Who am I? (part 15)


Me:what the hell… Can I belive shasha?
Armaan : call and talk to her
Me: I’ll finsih and call


What is happening… Oh god… Vish is acting as if I’m wrong and Shasha acting sweet.. Thi forget him she arranged for a breakup party… Bull shit… Hate all


I called Shasha..

Me: Hey
Shasha : baby I was about to call you..
Me: shasha… In my diary I have written that you’re responsible for my breakup.. You talked something wrong about Me to him…
Shasha: sry Saaira.. I was about to say that to you..
Me: say now..
Shasha: ok dr… You’re my best frnd always yaar… I also had crush on vish… As you also never said it started to grow… When vish proposed you I was shattered.. I thought you took mine.. I wanted to separate you tats y I said like tat to him… On the breakup party only… I understood tat he don’t have any feeling for me… When I was about to say everything to you… You were disappeared.. I thought you wanted a break from vish.. Tats y
Me: you didn’t complained about my disappearance to police..
Shasha : yeah… Sry baby..
Me: it’s ok dr… You realised your mistake tats enough..
Why you didn’t said about this on the first day itself
Shasha: because it’s visible tat you’re eyes had love for Armaan.
Me: oh ( I turned red)
Shasha : Do you know wat happened nxt?
Me: what?
Shasha: Dev… Proposed me and we’re gonna get engaged this Friday..
Me: wwhat? Wow tats amazing..
Shasha : yeah baby… Come soon with your hubby..
Me: I’ll… And take care..
Shasha: Ok… Bye..
Me: bubye..

AS I hung up the phone.. I saw Armaan. He’s with his head down.. When I turned to kitchen to make dinner.. A hand stopped me..

Armaan : lets talk.. ( he pulled me)
Me: OK.. ( I sat near him)
Armaan : plzz ask anything..
Me: I don’t have anything to ask… Do you wanna say anything?
Armaan: I’m sry…. When I first saw you, I just had some spark inside me. But coz of old experience, I stayed away form you… But khushi bought us close…When I was totally in love… Shasha’s words.. The breakup party.. All changed my view to you ( he hesitated)
Me: it’s ok Armaan.. You understood now tats enough..( I holded his hands)
Armaan: Do you know y said you to be my slave.?
Me: you said tats for money..
Armaan: no…when I confessed.. You were about to go out of my life… I want you.. I don’t wanna leave me.. Tats y I said like tat…
Me: Armaan i’ll never leave you ( I hugged him).. I love you
Armaan: I love you too ( he hugged me back tightly)

Suddenly I realised we were like this for more mins. I pulled myself away and said that I should make dinner… I rushed inside kitchen. So tat he can’t see my totally red face..

When I was cutting vegetables.. Armaan hugged me from back.. He slowly removed the strand of hair and kissed me..

Me : why you changed to Mr. Romantic from Mr. Attitude?
Armaan : Mr. Attitude?
Me:haha ( I laughed out loud)
Armaan: Hey y r u laughing?? Come on say..

I remembered the whole Old situation and laughed.. When I explained to him.. We both bursted out in laughter..

…. Aftr dinner….

Me: Armaan … Wanna ask anything?
Armaan: what will you do when you see vishwa again..
Me: I don’t know

He looked into me.. Suddenly his phone rang..

Armaan : hello….. Yes… Where?….. Oh grt I’ll be der…..operation 401 ll start in few hrs..

I looked at him puzzled..

Me: what happened?
Armaan: nothing my dr wife.. Just I want to go now.. ( he pinched my nose)
Me: come on say Armaan.. What’s that operation
Armaan: ok… Its a operation to kill Jk.. Because of him I had a leg surgery.. I’m gonna give the pain back thi him…
Me: who’s this Jk..?
Armaan: it’s Junaid Khan… A terrorist.. Ok.. I’ll explain 2mrw.. I should leave now…

After few mins… He came down wearing the uniform.. I remembered first day I saw him in this uniform.. The Day he saved me.. He is still like the same.. First he s a stranger but now he’s my husband… I came to earth by Armaan taping me..

Armaan: hello!!
Me: sry..
Armaan: I’m gonna charge you for staring me like tat
Me: oh what’s the charge?
Armaan: A kiss..
Me: what? No no…
Armaan: you stared just now… I want my kiss now.. Or i’ll take what I want
Me: wh…

Before I could complete my sentence. He pulled me and kissed me.. My first kiss… I’m shocked..

Armaan: don’t forget this… If you stare… (he winked..
Me: I.. I.. Ok leave it… Will there be shooting?
Armaan: there’s always.. ( he said with a smile)
Me: how can you laugh..?
Armaan : Arohi.. Don’t wry…
Me: ok… Take care…

I went near door to leave him..

Armaan :…. ( he looked at me)
Me : wat? did you missed anything ?
Armaan : Yes.. You missed..
Me: what?
Armaan: a gud bye kiss..
Armaan: come on Arohi.. I’m getting late..

I went near him..gave a peck in his cheek and pulled myself back..

Armaan: it’s not bad.. I’ll teach a lot 2mrw…

Armaan went… I stared at his car.. Thik it disappeared.. I laughed at myself thinking about things happened now..

Precap: killing JK… Entry of vishwa..

Hey buddies… A very bad news yaar… As my sem is on Mon my mom will take my phone back… So no ff till Jan 11th… Jan 11th is my last xam… So I may update the nxt part only be Jan 11th…. I’m really extremely sry…. Plz forgive me and…. Don’t forget me and my ff… Will you all suprt the same when I return by Jan 11th…

Love you all

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  1. dat was COOL..loved it yaar…keep it up nd take care…best of luck 4 d xms…

    1. Tq anu

  2. i ‘l really miss ur ff..
    plzz continue aftr ur xams..
    dnt frgt to do so ..
    all d bst.

    1. Tq suraj… I’ll continue 4 sure aftr my sem

  3. Don’t worry dear, we all love u and ur ff and will always support u for sure. It’s ok , we will wait. U just study hard and score good marks and make ur parents proud ……and make us proud too…..haha . All the best for ur exams . Do well. Love u . Take care 🙂 🙂

    1. Tq advaita.. Love u too

  4. its ok dhara dr study well

    1. Hey ruby… Tq n do u write any ff? If so what’s the name.?

  5. No issues dear ,all de best for ur exams

    1. Tq cutiee

  6. Finally all are clear… oh thats so sad yaar but first studies na so concentrate on that dr all the best

    1. Tq hayathi…. Ur d best.. Always reading my ff… Though its boring sometimes

      1. Hey dont say its boring dr its very inresting yaar and one more thing story likna itna aasan kaam nahiye hein…… i appreciate ur work keep smile

  7. Its OK I will wait fr u today episode WS awesome finally they confessed and plzzz can u plzz update one more chapter if u r not busy

    1. Tq aditi…. I’ll try dr…

  8. Nice update daara. Don’t worry i will always wait for ur ff and u becoz u r such a grt writer and all the best for ur sem xms

    1. Tq sanjana… A best compliment 4 any writer

  9. iam waiting and all the best for your exam dearm

    1. Tq nishu

  10. Hey frnds…. Tq so much… What you want to be vishwa’s character… Negative r too create jealousy? Reply plzzzzzz

  11. Atlast their misunderstandings r cleared n nice update dhaara. It’s ok i’ll wait for u n ur ff .All the best for ur exams.

    1. Tq lakshmi

  12. this is just superb. he changed n that to soo romantic. study well n write exams well. we will wait for u. we will not forget it. it is superb.

    1. Tq Manha

  13. Ur awesome. We will never forget u but do continue ur ff after ur exams.

    1. Tq cherry

  14. I am happy that their misunderstandings are cleared..
    And dhaara study well and do ur exams.. We will wait for ur stories… All the very best for exams…

  15. Dhaara ur story is just awesome. I love it so much. Bt 1 thing plz provide previous epi link. Bcoz due 2 exams i can’t come here daily. So it will b better 4 me 2 read all d parts in 1 tym when i will come online. Plz

  16. Really ….. The same power u WIL get yar …. And even I am having my exams will B back by Jan 26 so don’t forget me …. Bye will always wait for ur update ….

    Today’s epi awesome in its height …. I am on cloud nine …..

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