Who am I? (part 17)


We enjoyed a lot. I must have really loved her a lot. She and I did a lot of shopping and in middle

Shasha: Saaira do u wanna shop anything for armaan and u?
Me: oh grt! What do u think about a pair shirt?
Me: what?
Shasha:haha (she burst out in laughter)
Me: Hey..
Shasha: sry baby… But you changed a lot and ur changing me too. Love ur idea man… Lets go

We searched and atlast found it. After shopping we finished our dinner and gone back to our room

While driving…

Shasha: you know wat baby.. You both are the best pair in the world
Me: tq… Baby I wanna as k you..
Shasha: hm say
Me: I..
Shasha: you?
Me: baby Armaan and I are gonna date tomorrow and I want to show him some place and I want you to suggest me a place.
Shasha: haha (she laughed out loud) ok lemme think.
Me: think Shasha
Shasha: take him to sunset point but during nite
Me: what?
Shasha: idiot… During nite there will be no one in sunset point and 2mrw it’s full moon. It will be grt
Me: wow great idea yaar
Shasha: it’s your idea.
Me: mine?
Shasha: yeah.. You and I planned tat we’ll bring our hubby after marriage.
Me: oh wow
Shasha: bubye baby(we reached my home)
Me: bubye

There was a light in the hall. It must be 4 me. He is such a caring one. I slowly peeked into the room. He is sleeping. I slowly crept inside the room and placed the baggage into the cupboard. When I slowly went near him, I noticed the chit in the lapstand near the bed.

The chit said, “Be ready 4 2mrw”
I went near him and whispered,” i’ll “. He moved.

Me: hey( I jerked)
Armaan: Y.. You came. ( he said in a sleepy voice)
Me: did I made noise?
Armaan: nope…
Me: then how you know I came?
Armaan : you know what I can always feel you.. Now..

He pulled me and I fell partially over him and partially near him. I moved slightly away and turned. He pulled me closer and hugged me from back

Armaan: gud nite
Me: g gud nite..

I slept in his warm hands. I felt happy and Complete.

….. Morning…..

Armaan: gud mrg
Me: Hey gud mrg ( I felt a lot.. He woke b4 me)
Armaan: get up.. Soon.
I picked up clothes and literally pushed me inside the bathroom. I Finished everything and went down. Surprise!! Armaan dressed like a bartender.

Armaan: welcome mam.. ( he showed me the dinning table)
Me: Hey! What is this?
Armaan: everything is ready mam ( he took my hand and made me sit in the chair)

He served me and I ate.. Looking only at him.

Armaan: Arohi… You are staring me? ( he said mischievously)
Me: yeah.. ( I said with confidence).. Its only allowed for my hubby, Mr. Bartender.
Armaan: what?

He rushed inside and came in his daily wear.
He sat in the chair and continued
Armaan: I’m back
Me: but Armaan.. I just stared at the bartender and not you
Armaan: oh tats the reason r ur confidence ah?
Me: yeah

He sighed and sat to eat… We finished eating and I showed him the pair shirt and asked.

Me: will you.. (b4 completing the sentence)

He took and went inside to change. I too changed into the pair dirt and came down.

Me: What’s 1st?
Armaan :secret… Come!!

We both started to travel. A long journey…. I cant guess where we r going. As I don’t know the routes. Sometimes or eyes met and spoke a lot than the lips. He signaled me not to stare too much and I turned outside with a smile.

Atlast we went to an old home. It’s a very old one. He took me to a room..

…. Outside the room….

Armaan: I wanted to show my beautiful wife a surprise…

When I opened the room it was full of photos. I can guess it is my photo. The room is full of photo. There was just 2 photos of me my mom and dad… We as a family. On seeing it tears welled my eyes..

Armaan: Hey cry baby( he wiped the tears)
Me: sry..
Armaan: idiot.. No sry and no tq and no cry..
Me: k. Armaan is this my home?
Armaan: yeah… Only this home is left? I will send men to renovate the home 2mrw
Me:Armaan.. ( how can someone be this caring)….. I love you so much ( I hugged him tightly)
Armaan: I love you too.. (he hugged me back)

I hugged him tightly. After some mins..

Armaan: Arohi… You’re so strong..
Me: I won’t leave you..
Armaan: I’ll never allow you to do tat.. But I’m Hungry…
Me: What’s the time? ( I looked at him)
Me: oh lets go.

We went to a hotel near and started to eat. After eating…

Me: is this the secret bet you and shasha.
Armaan: yeah..
Me: hmmmm… Whats next..?
Armaan: I know you njoyed a lot watching ddlj with Khushi and now I want you to njoy dilwale with me..
Me: I’m falling crazy 4 you.
Armaan: I fel down already..

We enjoyed a lot watching cinema and went outside. It’s almost 7.30…

Me: Armaam… Now its time 4 My surprise
Armaan: what?

Precap: not only Arohi surprises Armaam but Armaan surprises Arohi too.. And fate!! Both are surprised by vishwa..

Sry guys.. Due to some circumstances went to my village and there is no signal over there.. I was with a idea to right another ff.. But I think it’s not right time.. I’ll right it after sometime..

Precious parts link www.tellyupdates.com/who-am-i-part-16

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  1. Oh dr no viswa plzzz

    1. Don’t wry yaar… Nothing can break true love

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    I was eagerly waiting for this..
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    1. Sry swara. . I’ll update daily.. Here after

  5. It was so beautiful… Plz update ur stories regularly and update nxt part soon…

    1. Tq Ananya and I’ll do 4 sure..

  6. It was superb !! But plz from now onwards , kindly inform us whenever u plan to go out so that we can console ourselves. And plz post next part soon. Love you loads. keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

    1. Sry Advaita… Really

  7. Superb update dear..Both their surprises r amazing.Will be waiting for next update.
    love u .. take care..

    1. Tq lakshmi… 4 ur luv n suprt

  8. Hey! Fab episode. UPDATE THE NEXT PART SOON

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