Who am I? (part 5)


Khushi: ok lets think a name 4 you.
Me: hmmmm ok.. ( I placed my hands on the cheek)
Khushi: shizuka??
Me: .. What name is dis?
Khushi: this is name of nobita’s frnd..
Me: nobita?? (who s tat?)
Khushi: Oh god (she placed her hands on her forehead)… Sry I forgot u forgot everything
Me: it’s ok baby.. Whats tat?
Khushi: it’s a cartoon.. I’ll show you..
Me: fine… But this name…
Khushi: leave it… We’ll think another name..
Me: hmm think.
Khushi: what name you like the most?
Me: your name..
Khushi: Oh god (she placed her hands on forehead.. I love when she do like this).. Thn how will armaan call me…. Lets ask Armaan for a name…
Me: fine..
Khushi: come lets ask..

She grabbed my hands and now we both are near Armaan.

Khushi: Maan.. armaan..
Armaan: Yes my darling (he made her sit on his lap)
Khushi: give a name for her..
Armaan : In 5 days my police frnd will find about her..

What the.. So armaan is doing everything to find about me.. Aww he care for me.. Wait wait.. Is he caring 4 me or is he want me out of his life.I’m totally shattered.

Khushi: it’s ok. Give her a name.
Armaan: what about Arohi??

Arohi… Its nice..

Khushi: great. Arohi!!! Do like the name.?
Me: it’s perfect..
Armaan: in 1 hr come to dining hall.. Lunch will be ready
Me and Khushi : ok.. ( we smiled at each other)
Khushi: shall I show her all rooms?
Armaan: hmmmm… But don’t run..

Khushi grabbed my hands and took me upstairs. The room above my room is Armaan’s.. Its too clean. Everything is in the place it should be.
Mr.Atitude is also Mr. Perfect.

Next to the room was khushi’s mom.. Zareen..
Her room had a lot of posters… May be her fav actor r something.. I’m not sure so asked Khushi

Me: who’s that? ( I pointed to the poster)
Khushi: Oh god ( her style).. That’s Shahrukh Khan
Me: Shahrukh Khan??
Khushi: he s actor.. King Khan..
Me: Oh ( he must be a great actor)
Khushi: i’ll show you dilwale dulhania le jayenge..
Me: I’m waiting.. What’s next room?
Khushi: tats my grand parent’s room (she frowned) they died in an accident an yr before.
Me: let’s go upstairs.. There is an indoor garden

We enjoyed and saw flowers and then played for a long time. When I ran to catch khushi..
Bam… I hitted Armaan and he catched me towards him to stop me from falling..

I’m so close to him. My whole body stiffed. I can hear my own heart beat. He must have heard too.. Thank god.. Khushi shouted and he left me…

Khushi: Armaan lets play
Armaan: yeah.. But after eating
Me: come khushi lets eat..

How is today’s part guys..sry 4 not posting 2 days.. How s the name Arohi.. Loved the name and thanks 4 everyone s suggestion. Sry as I can’t use all the names..

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  1. Awesome episode, loved her name ‘Arohi’ very cute….Arohi n Khushi’s bonding is soooo lovely…Armaan n Arohi very cute pair…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Tq dr… Nxt part is on d way.. Sry it’s part 5

  2. So cool dr….

  3. Nice dr…arohi is a nice name..khushi is so cute

    1. Tq… ?

  4. Sry guys…. Its part 5…

  5. Nice yaar .. Arohi nice name and khushi,she is really cute. Waiting for next update..

    1. Nxt part is on d way n tq yaar

  6. arohi nice

    1. Tq yaar

  7. Nice story line dhaara wtng for next part

    1. Tq yaar

  8. Wow name arohi is my fav …. I loved it. … Hope her real name is also tht …..

    I strongly felt tht U wud use this name …. anyways thank u …. As I wished name is arohi …..

    Episode is awesome dhaara ….
    Wer r u frm ?? Do u study or wrk ?? Sorry if u dnt mind do reply …. 🙂

    1. I just loved ur suggestion used it… Tq 4 ur suggestion dr

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