Who am I? (part 11)

In zareen’s home…

Zareen hugged me with full of emotions..

Zareen: I’m so happy 4 u too..
Me: hmmmm k(don’t know what to say)
Zareen: it’s very tough to arrange 4 marriage in just a day. Let’s do some shopping and get ready…
Me:where’s khushi?
Zareen: she went with her dad to buy some chocolate… She was happy for you both..

Armaan intervend

Armaan: gonna talk with her..

Armaan grabbed my hand and it’s hard for me to be in pace with him. He took me inside the room.

Armaan: act like being happy… We’re gonna get married..
Me:hmmmm ( I turned to leave)

Armaan grabbed the hand and made me close to… Too close… I can feel his body’s heat… I can hear my own heart beat…

Armaan: we’re going to get married, right?(close to my.. Lips)
Me: right ( just some voice came out)
Armaan: scared to marry me.. (I smirked)
Me: nope…
Armaan: gud… I’m not an animal to force you(he said by not seeing me and left)

He’s still the same Armaan but… With a lot of misunderstanding…Don’t you love me Armaan… Wanna ask him… What if he says no.. What will I do…

Me and zareen went for shopping and bought the sarees thn ornaments and so on. I just felt myself enjoying the whole process..

I slept soon and suddenly realised like someone seeing me. I turned and saw that my room was slightly opened.. When I went outside his room is still with lights… He s awake… Is he was seeing me.. My god what’s happening… He loves me r not..

The marriage happened v fast… It happened As a small event.. Just few were there I have none just shasha. Though I don’t like her, I called her…

After the marriage ceremony is over…

Shasha:Saaira, take care darling ( with real care no drama)
Me: sure yaar
Shasha: this is a competitive world.. Everybody thinks about themself.. Be happy… (she turned and left)

I never thought this drama queen to be like this. May be she is good sometimes… Tats why we were friends…

After everything over… Just me and Armaan

Me: i’ll be in that room

I turned to leave but Armaan holded my hands. And pulled me towards him…

Armaan: you should follow my orders. I’ll sleep in the right side…
Me: hmmmm
Armaan: two days you escaped from not preparing a food… Tomorrow you should do..

Armaan started to sleep. It is very uncomfortable for me to sleep near a guy. I can hear his calm breathe. He’s sleeping. What will I do tomorrow.. Let me search..

When I opened the phone I noticed a diary option on it. When I pressed it, it was locked..
I typed Liam… No change… I typed Saaira…. No change… I’m so tired to try other. I kept phone aside and then turned opposite to Armaan and slept..

How’s the part frnds?

Credit to: Dhaara


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