Who am I? (part 14)

Armaan: show me the tattoo
Me: what?
Armaan: tijuana know you’re my slave.

Without expecting a word from me.. He pulled me towards him.. He slowly lowered the saree to see the tattoo. What should I do? Should I push him away. Suddenly he spoke..

Armaan:it’s a butterfly.

I came to earth from My thoughts. I pushed him away and started to move. I turned my dad away from him…

Armaan: you must have shown this to a lot of men… You’re hesitating to show to your husband (I wiped me tears and turned towards him)
Me: you are saying Me as a sl*t?
Armaan: if you are..

Before he could hurt me with his words, I slapped him.

Me: enough Armaan..

I can’t control my tears . I ran upstairs. I cried and cried and slept. I realized Armaan waking me and got up. He was like nothing as happened..

Armaan: come down. I bought lunch in hotel.
Me : OK

I wiped my dry tears and gone down to dining table. Asusual we ate in silence. After eating I washed the vessels. I’m sure I can’t sit near him. So let me go up, I decided. When I was about to climb the stairs. He called..

Armaan: As a punishment for slapping me, read the diary.

I decided not to speak to him again. I simply sat opposite to him and opened diary. But Armaan came and sat next to me. He signaled me to start…


…… After B.E, the same colg we did our M. E…..

Is it LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT… Haha I don’t know.. VISHWA… He’s super awesome..I love his brown eyes. I love the way he plays cricket. I love everything about him. I can’t take my eyes away from him.. I didn’t said to shasha that I love him.


I saw Armaan. He’s blank. I won’t talk to him. I’m angry. Armaan said, ‘ continue’


Now we’re frnds. Though I can never think him as a frnd. Now our grp extended… Shasha, vish ( I love calling him vish), Dev and I. I can really see that Dev has crush on Shasha but she don’t allow him to take the next step.. If I was Shasha and Dev was vish, I would have accepted.. Vish do something like dev..


Armaan: you love him a lot..
Me: loved..

I’m not gonna talk to him. I concentrated on the phone.

… end of 2nd yr….

Vish proposed me at last. Though all know tat we both are meant for each other it took a lot of time 4 him…. My fav day..


…. Aftr 3rd yr… End of M.E….

I’m totally pissed off.. Totally my best friend with my lover. I saw them together. I can’t bear anymore.. I broke up with him


Me: what the hell… Can I believe Shasha?
Armaan: call her and talk to her.

Hey buddies.. Is the size of the update ok? How’s today’s update? Gonna see about shasha tomorrow…. What do you all think about her? Guilty or innocent? W8 till tomorrow

Credit to: Dhaara


  1. Cutiee

    Hey dhaara you write this ff soo nicely actually am a silent reader …?updatee soon eagerly waiting for your next part

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