Who am I? (part 19)



Part 8 to 1 n intro in d link below

The above is d last updates for those who have not read tat

Vish: sai.. Shasha said everything and I’m v happy 4 u both…
Me: hmmmm k… How s ur life?
Vish: it’s gud… And my parents are seeing a grl 4 me… Soon may be married. .
Me: wow yaar tat grt!! (I patted his hand in joy)

I’m feeling really comfortable with Vishwa… How s dis possible? May be my memories return soon!

Vish: oii why silence?
Me: it’s nothing… So I’m just feeling really comfortable with u…
Vish: yaa we have known each other 4 more than 3 yrs… Little break cannot break us…

Armaan: wat break?
Vish: Hey dude.. Actually I was tat no time break us.. Isn’t tat right sai?

Oh my god!! What is Armaan thought me wrong…?

Vish n Armaan: hello

Me: what? (I came to my sense and both d men laughed at me)

Armaan : actually Vishwa now we call her Arohi and as she don’t remember her name she might have not got u properly..
Me: y… Yeah sry ( I hided my thoughts)
Vishwa: anyway Sai I can’t suddenly change d name… I’ll call u sai nly d same way u call me…
Armaan: huh?
Vishwa: yeah Armaan she always calls me Vish… She won’t stop wen o asked too.. So I’m call u Sai nly…
Me: ok ya its not a problem…

Suddenly his phone rang..
Vish: imp call I should leave now… Bye sai.. Bye Armaan..
Me: bye Vish…

After he went…

Armaan: vish?
Me: huh? What?
Armaan: you both seem to be have grown close…
Me: Hehe… My baby is in jealousy…
Armaan: jealousy? Me? Arohi… I’m not jealous… Why shld I be jealous 4 dis small matter.?
Me: Aww you look cute when you’re jealous ( I pinched his cheeks)
Armaan: yaa…

We both ended in laughter….

The event came to an end… I’m happy 4 my frnd after all… Happy tat she got her Dev.. I have my Armaan and Vish will meet her luv soon…

I was happily smiling n sat in a chair calm… In few meters away Dev and Armaan were chatting and Shasha was with mirror in her hand… ? ?..

Suddenly… The lights went off and all were buzzing…I felt someone keeping their hands on my shoulder…

Me: Who is dis?
?? : no answer….

I felt someone keeping paper inside my palm and suddenly…

Me: ahhhh ( I screamed in pain)
Armaan: Arohi… Arohi… What happened? Where are you?
Me: Armaan… ( I cried in pain)

The lights came…

I saw cut in my left hand and the blood is gushing out…it is all blood everywhere…

Armaan: Arohi (he hugged me tightly)
Me:why? ( I cried)

Armaan took his handkerchief and covered my wounds… He made me to stand up and consoled me… After few minutes I realised the paper in my hand…

Me: Armaan ( I showed him the paper)
Armaan: w8 ( he made me sit in chair)… Shasha you don’t wry Dev take Shasha somewhere. .
Dev: ok

As it was end of d event only few guest were there and Armaan made them to go away to make me breathe..

After all commotion…

Armaan and I opened the paper…

” who am I? Haha… Don’t you remember me Saira? ”

I saw Armaan with wide eyes and we both are stunned…

Armaan: let me contact Neil..

[Neil character appeared b4 itself… U can check d old parts 4 more info… He is character 4m d serial Manmarziyan….]

Precap: meeting with Neil and Arohi is disturbed again by d old nightmares…

Hey guys…. DHAARA again sry 4 leavin without a wrd… I just gave up on d stry but because of my special one I’m continuing…. I just hope u all luv d new twist…

1st half was say( Who am I?) the main character who lost her memory
2nd half(d coming updates) will say about the new character (who am I?) The one who is trying to hurt Arohi? Why so? Is dis d person behind her memory Loss? Is it her close frnds? R some one new?

Plzzz say about ur suggestion….

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  1. After a very long time. Great epi!!

    1. Tq so much cherry

  2. Oh I missed u soooooo much! Tysm for continuing . Waiting for next update. Keep writing and keep smiling .:-) 🙂 🙂

  3. Tq so much Advaita… Nxt part is coming soon…. Thanks 4 supporting

  4. Dhaara I am sooo happy that u r continuing this story… Really loved this story and missed a lot… Thanx for coming back….

    1. Hey Ananya… Tq 4 d suprt

  5. Sou ua back…I missed u……nce episode

    1. Tq Faima….

  6. Hi dhaara….thx for updating this story. …waited soooooo looooooong. ..n thx to that special one toooo who made you come back n post this story. …missed you sooooo muchhhh. …episode was really superbbbb. ..who is this new villain? ….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Hey Roma…. Glad tat my old readers still not gave up on me like my frnds… Tq so much…. I’m happy 2 strt 4 u all

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