Who am I? (part 18)

I drove the car towards the sunset point. I grabbed him and showed him the full moon. We both saw the moon with full love. My hands were hidden inside his. He suddenly pulled me and looked into my eyes.

Armaan: Arohi… I never thought I’ll find a true love in my life… I care 4 u. I live only 4 u… I love u
Me: Armaan… I love you so much ( I tightly hugged him)

After few mins he slowly pulled me and cupped my face. He slowly came near me and I closed my eyes and moved near.. What the hell? Am I gonna kiss him?.. No no… I don’t whether my lips touched 1st or his. But we kissed passionately. I slowly pulled him and looked at him..

Armaan: yo… You are s..staring me?
I pulled him again and kissed him 4 a sec and pulled my lips.
Me: is the punishment fulfilled..
Armaan: yeah..

He lifted me and carried me straight into the car. The car rushed to our home. He carried me till upstairs and laid me on the bed. He slowly kissed my forehead and said

Armaan: you’re hair as a kind of fragrance and I love it
Me: that’s my fav shampoo.. (I giggled)
Armaan: ( he placed his finger on my lips) it’s not the shampoo I love u.. Its u..

…. Morning…

I woke b4 him and saw him. He is such a calm one. I kissed his forehead and started to carry on my days..

When I was preparing the food, Armaan came…
Armaan: Arohi.. Wake me up ya.
Me: I can’t wake up my loving baby… You re such a cute while sleeping how can I wake you?
Armaan: hmmm Mmm..

2 days where full of happiness with a lot of cute moments. Sry can’t share with you all..

The Day of Shasha’s marriage.

We both went soon and Njoyed a lot and when everyone were giving gifts to the married couples. Then I noticed someone approaching me. I have seen him somewhere. I can see his brown eyes.. Is he Vishwa.? My heart skipped a beat. On seeing the change in me Armaan asked what and I showed him and said my doubt tat he may be Armaan

Armaan:lets go and talk with him.
Me: no way
Armaan:… (his eyes were behind mine)
Vish: Hey Sai…
Me:. O… Oh h. Hi
Vish: Sha said everything. I’m happy 4 u both.
Armaan’s phone rang and he went a little away from us. Silence filled the atmosphere and I decided to break it.

Me: how r u?
Vish: I’m grt..

is vish a good one r a evil one?.. U guys guess it… U chose what type of vishwa u want. I’ll make him the way u want.. Sry 4 the shrt update…

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  1. good vis

    1. Thanks 4 d suggestion

  2. He is negative type of person

    1. May b hayathi..

  3. It will be awesome if he be evil it will be very interesting update soon will be waiting

  4. Hey Dhaara, I want Vishwa to be good only. Plzz post next part a bit longer and asap. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

    1. It ll be Advaita

  5. Fab episode. ..

  6. Superb episode dear. Vishwa as good person will be nice .will be waiting for next update .love u ??…take care..

    1. Tq lakshmi 4 ur suggestion

  7. Superb update dhaara.Good vishwa will be nice .will be waiting for next update.
    Love u ??..take care..

  8. Awesome episode, short but interesting. …vishva…can’t say anything…you go with your story…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  9. Wow awesome …. AA the most nice pair …. Well done. …. Plz give me links for the last few updates
    Thank u …. Vish should b good…

  10. Wow dharra its nice

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