of washbasin. He comes near her. she looks him through the mirror.
He puts his hand on her shoulder. She pushes his hand. Then he bends towards her and places his head on her shoulder. She tries to move, but he hugged her from back.

“I’m sorry Ragini…”
“No… I won’t excuse you…”
Laksh raises her up in his arms.
“what are you doing?? Leave me…”
Then Laksh comes near bed and leaves her on it. she falls on bed.
“ouch..! why did you throw me like this?? I got hurt…”

“hmm… you asked me to leave…”
Ragini takes a pillow and starts beating him with it.
Laksh: ragini…stop..stop…
After so many beating, she throws the pillow aside and starts crying.
Laksh feels bad when she cries.
He puts his hand on her head and rubs. He raises her head up and wipes her tears then he kisses forehead. He makes her sleep and keeps looking at her still she fall asleep.

Next morning, Ragini wakes up beside Laksh and his hand is on her. she slowly removes his hand not to disturb him.
He then suddenly holds her hand, he shouts… “thief…thief… I caught the thief…”
He was dreaming.

Ragini laughs as he dreamt same thing before. “oh mere pyarra baccha…” she says and rubs his head.

That morning,
Laksh goes to office. Ragini is busy in cooking under Ap guidance. She prepares panner for Laksh.
Ragini: wow maa, Laksh likes this very much. I’m glad I have prepared it on my own… I will go to office and give this to him.
Ap nods her head and smiles.

Ragini happily goes to office holding the lunch box. Laksh was working on some files. And he looks into laptop for some files. Suddenly he comes across with Swara’s photos. “ofo… didn’t I delete them still??” he thinks and starts deleting them.

At that time Ragini happens to come and looks at those photos and shocks. “Laksh didn’t forget her still? Then is he still acting near me??” she thinks. Laksh looks at her.
Laksh: Ragini…come…
He says and closes laptop in hurry.
He sees a box in her hands.

Ragini: maa, has asked you to give this box.
She puts on table and about to go. Laksh stops her holding her hand.
Laksh: you have prepared it for me right…!
Ragini: no..maa has prepared it…

Laksh sticks her to wall and he locks her hands with his hands. both are starring at each other.
Laksh: don’t lie. Maa, has said me. That you have prepared it and you are bringing that for me.
Laksh’s breath is touching Ragini and it’s melting her. she is looking meltingly into his eyes…
Laksh feels tempted with her looks. He comes very closer to her.
Someone knocks the door….

He moves far away and sets himself. Ragini too…
“Ya…come in” says laksh.

Sanskar comes inside with files. “Sir, we need signs in these…” he asks. Laksh will be signing on those files.

While, they are busily working Ragini slowly goes out. Laksh is about to call her but she goes away.
Ragini comes out wiping her tears. “I could be in swara’s place. I could got his love…” she thinks and keeps going.
Outside office, she is surprised to see Swara. Ragini runs near her and holds her.
Ragini: swara… and hugs her.

Swara remains unreacted.
Swara: what are you doing here??
Ragini: swara, where were you? Do you know how maa baba worried about you?? Why did you do like that?? If you didn’t like that you just have said us…
Swara shouts: I have said already. Maa, baba, forced me to marry him. That’s why I ran away…

Ragini: swara, what is over is over. Come back now. Laksh still loves you.
Swara: are you mad?? I have married Sanskar…
Ragini shocks: why did you do like this?? do you know how Laksh loves you?? You have missed him…
Swara: I don’t care about him. But, I love Sanskar very much and he works in this office. Wait for a while, he will come. You shall meet your jiju…
Ragini: swara, listen to me.

Just then Sanskar comes. He hugs Swara.
San: darling, shall we go??
Swa: sanky, this is my sister.
San: hey Ragini. Swara has said about you. She ran away, but she is really missing you all…

Then Laksh comes there. “Ragini….” He calls.
Swara looks at him and he too sees her and amazes.

San: hello sir. This is my wife Swara. Swara, he is my boss mr. lakshya. And, sir this is Ragini, my wife’s sister.

Swara shocks to listen that Laksh is Sanskar’s boss.

Laksh: I know Mr. Sanskar. And your saali is my wife. She is mrs. Ragini laksh.

Swasan shocks.
San: omg… I’m sorry mam…
Swara laughs loudly and claps her hands. everyone looks confusedly at her.
Swara: what mr.laksh? you don’t know how to love your wife? She wants to get rid of you and make me and you together. Any wife in this world will do like this??

Laksh is shocked with her words.
Swara: stop torturing my sister then she will stop speaking like this…
Sanskar takes away Swara as her mouth is out of control.
Laksh looks in red eyes towards Ragini.
Laksh: did she said truth?
Ragini: laksh…
Laksh: yes or no??
Ragini nods her head in fear. “Thud..!” Ragini receives a slap from him.

Ragini starts crying. He holds her shoulders strongly.
Laksh: why are you doing like this with me Ragini? Why??? I said I love you many times and still you have doubt on me??? Any wife will do like this?? she does anything for husband but no one sacrifices her husband…

Ragini shouts: I wanted to see you happy making you both together.
Laksh: who said I will be happy with her??? I forgot her I said you 100 times. Don’t your ears can’t hear??
Ragini: then why were you looking her photos in computer??
Laksh kneel downs before her. “I give up Ragini. I can’t fight anymore for your love. I’m fed up proving to you. Arey… I was deleting her photos. And I know, Sanskar is her husband.”
Ragini looks at him sadly.

“there is thermometer to check temperature. I feel there should be a love meter too in this world to prove our love. How can I prove that I have love on you Ragini? It’s not a science theory to prove….”
Says Laksh in upset and closes his face among his hands.

Ragini too kneel downs before him and removes his hands. His face turned red.
She wipes his tears and she wipes her tears. She holds his head and hugs him to heart. “I’m sorry Laksh…very very sorry. I won’t repeat these things again…” she says.
Laksh hugs her back.

Raglak are returning in car to house. Signal comes and he stops the car. Laksh is silent. Ragini looks at him and puts her hand on his hand which is on gear.
He then looks at her.
Ragini: who am I to you?
Laksh smiles, takes her near and kisses her. they be like that still disturbed by the vehicles horns….

Here this “who am I to you” ends…. Actually I have decided it as OS… but made it two parts on your request guys…
Thanx for reading…plz comment….

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