Who am I? (part 16)


Must be the longest wait in my life. Each seconds past like a year. Every second I looked at the door. Suddenly fear swept me.. But sleep overcame it and I slept in sofa itself…

Sun rays woke me and I did all daily chorus in an hour and sat with a coffee near tv… News may come right? I said to myself and switched on the tv..

The news came at last

” due to the great effect of our Indian army the one who is responsible for the Mumbai blasting Junaid Khan is killed by our army”

Hey great.!!!

” the fight lasted for about 5 hrs”

Omg! Armaan must be really tired..I must make something for him. I got up and started to go to kitchen and that time I heard that.

” 5 terrorists along with Junaid Khan is killed and 2 of our soldiers gave their life”

What?? No way I may not have heard properly. I stood near tv and started to read the news feed. Yes tats true.. Fear crept slowly. I should talk to him now.. Telephone!!

I went near phone and started to dial the number ( all thanks to Khushi, I know his no)

Called 4 times no one picked.

5th time..
??? : hello
Me: hello!! Can I speak to Armaan? ( I’m little shouting)
??? : he’s inside the room. He’ll come after treatment.
Me: treatment??? Is he ok?
??? : yeah just few minor injury don’t worry mam. Mam r u Mrs. Armaan?
Me: m… Yeah..
??? Oh ok( I can hear him laughing). I’ll say sir to talk with you.

After 15 mins 7 secs the phone rang.

Me: hello Armaan..
Armaan: Hey Arohi relax yaar… Nothing happened.
Me: then what about injury?
Armaan: I’m ok yaar seriously… Its just a normal wounds it’ll heal in few days.
Me:hmmmm k… Can I come to the hospital?
Armaan: I’ll there in half an hour..
Me: ok then..
Armaan: bye..
Me: bubye.. C u

Just half an hr.. Wat can I make 4 him. What about a briyani for my hubby.. Ok lets get started. I’m totally immersed in doing the briyani. Suddenly a voice came.

??? : hello ( very bad mimicry)

I dropped the plates in shock. As I turned, I saw Armaan

Me: why Armaan ? You scared me.
Armaan:haha so you are scared of ghost..
Me: oh so you tried to sound like a ghost
Armaan: Hey its ghost sound..
Me: oh oh.. ( I slightly hitted him)
Armaan: ouch
Me: sorry sorry..
Armaan: it’s just a small wound. May heal in 3 days…
Me: great!!
Armaan: hmmm what’s that smell? Is tat briyani?
Me: hmmmm yeah..
Armaan: come lets eat.

We both started to eat.

After eating..

Armaan: hmm hmm ( he made sounds)
Me: what Armaan?
Armaan: so? ( he rounded his eyes)
Me: so?? ( I mimicked him)
Armaan: Hey..
Me: hehe what’s the matter?
Armaan: I just feel like we should learn a lot about ourself. So lets date ( he rushed)
Me: OK.
Armaan: ok? I rehersed a lot to say these words..
Me: Armaan you turned a lot… Like a lot innocent..
Armaan: I’m innocent only..( he said as if that’s the true)
Me: Oh the innocent one only yesterday k.. (what am I trying to say…)

I totally turned red.

Armaan: yesterday? ( he smiled mischievously)
Me: nothing..
Armaan: nothing ah?
Me: yeah nothing..

I got up but he pulled me towards him and I sat on his lap..

Me:Armaan ( I tried to get up.. But his grip tightened)
Armaan: are you sure nothing?

He started to come close. The door bell rang..

Me: Armaan.. Door..
Armaan: lets open tomorrow.
Me: Hey..

I pushed him and opened the door… It’s Shasha

Shasha: Hey darling ( shasha hugged me)
Me: hello future bride
Shasha: hehe ( she smiled and blushed)
Me: so what’s up? Y sudden visit..
Shasha: baby!! I’m totally messed yaar.. Totally.. I want a person while shopping.. And I want you to be in my wedding shopping..
Me: aww.. Sure yaar.. When shall we go?
Shasha: now.. (she turned to Armaan) sorry Armaan but I want her now..
Armaan: ok… But come soon..
Shasha: we’ll finish dinner and come… So sorry today…. Hotel..
Armaan: oh not a problem at all.. I’ll manage..

I excused to get ready and came down.. Can notice that they were having a little chitchat

Shasha: she love that…

I can only hear that. They stopped talking when I came down..

Me: what happened?
Shasha: secret..
Me: hmmmm ( I turned towards Armaan and made sad face)
Armaan: I’ll say 2mrw..
Me: OK ( my face lighted in joy)
Shasha: ah love birds..
Me: OK guys enough… Bubye Armaan.
Armaan: bye…

Precap: enjoying a beautiful date with my dr.. Full of joys

Hey buddies… Missed all… Xam ended well… Expect engineering physics… Everything was good… How r u all…? How is 2days part?

Love you all

And link 4 the previous part as asked by aparna


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  1. after long time. ..it is awesome

    1. Thank you sara

  2. Dhaara was waiting for ur story.. I was actually counting days to be 11th… Now I am happy.. And update nxt part soon also a looong one…
    And don’t worry ull score gud marks in exam….???

    1. Haha I just hope it will be gud…. Sur yaar nxt will be a longer one…. A lot loongg.. And I’ll post 2 parts 2day

  3. wow super pls dear update regularly iam really miss your ff.

    1. Sure yaar… I’m lost more free now i’ll post 2 parts 2day..thank u swara

  4. Awesome dhaara and update next part soon
    BTW hw did you write yours semexams

    1. Everything was good except engineering physics ?

      1. Next part dhaara

  5. U made us wait for litl long. . . Thank u 4 the updt. . . It was lovly πŸ™‚ shasha toh kabab mein haddi bankar agayi. . . ;->

    1. Sry yaar…. Here the nxt update is getting ready

  6. Hi dhaara ,so ur exams completed. U’ll get good result dear.Oh u came back on 11th Jan as promised ….love u ????.Armaan became very naughty. Superb update yaar.Update next part soon.take care……

    1. Tq arshi…. Is naughty Armaan ok? ??

  7. oooohhhh dhara.. such an amazing story with cute narrating… actually i was busy in the last month coulnd come to telly updates.. once i came back.. i started searching for your ff..i knew tat its not been uploaded in any serial page….so i searched through links by changing the part number.. so a small request.. dont change the title even a letter ever..
    coming to story.. marvellous story.. could visualize everything…

    by the way what are u studying

    1. Tq so much yaar 4 the compliments… I’m doing my B.E

  8. Best of luck dr…… miss u so muchhhh yaar…. so how r u dr… awesome romantic update

    1. Tq yaar and I’m grt

  9. Ty so much. Finally u r back!! Missed u so much!! Awesome part. Waiting for next update. Take care πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Tq advaita

  10. Awesome episode dhaara, missed you sooooo muchhhh dearrr, i wish you for great score in the exams…engineerung in physics wow you’re very smart …all the best…coming to today’s episode, it’s superb, Armaan is very naughty now n Arohi’s worry n her care for him so sweet, loved their sweeeeeet moments…keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Tq Roma

  11. Really felt wat happened so long I dint get arohi and aarmaan. …..
    Thank u ?
    I missed who am I. ……
    Suddenly armaan turned sweet towards arohi so nice …….
    And arohi too reacted very worried after that news ….

    Cool awsome … Update soon next part

  12. Hi.. I am new to read ur story yaar.. Waiting for next update..It is great..

    1. U wil enjoy reading it yar …. Its awesome …. U read from starting it wil b ful of surprises mysteries cute moments ….. Etc ….etc

      1. U know what I was just enjoyingggggg Really I wont miss it hereafter Dharra.. I m a new fan to ur story..

      2. Tq new fan… Tq devga

  13. Frnds a little problem… I went out so… The part will not updated today… A surprise 4 u all gonna write another ff..

  14. Hey when r u going to write the next part..
    Super storyline i cnt wait 4 further updates..

  15. Dhaara when will u update nxt part… I am waiting…

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