Who am I to you- Episode 1

Hello dears, sorry I couldn’t reply anyone bcz, I was writing another ff also. So, bit busy. Thank you for all your comments dears. Actually akshata, you have suggested me to make this ff or ss… I have tried but, I didn’t get any story to extend. So, I’m writing this as just OS.
Hope you all will enjoy this….

Intro part: Intro

Laksh’s pov:

“What should I do? I have married the girl whom I never loved. She was always a friend to me. She always called me, ‘jiju..’ in a friendly way even before marriage. And I never saw her in wrong way. And the main problem, ‘swara’. I have loved her as anything. I have imagined everything with her. I can’t forget her. she has cheated me, but I still love her. what should I do? I can’t forget swara or I can’t accept Ragini. What to do???”

Ragini’s pov:
“He was going to be married to swara. I have respected him a lot. But, everything got changed and I became his wife. The truth is I have respect on him still. I want to treat him as only friend. I never had feelings towards him. What’s going to happen??”

Then Ap and Sumi come near her.
Sumi: ragu, come. You should go to Laksh’s room now. He is waiting.
Ragini holds her hand in fear.
Ragu: mom, I never saw him in that way. He was always jiju to me.
Ap: ragini, I can understand your pov. But, he is not married to your sister. You have married him. He is ‘your’ husband.
Sumi: yes ragu. You have all rights on him now. He is yours. And, this is your life. You have to take care of this.

Ragini looks on. She changes her mind slowly and smiles. She goes to the room. Laksh was busily doing some work on laptop. He looks at her. He remembers all the crazy things that happened between him and her.

He stands and comes in front of her. Ragini is bending her head. He comes and holds her shoulders. She feels shy.
Laksh removes his hands and turns other side.
Laksh: no Ragini. I can’t.
She looks at him.

Laksh: Ragini, you were my friend and you will be my friend always. I have seen you as a small child always, who crazily does all mischief things. Ragini, I can’t accept the truth that you are my wife.
He comes near her.

Laksh: I don’t want to hurt you. Still, I can change my mind. But, I need some time…

Ragini smiles. “oh, I was afraid that you don’t like me. It’s ok jiju.., I mean Laksh. No problem.”
She says and sleeps. Laksh is again busy with his laptop. He looks at sleeping Ragini.
“No Ragini, I can’t tell you the truth that I love Swara still. If I say that, you will hurt.” He thinks.

Next morning,
Laksh and Ragini goes to his house along with ap and dp. Ragini enters into Laksh’s room and shocked to see all Swara’s photos and written, ‘I lv u’

Ragini keeps looking at them shocked. Laksh too shocks, “Vo kya hein naa Ragini, I wanted to surprise Swara as soon as we enter. But, she is not there, why her photos??”
He says and start removing all photos. He is about to tear them, but he can’t.

Ragini: why did you stop jiju? Tear them…!

Laksh looks at her teary. She comes near him. She takes all those photos.
Ragini: you can remove her from wall. But, you can’t remove her from heart right.

Laksh: Ragini…

Ragini: I understood that you love her still. I should say, she has missed you…
Ragini is in tears. Laksh feels sad comes near her and hugs her.

Laksh: I’m sorry to give this pain to you Ragini. I will forget her right now. Let’s start our life…
He is about to hug her tightly. But she stops him.
Ragini: No Laksh, even I can’t accept you with my sister in your heart. I feel it as sin. Please be far from me Laksh…

Says Ragini and goes aside. Laksh comes out in upset. In confusion, not understanding what to do.
Laksh goes to a bar and drinks badly. He sings a tragic song.
He decides in himself. “No… why should I worry about that girl. I have to love Ragini…”
He thinks and comes home to his room. Ragini is sleeping. He comes and touches her feet. She wakes up and sits.

Ragini: laksh, did you drink?
Laksh: no, I didn’t drink.

Ragini: ok, sleep now.
Laksh: no… I have to tell you something.

Ragini: what…??
Laksh: I love you…

Ragini feels shy and bends her head.
Laksh: I love your big big eyes… those pinky lips… this long black hair… your chubby cheeks….
He keeps touching them while he is talking. Ragini keeps smiling in shyness.
Laksh: oye, don’t bend your head like that. Look at me..

Ragini raises her head and looks at him.
He falls on bed. And he pulls her. she falls on him.

Laksh: keep looking at me always like that with love. Bury me in your love…
He keeps telling in drunken state. Ragini smiles and places her head on his chest.

Laksh: I love you swara… I love you so much. Swara, I love you…

Ragini shocks and gets far away from him.
Laksh: swara, your big eyes, long hair,….
He keeps telling. Ragini cries.

Laksh falls asleep. She covers with him blanket and removes his shoes. She sits on floor on keeps crying all night.

Laksh wakes up next morning and sees Ragini sitting on floor. He touches her head, and she wakes.
Laksh: why are you sitting down?
Ragini: nothing, I just fell asleep.

She stands. Laksh remembers what happened last night.
Laksh: I’m extremely sorry Ragini. I was drunk….

Ragini: I hate drunkards. But, some truths come out sometimes…
Laksh looks on…

Ragini: why I’m telling this? you may drink or you may do whatever you want. After all, who am I to you…??

Laksh comes near her. “Ragini, I’m not a drunkard. Yesterday was first time I drank. And, I promise… this is last time. Who am I to you…? You are my wife Ragini and I’m your husband…” he says and goes to wash room.

Ragini looks on.

Ap asks Ragini to cook as per custom. Ragini doesn’t know cooking. She goes into kitchen.
Ragini: hey bhagavan, I don’t know cooking… what should I do??
She puts all stuff infornt of her and keeps scratching her head.

Laksh comes near her.
Laksh: hey, you don’t know cooking right.
Ragini: how do you know??

Laksh: I know…you said me many times before marriage. No problem, I will prepare. You show as you cooked.
Ragini: no…maa will scold.
Laksh: hey…chill…

He says and cooks something. “Now, you bring this to dining.” He says and leaves.

Ragini brings dishes to dining. Ap, dp and Laksh are waiting. Ragini serves to everyone.
Dp: very nice…

Laksh: wow, super. Ragini, I have to tell you, that you are a best cook.

Ragini silently laughs at his words.
Ap: hmm, I understood one thing. This is not cooked by her. this is all your work. Hei na laksh…

Raglak shocks.
Lak: maa…hehe..
Ap smiles and kisses Ragini on forehead.

Ap: you are such a lucky girl, you have gained husband’s love too fast…

Ragini smiles and looks at Laksh. He too smiles and leaves to office. He forgets his briefcase.

Ap, dp also leave.

Ragini who was alone looks at the Laksh’s plate. She goes near it and takes remaining food piece and eats. Laksh who just came there sees it and amazes. She drinks the juice which is left by him.

Laksh amazes and calls, ‘Ragini…’
She trembles and looks at him. Her cheeks turn red.

Laksh: bring that briefcase…
Ragini takes that and goes before him. She keeps her head bending and gives it. then Laksh takes it and pulls her gently towards him and kisses on her forehead.

She looks at him amazed.
Laksh: I will come soon in evening, let’s go to movie.

Ragini feels happy and nods her head.

Laksh pov: “I still don’t love you Ragini. But, I have to act in order to make you happy.”
Ragini is thinking that Laksh really loves her.

Evening Laksh comes home. Ragini is ready for him. Both goes to a movie. While watching movie, Laksh holds Ragini’s hand. She smiles and looks at him. But, he was already looking at her. She feels shy and bends her head.
Then he starts rubbing her hand. Ragini smiles and places her head on his shoulder.

Ragini: do you love me??

Laksh: yes Swara, I love you so much…!!

Ragini again shocks with his words. She raises her head. Laksh holds his head realizing what he said. He looks at her. her eyes turned red.

Laksh: Ragini…
He is about to talk. She gets up from the place and starts going away.

“Ragini…stop. Listen to me…” he says and holds her hand. She was crying badly.

Laksh: I’m so sorry Ragini. I wanted to forget her, but…. I wanted to make you also happy…

Ragini: did I ever ask you to forget her? or did I ever ask you to make me happy??

Laksh: Ragini…

Ragini: no Laksh. I have never forced you. But, why are you acting with me??

Laksh: why are you saying it as action? I’m your husband…

Ragini: keeping one at heart, and you want to give me love, what is this called?? I already said you, never come near me having someone at heart. I know, you are forcing yourself to come near me right…!!

Laksh remains calm.
Ragini: I don’t want such love Laksh. Please, don’t do this again…

She goes away. he looks on…

Next morning,
Ragini is doing her work seriously. Laksh comes near her. she is silent.

Laksh: hmm, Ragini do you smell anything burning??
She remains calm.
Laksh: oh, you are only burning with anger.

She starts going away. He holds her hand.
Laksh: ok dude, I’m sorry for everything. I will not do that love drama again.
She looks at him.
Laksh: we are friends as before. Ok??

Ragini smiles: hmm…this sounds good.
Ragini is doing her work he is helping her.
Laksh: Ragini, are you angry with me that I still have Swara at heart…

Ragini: no. actually, I’m proud of you. How a boy can love a girl this long, even though she betrayed him. And, you are sincere in your words…
She goes away. He looks on…

Raglak start behaving as friends. Ragini loves Laksh always and Laksh know well about it. With time, Laksh slowly starts forgetting Swara and he starts liking Ragini.

She always sleeps on sofa and he sleeps on bed. One night, he looks at Ragini who was sleeping on sofa. He realizes that she is feeling uncomfortable sleeping there. He gets up from bed holds Ragini in his arms and make her sleep on bed. She will be dreaming, “I lv u laksh… lv u…”

He smiles and rubs her head. “lv u too Ragini..”
He goes and sleeps on sofa.

Morning Ragini wakes up and sees herself on bed and Laksh on sofa. She goes near him and tries to wake him and puts her hand on his shoulder. He suddenly holds her hand, “I caught, I caught the thief…!!” he shouts.

Ragini: laksh…
Then he wakes. “oh, that was my dream…”

Ragini: why are you sleeping here? And when did you change me there??
Laksh: yaa…why I’m I sleeping here? Ragini, did you throw me on sofa to sleep comfortably on bed??
Ragini: laksh…
Laksh: ok, it’s me who changed our positions. And why, you expect whatever you want…
He goes to washroom.

Laksh totally forgets Swara and starts loving Ragini. He returns from office and goes to terrace. Ragini searches him in all house and at last she goes to terrace.

She looks at Laksh who is looking at stars. She sits beside him.
Ragini: are you counting stars??
Laksh is silent.
Ragini: ok…keep counting. I won’t disturb you.

Laksh slowly: I love you…
Ragini: what…
Laksh loudly: I love you…

Now Ragini remains silent.

Laksh: what?? Are stars visible to you?? Are you amazed…

Tears fall from her eyes. Laksh holds those tears.
Laksh: this is truth Ragini …

Ragini smiles and hugs him. He puts his hand on her shoulder… they gaze at twinkling stars…

Hi frnds…If possible plz read my ff “Love made together”
Thank you for reading…..

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