who am i? swasan ep3


hi frds.. its me Varu
(let me clear some major points to u.. luky is 4years younger to sanskar. but they had wonderful brotherly bonding b/w them. sankar is at d age of 29. and luky is 25. so luky cant do major operation. he is juniour to sanky.
Ragini is 19.. doing her degree. swara cant say exactly.. as she is memory loss patient she behave lyk a kid.. but looking at her we can say that she is 21/22.)
story begins with- the sad face of shona … she s thinking something deeply… suddenly booo… shekar scared her from behind..
shona-wt baba…!! i scared lyk hell… i wont talk with u…
shekar-ohh… my shona is angry with me… (in high tone ) i thought i ll share this her .. its ok no matter i ll finish it by myself(unwrapping d choclate)
shona- ho.. u r too bad baba… here i m angry u r eating it alone without giving me…i hate u…(about to go, shekar hold her hand make her sit again)
shekar-take it(giving choclate to her) dramebazz…(she slitly smiles take dat she share it with baba)

while eating choclate he got cough shona immediately ran to kitchen and bring d water for him…
shona-y so hurry baba.. cant u eat slowly…? look now wt happend look at up..(saying this she rubbed his back) r u feeling better now? if not we go for hospital.. nowdays u r not taking care for ur health.. not done baba…(shekar contineously staring at her with teary eyes, he s happy for her concern..) ha now stop crying.. my baba dint look handsome while cring.hello i m asking u only where u gone… answer my question… y u behaving so wierdly from few days
shekar-means ?
shona- emotional talks, tears and all wt happened…?
to avoid d question as he cant lie her.. he asked her question
shekar- leave all that now tell me wt r u think deeply sitting here…
shona – oh dat… my bacch party all gone for vacation.. im feeling bored. and in hospital also der is no much patients.. im thinking dat me too gone for vacations in my childhood na.. ?…
shekar-(in mind-how cum i know…)no… actually due to my work we dint go for any vacation
(he started to drink water.in releif of no further question. as he ended it smartly)
shona- (feeling sad but then also aked)mamma ll not take me any places
(he splits water from his mouth.. in mind – now tell her new story mr.over smart shekar)
shekar-wt u want now.. u want me take u for vacation
she nodded quikly…
shona-plsss papa… i dint remember anything relating to my past… i wanna create new memories.. pls can we go for vacation

looooog pouse
she thought he dint lyked d idea but to her surprice
shekar- where u want to go?
shona-(immediately)kolkath… (without her knowledge)
he told her be ready .. tommorow we r going to kolkattha. he left d place she is in extreme happiness started to dance.. informed dis to her co-worker(as she s working der as receptionist come nurse as she is daughter of shekar no need o certiicate…;))
shekar seeing her happiness in mind”u bring d light to my empty lyf.. i never belived in family.. u made realise tis to me.. family is real happiness in world.. i know i cant be there for u in ur whole lyf.. but i wann fulfill ur dreams.. as i have less tym. here u r not safe dea child.. my co-doctor cum partener who s acting lyk a gentle man now but he s cruel if he want he can tell me about my desies before it self.. but he dint he wanna get my entire property. u r not safe in his hands.he alredy get my sign of hospital paper. i sold my house secrately as he s planing get this too..we will elope from here. i ll give u r responsibility in safe hands before my last breath its my promise shona”
in kolkatth
they reached there in morning arround 4.00 . she feel cold breeze touching her cheeks.. she blusing but dont know d reason.

in sanky room
he got up from d bed immediately he went his balcany stared at some where blankly.. and smiling lyk a mad. he alowed d cool breeze to touch him.. in result his front hair flying freely.. he s looking hot .. no one can say him dat he s in his age of 29 he looking just lyk a 25 year old.
he looked at clock and shocked dat it was only 4.30 y he got up dis early .. y am i standing here lyk a mad in this much cold.. Dr.maheshwari i think i want any doctor for cure my dis desies .. he smiled at himself go to sleep again.

morning arround at 10.30
Ragini is sitting near a park with her friends with short knelength dress she is looking as usual hot…. they were cracking jokes… making fun of peoples… commenting on others about dressing sense.. teasing …and all..
while doing this her frds dared her to damage any of d car… without giving any componsation come back. she agreed for d challenge…
she purposefully hitted a car with stone due head light is got damaged of dat car.. a45year old man stop d stepped out of car yelled at her” r u a kid… how could do u lyk dat.. r u mad….”and so on.

she started crying loudly.he got panicked..as its public place. she acted as abnormal child..
ragini-uncle sorry.. i dint did this intentially.. sorry.. (with innocent face… )
looking at dis he melts… she down her face acted as if she is guilty.. looking at her alone. and her beauty. he looking at her in lustull eyes . she doest know his intention she continued in her acting skill. dat uncle oford her to give lift till her home ,but his intension are not good, he consoled her .
all this scene seen by laksha. he is furious seeing this. he came there without saying anything he draged her from there. took her to a lonely place and slaped her hardly.
she is shocked by his sudden act. she opened her mouth to yell something but he interupted her” r u mad? cant u see he is lusting for u? wt r u trying to do there..? ha yeah… i know u just showing off to ur frrds that how cool u r? no mis.RAGINI MAHESHWERI.. u r just a dumboo.. who cares for herself.. who give importance to themself… u r just a selfish…”
before he tell anything she cutted him” hello hold on… how dare u to slap me? ha and who asked ur help ha … just stop u r heropanti.. wt u thought u do all this and ragini will impressed by dis .. and fall in ur trap .. u r just my bros frd.. be in ur limit..wt u asked wt am i doing there? its none of ur business… hold on u hate me naa? then y r u caring this much for me ? kahi tumhe mujse pyaar tho nahi hua na…” in sacrastic tone..

luky- oh hello miss india.. come to floor if u r the only girl remain in this universe.. then also i prefer to die not to stay with u… rahi baath care ki , u r sister of my bestie.. whatever happend to u it directly effect to sanky… i cant see him in pain… u dont even know dat car owner and u r going with him… and remember u r a dp uncles daughter and sankys sister they hav many rivals and only u r d weak point of them. for their sake only i helped… for me ur just rich spoiled girl. (turned his face another side went from there)

she just stand there numb.. she dint think about all this.. she wanted to thank him for saving her.. but his words angered her more.. her ego empowered her…she puts hand on her cheek where laksha slaped.. in anger she yelled loudly “I HATE YOU LAKSHA MALHOTRA.. JUST HATE YOU.. WHENEVER U COME TO ME U JUST INSULTED ME.. I DONT WANNA SEE UR FACE”

recap:sanky in shock … swalak meeting.. swasan hit and miss

hi frds how is it ? i know i wrote badly.. trust me ragini is good at heart becoz of lot of loveshe spoiled…

wt do u think how love will bloosoms b/w raglak?
wt about shekar? how swasan will reunite?

Credit to: varu

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    nyz epi varu….. cute raglak….. like d the care of laksh for ragini….. lved scene of sanskar wke up n stnding in blcony….

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    Amazing episode….. Continue soon…..

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    Nice episodes(2-3).. 🙂 I loved the bonding of SanLak.. 😀 Is the idol of Laksh Sekhar by any chance?? Waiting for the next.. Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

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