Who am I? (part 12)


…. Morning….

When I turned towards Armaan’s side. He’s not there. I saw the phone.. It showed 6. I rushed to bathroom… Finished my daily chores and went down. He s with a newspaper.

I went to kitchen and made coffee for me and Armaan. I’ll be doing the same, if we got married like other couples. I smiled and went to hall. I gave to him and sat opposite to him. I started to change channels..

Armaan: why can’t you go and make breakfast?
Me: I know… I’ll go ( with a little bit anger)

I convinced myself tat I’m married and should d work by myself. I didn’t took phone dis time my mind said to make dosa and chutney and my hand made it… UNBELIEVABLE…

When I served to Armaan and sat near him to eat he’s shocked

Armaan: it’s easy dosa and chutney so u made it..
Me: yeah.. Tat must be right.. (I’m confused a bit)

I can’t speak anything. I just ate and went to clean dishes.

No one will believe but I made the lunch too perfect. I’ll say to Armaan..

Me: Armaan… Armaan
Armaan: what? (he said with little anger)
Me: nothing.. ( I turned to go inside)
Armaan: say and go
Me:I don’t know why But it’s easy for me to cook ( I said with excitement)
Armaan: ok (no expression)

I’m always like an idiot in front of him. Let me call shasha and ask about me..

Me: hello
Shasha: Hey baby..
Me: I’m a little bit confused. Will I cook?
Shasha: you love to cook dr.. You make the best dishes always..
Me: wow tats grt..
Shasha: how s ur marriage life? How s yesterday night ( I can clearly hear her smiling)
Me: voh… Hmm.. ( I searched 4 words..)
Shasha: oh oh kkk…blushing.. I got… Take care

She ended the call . She thought I was blushing. Oh not at all..

I went to hall..

Armaan: who was tat?
Me: shasha..
Armaan: night.. There is a party by my fellow men.. Get ready..
Me: OK got it..

…. At night….

I wore the dress Armaan and Khushi selected. The red designer saree. When I went outside, Armaan eyed me. He came near me and blowed the hair near my eye. I’m mind boggled. My heart skipped a beat. He placed his hand on my back and let me near his car.

…… At party……

Armaan was happy. He introduced me as his wife and there were a lot of officers and their wives. I saw Armaan. He happily talking with all with champagne in his hand. But something is wrong in Armaan, I can’t find that..

Everyone asked me and Armaan to dance on the dance floor…

……Aadha Ishq song played…..

Armaan grabbed me in his arms. We danced.. Suddenly when I touched his arms I noticed tat his arm is so hot. While dancing I touched his forehead. He is suffering from fever… Oh god as the song ended, I pulled him.. I said good bye to all and placed him in car..

He can’t drive.. He’s unstable coz of fever and drinking. Plz god like the cooking, I should drive. It’s like God heard my prayer. I drove him to the home…

As all are asking for Arohi’s past.. I’ll post it… But wait for another two days.. Love you all loads

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  1. I think sasha ne such nahi bola

    1. Shasha is actually right in dis part…. But she had betrayed Arohi too

  2. Nice episode

    1. Tq lakshmi

  3. nice chapter. Keep writing. Love ur story.

    1. Tq yaar

  4. so our cute girl can cook. n she cooks best. wow. armaan is lucky. hehe. song was gud.

    1. Yeah Manha

  5. super episode dear keep it up

    1. Tq so much dr

  6. Awesome dhaara u r making me go crazy please update one more chapter plzzzźzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Yep sure yaar…. It’ll be ready 4 u all

  7. Awsome …. Just loving who am I ??? The biggest question arohi is facing ….

  8. Woh….spr…

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