Who am I? (part 2)

It’s very hard to open my eyes. Yet opened it slowly.. I want that guy to be near me. I want to ask a lot of questions to him. But when I opened he was not there. Only a nurse was der. She had a kind smile. I like her. My mom also should be like her. A small tear came in my eyes.

Nurse: are you ok dear?
Me: I’m ok. I thought about how my mom will be?
Nurse: don’t wry. You ll remember everything soon.

Her voice is really soothing my hurt soul. Then she took some fruits and made to eat. I had a juice.

Nurse: now you are ready.. Doctor will come and take test.
Me: ohh.. What kind of test?
Nurse:MRI scan. Blood test.. Urine test and a lot of Doctors will examine you like neurologist, physiologist, psychologist..
Me: no no don’t say.

Psychologist… Do they think me as a mental.
The nurse saw me with a puzzled look.

Nurse: are you sacred?
Me: a little bit
Nurse: be strong young lady.

What might be my age. Young lady… I don’t know how I’ll look. I asked her for a mirror. I’m fair. I have a black eyes. He had a green sharp eyes. I’m still in his thought.. Oh stop it.. Lets concentrate on me. May be I’m in my early 20s.

Nurse: you look like an angel
Me: Oh thank you( I blushed)

She took the mirror and placed it on the place where she took from. She is very clean.

Me: what time is this? What’s the date and day? When can I leave?
Nurse: dear. Ask a question at a time. It’s 4 now. 11th Dec 2015. Friday…. You may leave in 2 days.
Me: OK

The doctor came and he explained all my conditions in detail. But I can’t understand a single word. I was in his thoughts. Who it might be? Why he safed me? Will he help me? Idiot how can you expect help from an unknown person. But… I just know him in this whole world. I’m Damn sure he’s taking care of the medical fee.

Suddenly doctor said that he’ll leave now. I nodded at him. When the doctor and nurse left. HE came. I wanted to smile at him. But I don’t want to be embarrassed like morning

He: I think you are ok now
Me: hmm (he’s not looking at me. Is he asking me or wall.. Mr. Atitude)
He: in two days you’ll be discharged. Till you get your memory back. You can stay in my home
Me: what?

He went out without an answer. Oh god. I should stay with this Mr. Atitude, the only one I knew.

How s today’s episode… I just believe you guys like it.. Give me suggestions guys… Should I write a precap?.. Many ff has a precap… Should I write like others..


Credit to: Dhaara


  1. Roma

    Dhaara dear, it’s superb episode, each n every details of the scenes making me more curious to know about this girl n that mr. Attitude…very interesting, keep it up buddyyy, n yes precap will be good…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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