Who am I? (part 2)

It’s very hard to open my eyes. Yet opened it slowly.. I want that guy to be near me. I want to ask a lot of questions to him. But when I opened he was not there. Only a nurse was der. She had a kind smile. I like her. My mom also should be like her. A small tear came in my eyes.

Nurse: are you ok dear?
Me: I’m ok. I thought about how my mom will be?
Nurse: don’t wry. You ll remember everything soon.

Her voice is really soothing my hurt soul. Then she took some fruits and made to eat. I had a juice.

Nurse: now you are ready.. Doctor will come and take test.
Me: ohh.. What kind of test?
Nurse:MRI scan. Blood test.. Urine test and a lot of Doctors will examine you like neurologist, physiologist, psychologist..
Me: no no don’t say.

Psychologist… Do they think me as a mental.
The nurse saw me with a puzzled look.

Nurse: are you sacred?
Me: a little bit
Nurse: be strong young lady.

What might be my age. Young lady… I don’t know how I’ll look. I asked her for a mirror. I’m fair. I have a black eyes. He had a green sharp eyes. I’m still in his thought.. Oh stop it.. Lets concentrate on me. May be I’m in my early 20s.

Nurse: you look like an angel
Me: Oh thank you( I blushed)

She took the mirror and placed it on the place where she took from. She is very clean.

Me: what time is this? What’s the date and day? When can I leave?
Nurse: dear. Ask a question at a time. It’s 4 now. 11th Dec 2015. Friday…. You may leave in 2 days.
Me: OK

The doctor came and he explained all my conditions in detail. But I can’t understand a single word. I was in his thoughts. Who it might be? Why he safed me? Will he help me? Idiot how can you expect help from an unknown person. But… I just know him in this whole world. I’m Damn sure he’s taking care of the medical fee.

Suddenly doctor said that he’ll leave now. I nodded at him. When the doctor and nurse left. HE came. I wanted to smile at him. But I don’t want to be embarrassed like morning

He: I think you are ok now
Me: hmm (he’s not looking at me. Is he asking me or wall.. Mr. Atitude)
He: in two days you’ll be discharged. Till you get your memory back. You can stay in my home
Me: what?

He went out without an answer. Oh god. I should stay with this Mr. Atitude, the only one I knew.

How s today’s episode… I just believe you guys like it.. Give me suggestions guys… Should I write a precap?.. Many ff has a precap… Should I write like others..


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  1. Hey..Dhara… Loved it… Yes you can write Precap… If you feel so…

  2. Nice episode, no need to change ur way of writing. It will be nice if there is a precap but not compulsory.

  3. It’s awesome. ……. My suggestion is u keep it a suspense …. Don’t give a precap ….

  4. write in your own way dude…it was nice.

  5. Its nice daara just continue with your own way

  6. Thank you guys for the suggestion. I’ll continue the same…

  7. Nice and perfect

  8. Dhaara dear, it’s superb episode, each n every details of the scenes making me more curious to know about this girl n that mr. Attitude…very interesting, keep it up buddyyy, n yes precap will be good…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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