Who am I? (part 8)

I was Breathing hard because of running ?.. Want to run hard… Run.. Run.. I said to my self. Something made me lose bal n some grl came near..

Me: plzz leave me… Why are you doing this to. Me? Why?…… Ahhhh

I got up. Totally sweating. I got up and switch on the light and gone to drink water. I want to cry a lot. I cried..

Armaan: Arohi!! (behind me)
Me: Armaan… ( i hugged him)..
Armaam: wat happened? Why are you sweating hard? (hugged me back)
Me: that dream… Armaan ( I cried again)

Armaan made me drink water and we sat in Sofa. His arms were safe around me. It felt safe to be near him. I came a little close as I wanted to be safe.. I xplained d nightmare..

Armaan : listen Arohi.. Mrg hospital thn to frnds home and thn… To ur family ( he cupped my face and said… The last 3 words were full of sorrow)
Me: hmmmm ok..

Armaan took me to my room made me to sleep.. He covered me with the blanket.. There were full of care in his eyes. He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and… Came near me.. A lot near.. Is he gonna kiss me?… Lub tub.. Lub tub…

His lips are near my ears..

Armaan: gud nite… (he smiled… Mischievously)

He went out.. Armaan changed a lot. I blushed a little and slept thinking only about him..

…… At hospital ?…….

Armaan explained everything to the doctor.
Doctor: listen ms…
Armaan: Arohi..
Doctor: did she remembered her name?
Armaan: no doc… I just named her..
Doctor: OK… Listen Arohi.. 10% of these nightmare mat be real..90% is just ur illusion… Don’t wry about it… Do u get it..
Me: yeah doctor

He prescribed some medicine.. And we left..

Armaan: did you got it… Its just ur imagination..(he said with a cute smile)
Me: hmmmm k(I smiled back)

……. At Armaan’s frnd ‘s home ?…….

Armaan: hey man you changed a lot..
The man: Me… Might be because of her… ( he laughed a lot..)
Armaan: where is sam? Sam… Neil is calling you?
Neil: Armaan… Plz I want to live…
Armaan: haha k…

Neil turned towards me..

Neil: wow you look Damn hot..

I turned towards Armaan.. His face showed a little bit of jealousy. I’m happy.. I smiled.. Suddenly a modern super cool grl came and hit Neil hard

Neil: ahh why baby..?
Sam: your flirting when am here…
Neil: bae you didn’t listened completely.. I was about to say…. You look Damn hot…. But there is an angel in my home you can’t compete with her…
Sam:haha v funny… Eat outside..
Neil: bae… Listen darling…

She went inside… Though I felt pity for Neil. Their cute fighting me laugh..

Neil: leave her.. Lets concentrate on what I gathered..

[it’s me ur author dhaara… Listen guys Neil is the police frnd of Armaan… Don’t laugh ? ?… I know it’s hard to imagine him like tat… But wat to do… He s my fav]

Armaan: so wat u gathered? (all r serious now…)
Neil: this girl is very easy to find actually.. She is the daughter of the millionaire Mr. Raj Shukla..

Wow… Really… Am I a millionaire..

Neil: but… Her father suffered a grt loss and he gave up all his money in tat…
Me: my mom?
Neil:she died when you were very young

Tears welled my eyes. Armaan pressed my hands with care.. I don’t have anybody tats y no one gave complaint 4 my disappearance..

Me: so I don’t have anybody…
Neil : yeah… I just saw ur fb acc n ur most photos r tagged with a grl… Shasha
Me:Shasha.. ? Is she my frnd?
Neil: yeah… Here s her address

He gave the address..

….. At shasha’s home ?…..

Armaan explained my situation to Shasha

Shasha: Oh Baby wat happened to u? (she hugged me… Her voice is full of drama.
. Is this drama queen my frnd?)
Shasha: ok baby wanna ask anything?
Me: what’s my name? (Neil. Didn’t said taf)
Shasha : omigosh….. (she s shocked)… Leave it… Ur name is Saaira..

Saaira is a gud name but I felt odd.. Armaan is near me.. But he concentrated more on his phone.

Shasha: whats next.. Say soon darling… U know dev will v waiting 4 me… Oh sry u don’t know right?
Me: nothing more..
Shasha: hey wait u left ur handbag here…before 2 weeks..
Me:oh y I left here..
Shasha: to celebrate ur breakup party..
Me: breakup? I’m shocked… (Armaan is still into his phone)
Shasha : yeah breakup bet u n vishwa… U have changed…. Darling we make boys follow us..

Armaan went out with his phone..it might be an important work… I saw him but turned my gaze to handbag…there was a phone with password..

Me:Do you know my password?
Shasha: yeah your boyfriend Liam..
Me: I have another boyfriend..? (I’m shocked… Am I really like tat)
Shasha:haha relax baby… Tats one direction member name.. U love him a lot..
Me:thank god..
Shasha: listen advice dr… We always make the guys follow us..

Armaan came… Omg did he listened to wat she said.. No no…. He shouldn’t..
Armaan (with no expression) : over?
Me: yeah…. (turned to shasha) bubye shasha
Shasha: bubye darling…. Follow my advice (she winked and hugged me)

Our travel towards the home was in silence… He didn’t spoke a wrd… Me too… I’m in my thoughts

Am I a totally spoiled brat? Can’t believe myself.. I opened my phone.. Opened gallery.. Had a lot of pics of me n shasha… R v tat much close? There were a lot funny pics which made me laugh.. I smiled and when I turned the next picture… Before I could see… Armaan saw the pic.. It was me wit a guy… What did he thought? Omg did he thought I was smiling from first on seeing my ex bf’s photo..

Precap : why my life is changed in just few mins..?
Hey guys big part 4 u all… Is this size ok? Next part will be a short one…

Credit to: Dhaara


  1. Ruby

    wow dhara unexpected things are happening. ..liked it.. but why I feel like shasha’ s hand in Arohi/saaira’s memory loss…

  2. Lakshmi

    I think shasha must be lieing and she is behind arohi’s accident. It’s my guess yaar.Nice update dear.

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