Who am I? (part 9)

There was full of silence till we gone into home… Dadaji was there and food was ready.. We ate in silence.. I wanted clear the misunderstanding ….after eating he went upwards.. He closed the door hard… Bang!!!

I wanted to cry hard… I can’t control after dadaji went I cried… Suddenly the landlines phone rang.. I wiped my tears and answered it..

The voice: is Armaan’s der?
Me:yeah… Just a min?

I rushed upwards..and shouted Armaan…there was no response. I called out again. There was a door opening sound. I guessed he was taking bath called the name again. He didn’t opened. I got angry and started to slap the door… When he suddenly opened.. I lost balance and fell over him.. We both fell on the bed. I saw him with lot of love. But all I can see in eyes was anger..

He pushed me away and started to shout. He snapped me with his cold icy eyes

Armaan: I know tat everyone grl are the same… Yo.. You are exactly like the b****h bridget..
Me: what the hell I did? (I said by crying)
Armaan: now I know the real you..
Me:tthe real me? What are you saying? Who’s that bridget? (I wiped my tears and asked)
Armaan: you want the truth… Fine i’ll Say.. Atleast I’ll say..

….. Armaan at his colg…..

Armaan was blindly in love with the grl bridget. Though everybody said about her real her. He always stood on his side. When he came to know tat he brokeup with her boyfriend.. All he said to himself was… He s wrong. He gone to her with hesitation.

Armaan: bridge.. You know wat you are the most…
Bridge: Hey Hey…no more cinematic dialouges.. You follow me right?
Armaan: I… Follow…. Bridge… I love u..
Bridge; yeah yeah… Luv…fine led date tomorrow.. Be ready for tomorrow’s prom nite..
Armaan: yeah fine…

The next nite… At the prom….
Armaan and bridget danced in the dance floor

Armaan: bridge.. U know..
Bridget: wanna kiss me?

Bridge waited a sec…as he hesitated.. She kissed him hard. Though Armaan was shocked at first, he kissed her..suddenly bridge’s ex bf came..

Vincent: baby…. I’m sry.. Plzz come back..
Bridge: take the bag.. (Vincent took the bag and went outside)
Armaan:b.. Bridge
Bridge:listen Armaan I always make boys follow me.. I just made Vincent to come 4 me… 4 tat I used u..
Armaan: what?

From tat day Armaan started to hate himself and grls. He immersed himself in workout and and joined army…

… Present….

Me: You think me like tat?
Armaan: not think…. You’re like tat only..
Me:shut up… Just shut up. . Why the hell I should be like tat(I’m in full angry)
Armaan:you want me for a shelter… You’re using me like that b… Bridge
Me:enough Armaan… Enough.. I’m leaving you and your life. . Right now…

I didn’t care to look at him..why shld I look at him.. Why? I loved him… Yeah love.. But not now… Forever I won’t love him.. I went to the room and just took my own handbag and phone…

I cried for while. Then realised why should I cry for a person who hate me and who I hate a lot.. I wiped my tears and got ready to go out… Suddenly

Suddenly… An hand pulled me and pinned me to the wall..

Me:what the…. Leave me Armaan..
Armaan:leave you just like tat….
Armaan: I did a lot for you..I spent a lot..
Me: take all the saree you bought..
Armaan: haha I can’t wear tat( he laughed a loud.. Only I can do is stare at me)
Me: Then.. What you want?
Armaan: I want you to be my slave…
Me: what? Slave?

How is today’s part guys… Can’t expect Armaan like tat right? The dark side of Armaan.. Can Arohi bring brightness to his life.??

Credit to: Dhaara


  1. aditi

    awesome yaar nw i thnk we cn see more romance plzzzz update nextt fast damn waiting dhaaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Dhaara

    Guys I really thought last part has a lot of twists and you guys will njoy…. But I just got 4 comments so I thought to stop…. But I’m now ready to write 4 that few persons who support me

    • Ruby

      don’t feel bad dhara..there is lot of silent readers who reads our story but didn’t comment. .do continue dr…I am also writing here..I also get few comments but I continued my story for those who like to read us..

    • Hayathi

      Oh dhara dr….. remember one thing always if we want to do something gud then do it dont think u will get support or not just do it after some time u will get the result…. if today u got 4comments after 40 so need some patience dr…. ok keep smile buddy…. oh jyada bhol diya na ha ha ha

  3. Lakshmi

    Hey i think all r busy with exams and some otherwork.Ur story is really nice don’t worry after their exams all will comment.

  4. Anu

    LOVED IT VERY MUCH…l was bored with typical luv sty…urs stry has different flavor,really it’s so goooood,,,,,,,upd d next part soon..take care

  5. Devga

    Awwww how come armaan …. Hw u became like tht ….. I am not able to digest wat armaan did …. 🙁

    Anyways nice epi …. Waiting for next PART dhaara ….

    I asked u long back Wer r u frm ? U dint reply anyways if u dnt feel like telling its totally fine ……

  6. Devga

    Dhaara I dint comment in last part as …. I had badnetwork connection …. But I read it ….. Was not able to comment thts alll…… Don’t think less comment …

  7. sanjana

    Daara don’t stop ur story very much. But i didnt cmnt regularly. So don’t feel bad about no of cmnts. I think like me there are many silent readers here

  8. aditi

    dont be sad dharaa dere r lot of people reading ur ff i mean the silent readers they just nt cmmnt so wid full confidence go ahead

  9. nishu

    iam your silent readers but today episode is very nice don’t feel sad dear god gives you such a writing skills so please use this talent. don’t worry your story is amazing

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