Who am I? (part 7)



We were in a lots of shops… Khushi chose everything.. As I have very bad fashion sense.. We picked up clothes for all of us..

Khushi: Arohi.. Will you wear saree?
Me: yeah..
Khushi: lets buy a saree then..

I don’t know what to say. Why Armaan shld a lot of things for me. He is spending a lot of money.. For my medical… Food… Shelter… Now clothes..

Armaan: (interrupting my thoughts) I think sky blue colour will suit her..
Khushi: yeah.. Lets see Armaan..

Whats going on he said a colour which suits me.. He s excited.. Is he drawn towards me the same way as I’m..

When I go near them there were two in khushi’s hands… A sky blue.. A red..khushi gave the blue one to me and said to change me.. I was Armaan. He smirked at me. This is enough.. I will do anything for his smile.

When I changed and came out. Both khushi and Armaan saw me with wide eyes..

Armaan: you’re gorgeous..
Me: thank you ( I blushed)

When we were both seeing each other..

Khushi: I’m hungry..
Armaan :(saw his watch) god, it’s 2 let’s go to a hotel

In hotel .

I’m still in my saree. Armaan and I were walking.. He s very close to me. Sometimes our hands touched each other.. Though I stiffed at first, I managed to recover too.. I myself felt us like a couple ?…

It was 5 when we all went to home..

Khushi was super tired. She almost slept.. I made her ly in bed and I arranged my clothes on place..

Armaan’s phone rang.. As he was standing near fridge which is near my room.. I can hear his voice clearly..

Armaan : hey man, what’s up?…. Did u? ( now the voice changed to a serious tone)… Ok i’ll bring her to you home..

Her… Is tat me? Before I could think more. He came to my room

Armaan: Arohi!!
Me: yeah?
Armaan: my friend found about your past..
Armaan: we’ll go to his home tomorrow..

Suddenly the door bell rang… It might be zareen (Armaan’s sis)

Armaan introduced us and I took zareen to the room..

Zareen : Arohi, you are really nice..
Me: Oh tq..
Zareen : she s so cute while sleeping..
Me: yeah.. I just love her a lot
Zareen: she must have caused a lot of trouble..
Me: not at all..

Zareen turned to see Armaan. He is not there. He might be in kitchen to get her something to drink.

Zareen: Armaan has changed a lot
Me: changed…?
Zareen: Yeah.. A lot.. After that incident he never talked nice with girls. But now he s gud he smiled and introduced you.
Me: what incident?
Zareen: that girl..

Before she could finish her phone rang… Armaan came with a juice in his hand..

Zareen: hey baby… You came… Its in the shelf… Can’t you take it by yourself… What the… Ok fine i’ll be there..

We understood her emergency.. She took khushi while sleeping itself and rushed . the dinner was in silence.. He just said a gud nite and gone upstairs…

I’m totally in mixed moods… I’m sad as khushi went without a bye… I’m shattered as there was some girl in Armaan’s past.. I’m happy as in future tats tomorrow I’m gonna know about my past..

Precap : the big twist for u all.. Der will be
Sam and Neil.. Der will be the cold side of Armaan..

This part is to say sry for not posting yesterday.. I hope you guys enjoy it.. I’m Damn sure you guys will njoy a lot 2mrw…

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  1. thnx fr postng..continue dear..

    1. Tq so much dr

  2. Awwww awesome sam and neil ohhhhhh thats so sweet…. oh god lot of twist and turns

    1. My fav manmarziyan characters…. But dey have diff role..

  3. awwsome… amazing script…. sam neil… any serial characters ?… anyways… i could visualize evrything with unknown faces… actually i read your part 1…. after that i dint notice your ff.. now i saw your seventh part.. and searched all your parts… wow.. its really amazing.. keep it up…waiting for next part…

    1. Tq der… Really very happy in cing ur comment… Ss neil n sam r serial characters…manmarziyan

      1. I didn’t see manzar iyan…but ur ff is awesome

  4. Wait wait is she radhika dr….. oh god i am going crazy with these thoughts

    1. It’s not radhika dr… But if I another ff I’ll use her… Sam and neil has a totally different role… Hope u like it

    1. Tq ruby ?

  5. Nice episode.

    1. Tq lakshmi

  6. Dhaara ur story very nice yaar. Its very intresting. Thanks for quick update

    1. Tq so much yaar

  7. Surprise surprise surprise …. Superrrrr ….. Veryyyyu excited …..

  8. Awesome episode, precap is very interesting. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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