Who am I? (part 13)


Armaan is too heavy to carry. But I slowly take him to the upstairs. When I reached the room. I slowly laid him on the bed, removed his shoes and removed 2 buttons in his shirt. I placed my hand in his forehead and chest, it’s very hot.. Few tears welled my eyes. I wiped it..

Armaan: Arohi… Arohi
Me: Armaan I’m near you only… W8 Armaan i’ll get hot water and cloth..

I turned to Get it… B.. But Armaan pulled me towards him and I fell over him. In a second, he is over me and I’m below.

Armaan: don’t leave me like h..

Now I’m very close to him… Very… I can feel his hot breath near my neck.. My whole body stiffed. His hands slowly moved below.

What should I do? Should I resist him? In this condition… Let me leave it to him.. I’m.. I’m ready. I closed my eyes. I can feel his hands clutching the mangalsutra.


Nothing happened. I opened my eyes. Armaan is sleeping like a child. I can’t control but smiled. I made him sleep near me. I kissed forehead and said good nite and slept.

I got up early in the morning, finished my daily works and made lemonade for him and waked him… It took few hrs fir Armaan to return to normal.

I finished my works and started to see tv shows… As it was boring, I was about to switch off. But Armaan intervend

Armaan: I’m sorry.. I drank a lot.
Me: it’s k.
Armaan : did you drive?
Me: yeah, Armaan.. I can drive as well as cook.
Armaan: so you are the same like you past.

May be I’m like my past. But how can he come to conclusion that I’m like that bridget.. I fumed and concentrated on the phone. I saw the diary sign.. Ok let me try some other password.. I typed srk… No change…. I typed 1d… No change…

At last I gave up and said to Armaan. He signaled me to come and sit near him. I sat little bit away from him. But Armaan came very close too Me.

Armaan: lets try your mom’s name.. You talked with the nurse about her..

What the hell… I always thought Armaan didn’t care about me when I was in hospital.. But he did… My mom’s name was Annapurna. I saw the file which Neil gave.. I typed slowly a-n-n-a-p-u-r-n-a…. It opened. Armaan grabbed the phone and I started to read out loud. I didn’t wrote daily.. But only few..


I was so scared tat I won’t get a frnd in colg. But I got. Her name is shasha. Her dad also wanted her to have a normal life like my dad. Others grls maintained few distance from us. They thought us as Jerk. Shasha said that we don’t wanna care about others… She is right.. I love my new frnd a lot


At last I did it. Actually we did it. Yippee!!! Shasha and I got a tattoo on our lower back. I didn’t said to my dad… Only shasha, you and I know… So shuuuuu..

Tattoo.. Really?? I should try to see in mirror. As I don’t wear low cut saree no one must have noticed it. Suddenly a voice shocked me

Armaan: show me the tattoo.

Hey buddies.. Haha wanna continue but let me leave it to you guys.. Say what will happen next?

Love you all loads..

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  1. Nic story… Loved today’s episode. I think this diary will solve all misunderstanding between arman and arohi…
    Update nxt part real soon. Can’t wait to know arohi’s past..

    1. Yeah Ananya… It will solve all problem

  2. Nice episode .update next part soon .

    1. Tq lakshmi…

  3. very nice

    1. Tq nupur

  4. update next part nah

    1. Ok yaar i’ll update by nite… 4 u all

  5. Nice one. their caring for each other too gud. Haha dairy is very interesting. Waiting for next one eagerly.

    1. Tq yaar..

  6. I cant wait yaar plzzz plzzzz update fast dr

    1. Sure yaar…. I’ll post by nite

  7. U write dis story very nicely. It’s very intresting daara update next part soon

    1. Tq 4 d complement yaar

  8. IMG I think it is going to be romance day plzzz update next chapter also plzzzxz I want to read no patience to wait plzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Sure aditi

  9. wow your are such a great writer dear pls write 100 episode all the best.

    1. Nishu… If dis story ends i’ll update another stry

  10. Vry nce..

    1. Tq faima

  11. Hey frnds I just now uploaded the nxt part.. It’ll be visible soon. I believe

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