Who am I? (part 3)


The next day went like an hell. All specialist asked a ton questions and did many tests. I was so tired. He didn’t came one to see me. I logged to see him. Then I scolded myself for thinking like this. The nurse gave me her daughter’s dress. She always made me think about my mom.

Why no one claimed my disappearance? I think I don’t have anybody? Am I an orphan?

I cried a lot but sleep overcame and I slept.
Next morning, I won’t say about my nightmare to anyone. I’m determined.

When the nurse made me bath and gave me all eat. She went to see another patient. When I was thinking about that dream. HE came.

He: I searched in magazines and inquired police. There is no complaints about your missing.
Me:w.. What? (he didn’t came yesterday because he helped me)
He:lets wait for someday.

He gone out not listening my reply. I’m shocked happy at the same time. I’m happy because he care about me. I’m shocked because I think I don’t have anybody in this world.

Doctor came after lunch.
Doctor: there is no problem till now. You are alright. There is just a test then you may leave tomorrow.
Me: thank you dr
Doctor : you’re welcome
Me: can you find my age by doing these test? (I’m excited)
Doctor:hmmmm yeah sure.
Me: really? Wow (I’m now super excited)
Doctor: we can find by testing your blood. I’ll say by night.
Me: OK (I said with big smile).

By night all the tests are over. And I’m ok the doctor said. And doctor and he talked something outside. Thn he went without saying a word. Doctor came inside and said that my age 24 and went away..

Its hard for me to sleep. What am I doing for 23 yra in my life? Am I a bad person? I don’t have anyone? Someone tried to kill me?I cried and slept like yesterday…. Like yesterday with nightmare

He came near me.

He made me stand from the bed. Now his arms are partly around me. I’m stiff. He slightly moved away from me. It was little hard to walk. But he followed me like a shadow. When I losed balance. I fell in his arms…

I can remember the same thing happened before…. His same green eyes… He s d same hot guy… We both were in that position for few seconds… Thn he came to sense and made me stand stil….

We then got into car and went to his house..

Me:wow… (its a big home). Why no one is there?
He:I live alone.
He: ( looked straight into me) hm?
Me: I mean in a big house you live alone.
Me:so… How will you call me?
He looked little confused.
He:why should I call you
Me: omg… I want a name right? So that I can call you..
He:I won’t call you.. Do whatever you want but don’t go to rooms in upstairs..
He:Do what I say. You stay in guest room near. You can use my sis’s dress
Me:fine.. (I fumed) atleast say your name.
He: you don’t want to know that.
Me:this is too much, Mr. A.. (I stopped, thank god I didn’t said Mr. Atitude.)

He looked a little differed… May be puzzled.. Did I said attitude.. But he just moved upstairs.

How is today’s part? Is it boring? Say ur views?

Suggest some names for the protagonist… The heroine..i’ll say by Mon why the hero was
Puzzled… Sry I wanna prepare 4 my semester… Sry

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  1. Ur story is not boring, prepare well for ur sem exams, all the best and I’ll wait for ur update.

    1. Tq yaar.. I’ll give a nice part by Monday

  2. Its really interesting story..

    1. Thanks yaar

  3. Who is she

    1. Actually I don’t get what you mean…. Sry

  4. Sry guys a lot of mistakes…. Sry

  5. Hey Dhara, urs ff is just awesome not boring at all..ha ha l’m in luv with it…may be d guy’s name’s 1st letter is A that’s y he got shocked….l guess urs name is perfect 4 d female protagonist,l do like ur name….take care

    1. Tina ur really rite…. You just got wat is in my mind…. The Hero s name start with a

  6. and plz upd d next 1 soon..plz

    1. I’ll update by Mon yaar…

  7. Wat abt daksha fr heroine nd ishaan fr hero I only said its ur choice

    1. Thanks 4 ur suggestion

  8. Ashley heroine
    Ashkin hero
    It’s just my suggestion not a force …. U PLZ update ur own …. It’s ur story ….

  9. Arohi heroine
    Ajju hero sorry again a suggestion

    1. Don’t say sry yaar…. And don’t say sry again…. Tq 4 suggestions ?

  10. Actually I have a name 4 hero in 1st itself…. But 4 heroin I love a one of u guys suggestions…. I just really love her name…

  11. Hey daara its really intresting. I suggest heroine name as ridhima(ridz). Just suggestion and all the best for ur sem xms

    1. Tq yaar… Thanks 4 ur suggestion

  12. Awesome episode, it’s superb not boring at all, plzzzz continue dear and update the next episode soon, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Sure dear… Love you too… I uploaded the next part.. But its not updated yet

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