Who am I? (part 4)


The big house had only me him and an old cook. He used to cook food and go away without a word. My 4th new day was going…

In dining table..

We both were eating.. I wanted to ask a ton questions but he was some kind of different. Why? Of course he won’t say…

His phone rang…

He: hello…. It’s not a problem at all didi….. She is my darling…

Darling?… Who tat can be..? What if it’s her girl frnd?… No way… He won’t have anybody..

He: she is ok now… (he said by looking at me..)

He said about me before itself to his sister… May be he won’t hide anything 4m her… But he hides everything from me… His name too.. (I frowned)

He: take care didi.. Bubye..

I thought he would say something but just continued eating.. Why dis Mr. Atitude is like a stone faced monkey..?

I laughed on thinking him sitting like a monkey in tree… Haha

He: what?
Me: ahh… N.. Nothing I was just thinking about monkeys
He: monkey?
Me: leave I..(before I could complete he started to eat)

Ahh… Why I’m always like an idiot in front of him… After eating…

Me: will you show me the home.?
He: what’s there to see. In the ground floor there is ur room.. Kitchen…hallway… Dinning hall… Upstairs has three bed rooms.. And Above that der is a upstairs indoor garden
Me:wow… ( this is the 1st time here spoke a long sentence..but to change it).. Can I see it
He: not now…
Me: hmmmm k…

I was not disappointed.. A long conversation bet the two is enough… Hey… Why are you so stupid.. You are acting as if he’s is your lover… Delete the thought…

He: you can watch TV..( I realised I was standing still 4 few mins)

He started to write and draw something in the paper.. I sat in opposite sofa and listened to songs..

***main hoon hero tera ***
Wow what a song… The singer is really awesome.. Armaan Malik..

Then some one entered the hall with a thud of the door…

Girl: Armaan…. Armaan…. Maan… Maan.. armaan..

When in saw the door. There was a cute little grl.. Must be 5 year old. I smiled. When I saw him. He was smiling for the 1st time… Oops Sry.. In front of me 1st time. I am totally mesmerised. He has a cute dimple in his face. He is now like a cute guy.. I came to earth by the cutie’s voice..

Suddenly I realised his name is Armaan and the incident in the morning he thought that I found his name… Thats the reason 4 his puzzled.. Now I smiled a loud… A lot loud… When I opened eyes both were looking at me..

Me: oops sry..
Cutie : it’s ok.. You looked cute. Who r u?
Me: I’m a guest darling. ( I winked)
Cutie: Oh cool..
Me: what’s your name.( I knelt down to her size)
Cutie: I’m khushi
Me: Oh darling.. Like your name you bought a lot of happiness with you that he is laughing..
Khushi: Yes yes… Call him Armaan..
Me: OK meri maa.. But just now I know tat his name is armaan..
Khushi: really (she rounded her eyes..it were so big and sharp like Armaan)

Armaan had a puzzled look now too which made me smile again. But he changed soon when I saw him.

Khushi: you know… I like you a lot
Me: me too… ( I hugged her… She kissed my cheeks…
Khushi:what’s ur name?
Me: khushi baby.. I met with an accident and forgot all… My name too..
Khushi : i’ll give you a name..
Me: will you? Really.? ( I’m totally excited)
Khushi: lets think (she kept her hand in her cheeks and started to think)

I just imitated her. I put my hand in cheeks and saw him.. He was seeing both of us. When I saw him he turned towards Khushi.

Armaan: khushi!! Lets think afterwards.. Where is ur luggage? Where is your mom?
Khushi: she left to airport.. She was in a hurry. Luggage is outside.

I stood. Armaan and I went outside. Both at a same time took the luggage and our heads hitted.. Ouch.. The green eyes… The mesmerising look.. Suddenly I realised his hand is on mine.. When I tried to remove. He removed his hand with a jerk.

He: I’ll carry.
Me: hmm…

I went near khushi.

Armaan: khushi, to my room..?
Khushi: i’ll be with her.. (she hugged my legs
Armaan: fine!! ( he was surprised)

He took the luggage to my room. He excused from us saying that he should do some plans. And we both are left…

PRECAP: I enjoyed a lot with Khushi..

Sry 4 the late update guys… My sem is postponed to Dec 28th… So here after update will be on time.. ??

Let’s c her name by 2mrw..the name starts with A.. How is the name Armaan?? Do you like it?? Is the size of the update ok? If not plz say.. Love you all loads

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  1. Awesome episode dhaara…it’s really superb n interesting…I love this storyline n plot…Armaan seems like very nice person but little careful with this girl, as she is an stranger (I think)…loved the cutie pie Khushi very much…at least there is someone now who she can talk with n this little angel is also the medium between Armaan n her…let me guess her name, starts with A… how about Ayman?…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. I’m just glad roma… Tat I have a person who reads my ff… Tq 4 ur support

      1. You’re most Welcome dhaara…your story is very interesting n it deserves to be appreciated….keep writing and take care sweetie, love you loads

  2. is her name Ambar?? Nice story

    1. Tq jujupi

  3. Nice episode , so his name is armaan and khushi is really cute ..I guess her name will be arushi.

    1. Tq 4 the compliments

  4. awesome epi…dhara..

    1. Tq so much ruby

  5. Awwww damn cute yaar

    1. Yeah yaar….

  6. Wow the babes are being revealed slowly …. And kushi is so cute part …. Is she Arman’s sis or neighbour ???

    1. Names* sorry … Typing mistake not babes its names*

    2. It’s Armaan’s sis dr… N yaar no probs…. Don’t say sry

    1. Tq preethi

  7. Dhaara i dint read ur ff till now. But i read d whole 4 episods its fab yaar plzz update daily.i luvd ur ff

    1. Tq yaar… Happy tat I got a new reader

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