Who am I? (part 6)


We our lunch in maximum silence.. As the cook dadaji went soon I helped Armaan in cleaning the vessels

After eating khushi n I watched ddlj… The movie was amazing. I became a fab of Srk.

*** tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam ***

I saw Armaan only till the end Of the song. Am I seriously in love with him? No way… It can’t be.. I changed my mind and tried to concentrate on the movie. The movie ended by 6..

Khushi showed her homework. I helped her a little… Actually just a little. She did most of her work by herself.

When I came near fridge to drink water.. Armaan was near me..

Armaan :thanks 4 taking care of her..
Me: actually she s taking care of me..
Armaan: hmmmm (he smiled)

Armaan smiled at me 4 the 1st time… I’m gonna fall unconscious.. Haha..

After dinner…

Khushi wanted me to show shizuka.. I made her sit in my lap and we watched. In a hilarious scene I laughed a bit loud.. A lot loud..

Armaan who is in opposite sofa smiled at me.. His green eyes.. His cute dimple.. Suddenly I realised. I have been eyeing him for a long movement. I lowed my gaze.. My cheeks turned red in embarrassment..

Suddenly is phone rang…

Armaan: sir.. Yeah I’m working… Plan will be ready soon… JK will never escape again… Ill recover soon sir… Gud nite..

His eyes were with anger.. Today I saw him laughing side as well as angry side… Did he said recovery.. Omg he might be injured.. Planning?
? He may not be just a soldier.. Must be in some higher position?

As time went by Khushi slept in my lap and I without knowing slept

Arohi!!! What a sweet voice.. It may have heard a lot of times. I felt someone tapping shoulder, I Jerked. It was Armaan..

Armaan :sleep on bed (a lot of care in his eyes)
Me: yeah (I picked up khushi’s book)

Armaan took khushi and I followed him to my room. While leaving gave a cute smile and said, “gud nite, arohi”
“Gud nite “, I said and switched off light..

In my 4 day new life I slept without that bad dream… The nightmare..

Next morning… By 10..

Khushi: wait Arohi, are you wearing my mom’s clothes?
Me: yeah( little embarrassed)
Khushi: you’re so lean.. These clothes don’t fit you.. (turned to Armaan) shall we go 4 shopping..
Armaan: now?
Khushi: yeah now.. I’ll leave by nite right..
Me: what? Why so soon.. (I’m too sad)
Khushi: don’t worry I’ll come during summer holidays
Armaan: come lets go.. (he’s excited)

Armaan has changed a lot.. First he spoke less… Now he is gud.. Free… Caring..

Precap: khushi and I enjoyed a lot while shopping..
I know guys its a little bit boring… But there is twist when we know abt Arohi’s past… A very bad twist..

Sry 4 not posting.. I was a little bit depressed.. Will not happen this delay again… If so.. I’ll inform early

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  1. Sry* we ate our lunch*
    Mistake at the first sentence itself.. ?

  2. don’t take anything serious dr…if u depressed of something just ignore it and try to forget it and remember the things which makes u happy. u will feel better…

    anyway nice update

    1. Tq 4 saying this dr…
      Its like someone der to understand me..

  3. Nice episode yaar.Don’t worry dear everything will be fine soon, be happy .Keep smiling???.

    1. Tq so much yaar

  4. Kushi and armaan lovers in past

    1. Haha… Not at all

  5. Dhaara dear, it’s not boring but it’s superb. ..loved today’s episode very much. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Tq so much roma… I’ll post next part today itself

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