who am i? swasan ep2

hi frds… tq u for urs valuable coment it means a lot for me. sorry for not replying personally.. but i promise i never break off in middle.. im hard dying fan of both SWASAN and RAGLAK as well as swalak and ragsan here u can see thier bonding .
lets start d story…
we can see a beautiful room which in colour of light pink.. infact every thing which is there in d room is full of pink . Our princess Ragini sleeping in dat room peacefully… her beauty sleep disturbed by the SANSKAR..
san:get up ragini… its alredy 12.00am u r having ur exam on 2.00pm … dont be lazy.. u r my princess ryt…

ragini: pls dont disturb bhai.. let me sleep na.. u know yesturday till 12:00. i cant get up . u go and ryt my exam pls..( in inocent way)
san: ok.. i ll go for exams .. u go for hospital.. attend d operation ok..
ragini: operation (actualy she afraid of blood so sanky acted) no i go for my exam.. u do ur work..
saying dis she went for bathroom.. here sanky smiles seeing her behavior.
(ragini is sanky is step sister … but their relationship is beyond d sis and bro .. they were lyk frds… ragini s 10 year younger to sanky so he pampers her more)
screen shift to dining table
where all family members are present
(dp-sanky and raginis father… proud of sanky as he become DR.sanskar durga prasad maheshwari.. loves his daughter ragini so much he also pampers her more as she is small)
(ap- 2nd wife of dp..and raginis mother. she loves ragini…)
no parish
Ragini joins there in her mordern look
ragini: gm paaps (she sits next to sanky with a smile)
everyone unionly: good afternoon dea… (she bite her lips..)
ragini: oopsgood noon.. wt s spl taday ma..
(then sudenly one servant bumps and some pickel falls on her dress… she got furious.. she yelled at him)

ragini: wt d hell…how dare u to spoil my dress.. u know its a designer cloth..just get lost from here… ( servant went from der sobbingly) (sanskar with much care calmed her )
san: hey u hav exam.. just rember dat… and i ll drop u till der..
ragini:ok bro… give me 2 min…
(ragini is lil bit short tempered girl.. loves her bro very much.. having so much of atittude.. and lil egostic.. but stright forward girl…pampered by whole family..)
sanskars hospital-
nurse: sir i arranged everything in icu… we r waiting for u only.. can we start d opereation now dr.

san- yeah sure.. (he reached ICU , he smiled slightly seeing his bestie)(operation got sucessful , they moved to their cabin )
guy-hmm good noon Dr.
san-(with irritation) lucky….!! pls call me sanky…i dont want dat from u . if u do lyk this again i too call u Dr.laksha malhotra.. is dat ok
lucky -no bro… dont call me lyk dat.. if any girl hears this she ll think dat im old..(pout face)
(luky- sanky’s frd. he is not rich lyk sanky.. he middle class .. he studied MBBS more dificultly.. lucky and sanky are childwood frds.. they studied mbbs in different clg.. he is handsome man any girl can fall for him.. his parents no more..)
both smile whole heartedly.. after some discussion on case lucky leaves from sankys cabin..
he look at potrite(pic) … he started to speak with dat

“sir.. u r my idol .. whatever i m now it is becoz of u only.. u made me a good dr. u thought me importance of dis proffession.. u also saved me from my bad frds.. who is try to spoilt me from drugs… if dint hold my hand and show d ryt path then i m not in this position where am i now … tq sir … u saved my lyf. i wanna return dis favour in any manner, i know whatever i do it it ll not be equal to ur favour.. just give me one chance to help u..”
he closes his eyes and pray for his idols happiness….

recap: sanskar is in shock…. raglak cat fight… swalak meeting…

hope u lyked dis… if u wanna tell me anything/suggestions pls let me know
if u finding dis as interesting or not?
whom u think sankys idol?

I know dis one is small next I ll write long.. seeing ur response I dint control my happiness so it’s a small treat .tell me guys how s it?

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  1. nice….i think sanky’s idol is swara’s dad

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