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hai…. tq tq so much aami, aleena, soujanya , purvi, navi, aahana, shan, deeksha, divyashankar, sweetie, anu ann, s… for ur love and support and also for silent readers.. tq for liking my story..
and ha “divya di… yes nange kannada bartade… i love kannada…wow.. nivu kannadadavar?”

lets start with d story…
shekar and swara living in a rented home… swara is enjoying her vacations happily.. here shekar s trying his best to hind his diseas from swara.. its alredy being 1 week in kolkatth..
once shoshek went to market to bring vegitables.. while returning home
shek: oh shit shona.. i forgot my purse in d shop itself i ll go and bring dat u stay here.
shona: ok.. baba.. come fast
shekar got his purse while returning … he feels dizzy… he tried to stady.. not use he faint in d mid way… one car approched him speedly before d driver hit d person driver applied break.. dat car dint even touch d shekar.. but co incidently it look like it hitted him..

seeing dis shona ran der to see her father..- baba baba get up… pls someone give me water.. my father is unconcious…
ragini step down from d car… shekars back is infront f rags so she dint see him
ragini- hello… stop this melodrama… i know u people doing all dis for money only… take it..( giving one bundle) is dat enough.. i m getting late clear d road…
shona is in shock… she s not in her sense to reply her… she looked at ragini
shona: i ll not complaint against u … i dont want money … pls help me to my baba to hospital.. i beg u…pls…
ragini understand she is not donig any drama so she agrees.. while helping she sees his face.. she feels she seen him some where…
ragini (in mind ) oh shit he is bai’s god.. i mean lecturer.. he treats him as a god.. if he come to know dat i did accident… he ll get dammn angry… wt to do…?
after while she thinked and called someone
guy- (seeing her call) oh miss atittude… i think u called wrong no… pls go to eye hospital….
ragini- laksh ji….( hereing dis lacky felt like mild heart attack) r u listioning,,,,? i ll go eye hospital latter now i m comming there… just tell is my bro is there …. (with sweet tone)
luky- omg…. u dont go for eye hospital.. u directly go for mental hospital … i think u r gone totaly mad…(laughs loudly)
ragini-( by irreted by him loudly) LAKSHAAAAAA..(politely) ji.. answer my question..
laksha- ok he s not here went out.. i think he will not come till evening…y?
ragini- its none o ur business u donkey…(and cuts d call)
here laksha (thank god she is normal now… but its good to here her soft voice… varna always talk like a crow..)
swaragini shekar reach d hospital
ragini- seeing laksha- hey donkey ..
laksha- giving an angry look
ragini- i wann test whether u r a real doctor or fake
laksha- wtttt?
ragini- here is patient… treat him..( and goes from there)
laksha- wt d hell? wt she think o herself?
he approches swashek.. laksha recognised shekar quickly as he daily see his pic in sanky cabin…
lucky- wt happend sir? (to shona) wt happend to him? y he is unconcious? tell me…
shona- actually baba…. baba… accident(while sobbing)
lucky- dont worry i ll take care of him now u sit here…
(lacky called sanky … informed about shekars accident… hearing dis he ran to his hospital.. leaving his work… actually he came for dps work regarding business)

in hospital.. luky.. doing whole health chek up of shekar.. as he know if sanky here in dis situation he ll do d same..
a nurse handover a chit to bring medicine… she asked “wt happend to my dad?”
nurse- nothing serious.. we r just doing health check up.. as u r dad dr.sanskar’s lecturer. he respect him a lot. so we r taking much time…
shona-oh okay( who is this sanskar? baba never told me…thinking this she went to bring medicines..)
in mid way a boy clashed with her… she fell on d ground… he not even bothered to look at her once.. while running he just said sorry…tc…i m in hurry..)
she thought,”kya barthmeez ladka hai first of all andhe ki tarah aakhe giraya.. help karneki jagh bhag raha hai.. sorry bhi aise bol raha hai jaise ahesan kar raha ho…”
he enter d room where shekar is admitted…. 1st he took blessings… shekar opens his eyes and sees sanky..
shekar- who r u beta? where am i? he tried to sit
sanky-no sir… dont move.. its not good for ur health… take some rest… sir its me sankar.
shekar- which sanskar?
sanky- sir me… xxxx batch trinee… whom u protected by drugs..?(with tears)
shekar- sanskar maheshwari…! how r u beta? dont cry… its not ur fault.. vo tho sangath ka asar tha… i dint do anything u r will power only u take my advice as positive..
then laksha enter d room…
laksha- good evening sir.. how u feeling now? i heard alot about u from sanky.. by d way i m laksh malhotra u r doctor(shekar remembering something try to ask something) i know wt u wanted to ask… u r daughter is fine.. went to bring some medicines
shekar- how come u know ? i wanted to ask this only?
sanky – with shocked “daughter”
luky- its 6th sence… she is very tenced seems lyk she loves u alot.. she dint even drink water…(shekar smiles for her care) there is also some tests remaing… if allow me i ll continue(to sanky)
sanky- ok i ll go now ….sir u have to come to my home today im not listening any negative responce… u and ur daughter comming to my home dats it…. and stay there for some time..
(saying dis he left d room)

here again hit and miss case… here they were coming in oposite directions then also not notice them as shona s n tension.. sanskar is in extreem happy.. sanky in cabin called someone i want shekar gadodias report within 24hrs get dat.. and text lacky”hey im going home.. u bring them.. i wanna welcome them so going early… bye”
luky – nothing to worry miss….!
shona- shona…
luky- u can meet them … i ll give u report within 2 days
shona- tq sir… how much fees?
luky- r u kidding ?if sanskar came to know i took fees from u he will kill me… if u wish dat?
(making sad face)
shona- no okay.. now i m going to meet dad… so bye
luky – bye shona.. u r name is so coool…( in flerty manner… to cool her)
shona- tq..
in mind( who is this ? sanskar? nice name… i m just hering his name from noon… dont know who is he? i just know he is babas student… wr is he? y am i feeling to see him?)
thinking so she enter shekars room

recap:swashek enter in maheshwari mansion… swasan’s meeting … swaragini face off… raglak cute eye lock

hi frds here is my 4th episode…
did u liked it? i know its lil drager… but wt to do its needed…? shekar cant give his daughters responsibility to anyone… no naa? so its required…
hey tell me is it boring ?
and also do u have any suggetions then tell me.. i ll add that too… there s less swasan moment as they were stranger now…

Credit to: varu

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    Superb…… Continue soon…..

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  4. Aami

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  11. Divya shankar

    Ya I. M purely kannadiga but I like to read stories and I love swaragini serial more than I got good friends here so I can’t leave them. Mathe nange one topic bagge information beku related to abolition of girls related to pr*stitute and all…nan ond story baribeku ankonidini…related to dis and about romantic stories also.give suggestion…but thumba difficult alva translate madodu.. nandu bangalore nend yav place..yen study madthirodu…tell me something…then tc next part yavaga update madodu..u reply me k

    1. Hi Kannadaiga …?.. I too love swaragini . I have once readed a novel named bhagya…dats related to harrashment adaralli childhood alle marriage agutte husband rumba kettavnu ,swalpa dinadalle satthhogthane in laws tumba torture kodthare next hero entry save madlikke..
      Translation is very difficult job… words sikkode Illa… I m from manglore

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